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Dun wishis he was me...

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*quote time* THE RAGING BULL JAKE LaMOTTA: "I've fought suger ray robinson so many times, its a wonder i dont have diabetes" Randall Cobb "If you screw things up in tennis, it's 15-love. If you screw up in boxing, it's your @ss." --------------------------------------------------------------- hey, im cillian. im 15, i live in ireland. i love to box, play rugby go rowing and sailing. --------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Handy "To me, boxing is like a ballet - except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other." LAST `1 CAUSE IM SURE YOUR SICK OF THEM....... Jack Dempsey "A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." AND THATS HOW I LIVE!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------

  • can u help with Rasputin?

    Could you guys please give me a brief description about the following things

    1. his career..

    2. why the tsar wanted him dead

    3. how his death brought the aristocracy to its knees

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  • is making a mixtape for ur gf a bit wierd?

    i was thinking of making a mixtape with a few songs on it for her birthday thats in 2 weeks

    i have a few songs picked:

    ol' black and blue eyes - fratellies

    beg, steal or borrow - baby shambles

    for lovers - wolfman

    what kate did - the libertines


    blood thirsty b@sterds - dirty pretty things

    could you tell me what u think..

    and a few suggestions she likes indie rock and that kinda sing along stuff like the fratelies

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  • my m8 got stabed nd his mom thinks.....?

    so yhea this lad who ive fought 2ce tryd 2 fight me again but i just told him 2 go F**K himself.......

    then he got in a fight with my friend outside my m8s house.......

    my friends alot smaller then him and half way tru the fight my friend tryed to walk away and he got stabed in the back........

    when i heard i got down to the hospital as fast as i could but his mom wont let me visit him cause she thinks i did it.....

    i really wana see how he is and im worried hell think im abanding him...

    i need answers asap cause im leaven the country to play rugby tomorow evening.......

    plz help!!

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  • do you live by any, quotes or famous words?

    like i live, train and fight by

    "a boxer is someone who gets up when he can, a champion is someone who gets up when he can't" -jack demsey

    do you live by any quotes if so could u leave them,

    just for some inspiration!

    thanx guys!

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  • should i stop talking to my friend?

    well over the weekend me and my friends went out drinking and my friend started pushin me at first i though he was messin but then the tryed to hit me.

    i doged most of dem and then my other friend grabed him and told him to let it go. as he was walking away he turnd back and trew a glass bottle at my head

    it hit me just over the eye and its only a small cut but....

    should i stop talkin to him 4 gud?

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  • ok i have a fight coming up soon...?

    hey im 15 and im fighting a schottish guy, 17, and i have a problum with my style.....

    ok so heres the stats from sparring with him about 5 months ago...

    im faster, hes as strong, he is taller, hes heavier and he has around 3-5 inch reach advantage.

    so my problum is i like to keep on the outside of the ring and jab in and as soon as i see an opening i start to 'bully fight' and i go in close and close him in a corner.

    but last time we sparred cause of his reach advantage i couldnt ware him down. that made it harder to get on the inside, so i lost the spar....

    my counter-punching is above advrage but what im wondering is there any other tactic i can use?

    my coach is telling me to keep my regular style but i think thats pretty help any1........

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  • is waring a pink tux a bit to........?

    so im going to this pre-fight dinner cause im fighting a guy for a big junior title.

    i was thinking about waring a pink sports jacket, white shirt, pink tie, and pink trousers.

    i liked the idea cause its the oppisite ov what you'd expect a boxer to ware you no?

    but is it a bit tooooo flashy??

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  • this might sound gay....?

    i have really thick hair and i wanted to get my hair like this

    i cant cause ov the texture so nd i dont own a straightner so......

    how can i straighten my hair either naturally or with shampoo's nd conditionars.....

    thanx for the help!

    ( ohh and im 15 and professtionals are expencive so thats out of the question...)

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  • What should i wear to court?

    OK well for all of you who read my last question you probly expected this. What you didnt expect was i would be doin the suein!

