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  • Police Explorer Training?

    Hello, I am a Police Explorer and I was looking for some creative input on training and just any other ideas. Just so I don't get any duplicates of what we do, here is a brief list of subjects we train for:


    Assault and Battery

    Breaking and Entering

    Handcuffing and Searching

    Drug Raids

    Bomb Threats

    Traffic and Felony Stops

    Crime Scene Investigation

    Accident Investigation

    Incident Command

    Drill & Ceremony

    Court Room Testimony

    CPR and First Aid


    Shoot/Don't Shoot

    Foot Pursuits

    Traffic Direction and Crowd Control

    Traffic Law

    Criminal Law

    It may look like a lot, but it really isn't. Any and all input is appreciated. Remember there is no such thing as a stupid answer.

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