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  • 130BCD ring smaller than 39T?

    I would like to replace the smaller chain ring of my road bike for a much smaller one if there is available.

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  • Tire bigger than 700x28C?

    What's the tire size bigger than 700x28C that can still fit to a 700x18c rim?

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  • bottom bracket length?

    I have a broken STI for triple chain ring but still would work for double chain ring. I would like to ask about the measurement of my present bottom bracket spindle used in conjunction with my triple chain ring. I'll be replacing it with a couble chain ring that fortunately I have already. I just need to buy the correct spindle length. I went to LBS this morning but they're clueless about bottom bracket specification.

    More info:

    My bike is a road bike and I'm presently using a sealed cartridge bottom bracket with tapered spindle.

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  • Can I use Tiagra Brake Lever/Shifter for triple chain ring?

    Are all Tiagra Brake Lever/Shifter can be used for triple chain ring or any specific model number only. Most LBS confused me by saying that Tiagra shifter is only for double chainring, only a few LBS claimed that Tiagra can be used with triple chainring. I don't want to buy such a thing if I'm not sure whether I can use it or not. I already installed triple chain ring in my road bike and the next thing I have to do is to replace my shifter. Also, do I need to change my front derailluer? I'm presently using a Shimano Sora.

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  • Anybody knows of a roadie brake lever / shifter for eight-speed sprocket as well as for triple chainring?

    I'm a roadie that uses eight-speed sprocket with double chain ring (39/53). I'm using an old Shimano STI (brake lever slash shifter). I'm upgrading to triple chain ring (30/42/52) for a very important reason. My LBS (or any other LBS I can find here in Manila) only recommends Triple Tiagra for shifter (which I think the only stock available here in the Philippines). The Tiagra shifter is for 9-speed sprocket that LBS also suggested that I may be upgrading to 9-speed cassette and a freehub too. I'm not using a cassette sprocket. I'm using a threaded hub with 8-speed freewheel sprocket and I only want to spend for the brake lever / shifter.

    Anybody knows here where to find or is there such a thing as a brake lever / shifter for 8-speed sprocket as well as triple chain ring? If there is, please let me know where I can find/outsource them. I tried to search the web but to no avail.

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  • What is the smallest tire size that can be fitted on a 26" rim?

    I'd like to replace the knobby tires with something so slim since I'm only using the bike to squeeze through urban traffic...

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  • Do you know of a cycling shoe that can also be used in daily walking?

    I bike commute daily and I always bring two pair of shoes, one for cycling and one for walking. But since I'm on limited cargo space as I only have a back pack with me, I wanted to have only a single pair of shoes where when I get down from my bicycle arriving to work, I can use the same shoes to walk here and there.

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  • Is there any road bike hub like Phil Wood (uses cartridge bearing) but costs only more or less US$40?

    A good Phil Wood brand costs US$409.00 (for the rear hub) which is just too heavy for my pocket. I've heard that there are cheaper brand but are of the same specification (i.e. cartridge bearing) but I don't have any idea where to find. Please help...

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