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  • How can i find a quality motorcycle for 3,000-4,000$?

    im currently a struggling college student. it's now summertime, and i have a job that pays 10 an hour on the books and i work full time. by the end of summer i'd like to own a motorcycle, im looking for soemthing in the 3,000-4,000 range, it doesnt have to be supercharged or anything like that. what im asking is whats a good motorcycle in that price range? im thinking about getting it used, and if it's used whats a reasonable mileage a bike should have?

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  • Caught Drinking NYC subways by Plainclothes cop.?

    A friend and I were leaving a subway car in manhattan on the way to a yankee game, when a plainclothes cop approached us. He asked if we had ID for the 2 beers we were holding and we said no then asked for our identification. He wrote us both tickets for open container in public, which is a 25$ ticket, and underage drinking which we have to go to court for. We are both 20 years old, and the stupid person i am i lost my tickets and cannot find them. what do i do now?

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