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  • Den of Angels and Ball Jointed Dolls Question ?

    I've been interested in Ball Joint Dolls for about 4-5 years and am finally ordering my first one this month. It would be helpful if I could view the DenofAngels forums and specifically the waiting rooms.

    Does a anyone know if DenofAngels will have open registration again soon? If not would anyone be willing to send me an invitation directly at ?

    I have a LOT of questions on larger 70cm+ dolls and eye sizes&putty suggestions and just in general shopping of props. I wouldn't be asking here but I really want everything to be ready before my doll arrives. I will be really grateful if someone can invite me, thank you.

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  • BOOKS like Great Gatsby w/ idea MONEY doesn't buy HAPPINESS?

    I'm looking for a fictional book to support the idea that money does NOT buy happiness. (like The Great Gatsby) it doesnt have to be like Gatsby's story, just support the same idea.

    I heard The Scarlet Letter is one but I can not chose that book.

    Please give me names of books?

    I've tried looking but keep getting other kinds of books instead.

    +10 easy points


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  • NAME of BOOK about HATS and CATS PLZ HELP :)?

    can someone please tell me the name of a childrens picture book. i remember the cover of mine had orange/yellow.

    it is a book about an old man who had hundreds of hats. he would wear them all on top of each other in the pictures. and in the end he ends up giving all his hats to hundreds of cats[like one by one] so they can i guess sleep in them or keep them. it was very short picture book.

    easy 10 points to whoever can tell me the name. i'd really like to purchase this book again because i loved it as a child.

    i'm pretty sure the name of the book was really simple but i cant remember it.

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  • macbook SHIFT key HELPPP!?

    every time i press she shift key it zooms out to like a dashboard setting or something

    i have to press it like 5 times so that it can ONLY shift. what i mean is instead of being able to press shift+m to make it caps, it wont let me. or anything. including shift for making !@#$% any of these. i tried hitting RESTORE SETTINGS or w.e and it still wont go back to normal shift.

    what can i do????? <-- typing question mark is a hassle.

    is something wrong with my mac???

    note: every time i press shift it goes to the same thing that would happen if i swiped with 4 fingers down. to view all windows open. this even happens in word when im typing normal documents.

    macbook pro, with newest updates

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  • PSP BATTERY question PLZ read?

    Also does the model number have anything to do with it?

    battery: psp110 V3.6[or3.5, cant remember]

    adapter: psp100 V5

    PSP 1001 V5

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  • bioflex/bioplast/or PTFE for first Piercing jewelry?

    can you use a bioflex/bioplast/or PTFE barbell on a bridge piercing when you FIRST get the piercing?

    I am getting my bridge/earl pierced today. Im just wondering if i can use a bioflex as the initial piece of jewelry that goes in when you get it pierced. Obviously not talking about the needle.

    please only answers from people with the piercing or piercers

    :) thanks

    also not sure where to post this in

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    I have the Everything Date share plan

    so apperently i have Unlimited Vision Data

    i know this means i have unlimited INTERNET

    but does this also mean:::


    and ALSO


    [like aim, msn]

    plz only answer if u really know

    post your source please


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  • BRACES-PRICES help? for anyone who knows?

    i already have braces

    ive had them for about a year

    but i would like to get lip piercings

    and i was wondering about how much would it cost

    to get the bottom braces moved and placed on the back of my teeth?

    im just removing them and putting them on the inside of my teeth instead, so that the rings wont get caught on them [what the piercer said]

    help? :>

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    okay i know cleaning bleach is VERY harmful on hair

    but i have a bunch of Human hair extensions i use to sell and I was wondering what would happen if i bleached THOSE with cleaner? im not actually bleaching MY hair so theres no danger for me. So if i used cleaning bleach on the extensions would it actually bleach them? i know they would be damaged but as long as i could use them for a while. they are sitting around here. and i dont want to Salon Bleach MY hair cuz i hate damaging it. Help? :)


    if i bleach my extensions will they go blonde?

    if so how long before they completely fall apart?

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  • can i use lemon to lighten my already bleached hair????+another question?

    my NATURAL hair is brown-bleached over it

    if i use a LEMONwould that turn it to a lighter blonde?

    because right now the bleached part is just orange

    its really important that i get it.. less orangey by tuesday

    ALSO how soon can i redye my hair? its a natural brown-i dyed it wednesday and it just looked basically exactly the same. i would like to redye it BLACK

    how soon can i do this??

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  • How long should i wait to RE-DYE my hair?

    i dyed my hair Wednesday. my hair is naturally dark brown. i dyed it and now it looks pretty much exactly the same but a little darker. how long until i can REDYE my hair black? I'm in such a rush to dye it because i really wanted it done before next tuesday but i know your usually supposed to wait. please give me reasons or what might happen if i dye it like tonight or tomorrow


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  • Lip Piercing HELP!?

    i dont want to hear ur feedback about my choices

    i want to pierce my lips

    but idk

    my lips arent THIN

    and they arent THICK

    but they are medium

    i dont want to pierce it TOO LOW

    so where should i pierce them then?

    ON the actual edge of the lip

    or a little lower?

    cuz im wondering how strange it will look

    if the lip ring is popping out too much



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  • Cat HELP! infection??? please read :( is it serious?

    I have 2 cats. The younger one likes to fight with the big one. She managed to scratch the bigger one's eye about a week or two ago. The bigger cat seemed fine but liquidy fluids came out. Not flowing, but kinda slowly. It wasnt any color, but clear, like tears. The cat seemed fine. But today, i noticed she has a different colored spot on her eye ball now. Her eyes are naturally green, and this spot is brown. The eye is still surrounded by liquids. The cat still hasnt shown any sign of this thing hurting her. However, I am worried and taking her to the vet this weekend. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Any ideas would help. I'm worrying a lot over this.

    btw the spot it about the diameter of HALF a dime. its on the iris. but not the pupil.

    so to sum it up

    -kitty still happy go lucky

    -eye has little brown spot on the EYEBALL not the outside

    -clear liquids are coming from the eye

    hmmm :_ i hope this isnt too serious :(

    8 AnswersCats1 decade ago