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  • xp install gives bsod?

    okay heres the thing, i have a dell dimension 3000 that orignally came with xp, a virus hit me and i formated the hard drive and installed vista. apparantly my computer+hardware wasnt meant for vista so i tried to reinstall xp. it goes up until after it loads all the drives then proceeds to give me a stop 0x7b error. again its just a normal dim 3000 and does not have sata drive.

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  • mabinogi gives blue screen?

    when i try to play mabinogi i get a blue screen with the stop: 0x0000007f (0x0000008). it happens either at login, at character select, or when im ingame (for less than 10 seconds). it lets me play sometimes but i have to restart my computer until the blue screen doesnt show. yes i have been able to play it on my computer before, and my drivers are up to date, and my firewall doesnt block it. so does anyone know wats happening

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  • .bat files not working correctly?

    ok here's the thing, i download a batch file, run it, and what should pop up....doesn't. i click the file and the actual string should appear as well as the name of the file in the cmd title bar. but instead i get a blank cmd and for the title bar it shows the path to cmd. so i left it there....went to school came back and it was still blank. any help with the problem

    note: tried other bat files also....same results

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  • What is my lovebird doing?

    I have a female peachface lovebird....5 years old...i just recently "bonded" with it ( a year ago), i did this by immitating a noise she does, and she would spread her wings and start shuffling around with eings spread, and now i am the only one who can safely go into her cage...and hold her, pet her etc...and i wanted to know why she does this "dance" as she used to bite me when i put my hand in her cage.....she also protects me when we let her have her fly in chirping and fluttering her wings at anyone she sees as a threat to me.....any info would be appreciated...and how do i get her to actually climb on my finger? thanks

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