    So yhea im 15 and got in a fight and i think is safe to say did a number on this lad:

    - His jaw is wired

    - his eye-socket is cracked

    - i spraint his wrist

    -i broke his cheak bone and nose

    For who who didnt read my question and are just gona shout at me heres the link:;_ylt=AoGjE...

    theres a fight description in there and that'll clear my name a bit atleast

    So yhea it turns out because he pulled out knuckle-dusters in the middle of the fight i have the high ground (gotta love irish law)

    I might night be sueing him but if i have to counter sue should i wear

    this little armani number: its the second one top row.


    And before you Go and make it a thing about price im renting both for free

    thanks for the answers

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  • What i dun a bad thing dis time......?

    Ok well breif history of my last week.

    i lik girl, girl like me, i turn girl down cause shes drunk my ex-friend sleeps with her i tell him im gona kick the **** out of him.

    SO heres were we pick of.....

    i meet him at a park with a few ov my m8s and as soon as i see him i get so angry i cant decribe it. and then it begins.... he comes at me and he miss' 2ce and i swipe him and i may have broke his nose then he comes at me again and i take 2 sings and knock him down and he drags me so im on top of him.... and i pound him out 4 a while and then his mate and mine get in a fight so i get up and help mine out.

    then the cheaky f*ck@r comes at me with a pair of knuckle dusters so i grab his hand twist and give him a head-but and hes down

    i wuz pretty pleased untill i heard that hes in hospital....... hes got a wired jaw, broken noes, clopased cheak-bone, cracked eye-socket and a spraint wrist.

    it sounds worse then it looked but now i kinda feel bad i dont wanna be frinds again but i wana say sorry cause he said he didnt know who did it. but i dont think i shud visit him so.... what should i do....

    By the way im 15 hes 16 and he swung first so i think under irish law its self defence

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  • if i did a good thing why do i feel so bad about it?

    ok so i was out with my friends and we met up with this girl that i reeeeeaaaaly like (from my other question) and we were all drinking. then she started flirting with me and her friends started asking me if i like her.

    at this stage i had only had 1 or 2 cans so i wasnt drunk at all. but i was told that the girl i liked was HAMMERED.

    then a little later at my friends house i started kissing her and we went up stairs, shes a virgin but it looked like we were gonna have sex so i got up and i was like nah im not doing this now (cuz she was drunk) and then i went back downstairrs and i left before i saw her again.

    and now my friend sent me a txt sayin she wuz upstairs with my other friend for lik half an hour and when i txtd him he sed their goin out now.

    i now that i did the right thing but now i feel like ive mised out on my last chance with her

    is there anything i can do do set things straight and get her to like me again

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  • are people today more paranoid?

    how come so many ppl ar so ***** worried about pedos and ****. expetialy online im 15 nd i think im bright enough to no not to met up wit sum 35 year old who lives in an atic so why all the comotion

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  • does she still like me?

    there is this girl i like but im not sure if she likes me.. she said she liked me a year ago but i fell out with the group she wuz in and we stoped talking. and then just a few days ago i started talking to her again. she keeps dropping hints but changes the topic as soon as i try to get more details its reali annoying as i realy like her

    Advice needed thx!

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  • Who wants to talk??

    hi im 15 ive had a bit of a crazy life so far and i dont feel i cant talk to any of my friends about it at heres a bit abou my life.

    befor i was born my dad left he took all of my mums money and later she found out that she didnt know his real name but one of his allices my mum nd i were forced to go live with my granny. when i was 5 we moved away from ireland to live in SA to find work. we left after 6 months to move to austrailia my mum couldn'd find any work so a month later we left we lived and my mum worked in singapour for a year before finally moving back to ireland i went to school to a bad school untill i was 11 then my mums godfather died leaving us alot of money he brought me trough school and my mum had saved up enough to by us a house. my mum found a new guy my soon to be step dad. last night my cousin was in a car crash and was told he would not live the night this morning we were told that his internal bleeding stoped. leave a bit on yourself:

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  • how do you deal with your cousin (15) dying?

    me and him have been best friends since i can remember........

    he was in a car crash today and his mum sed the docter said that he wont make it to monday...

    its real wierd i dont think its hit home with me yet . im only 15 myself and i cant talk 2 my parents.....

    can anyone help?

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  • whats that 60s song?

    it goes like....

    "insist and peppermints,

    the colour of time,"

    help please

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