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  • Planning to buy a used car for $20k?

    Hello, Right now I got some money and after 10 years of suffering driving a Chevrolet Aveo I am planning to buy a great car. My budget as I said is $20k and I want something that will last me for another 10 years. For that reason it MUST be a low millage car with less than 45k miles. I want to have something that is more or less practical, so I would like it to be able to seat 4 adults comfortably. I don't mind if it is a coupe or even a convertible if I can sit 4, even if they are uncomfortable in the back. My other 2 benchmarks is that is must NOT be a fwd. SO, no Camrys, Accords, or Nissans and NO compact cars. Finally, my last benchmark would be a car that is over 200 hp. Any suggestions? Do you know the link of any car like that for sale? Let me know !!!

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  • Best car for bachelor?

    out of these cars do you think is better for a single guy close to s 30s? Pros and cons.

    06 bmw z4 with 25k mles

    2001 audi tt 41k miles

    2011 mustang 40k miles v

    2006 min cooper S with 19k miles

    2004 Audi A4 Quattro 41k miles

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  • 78 year old woman retiring in the U.S.?

    I am having this Issue. My aunt / godmother is living in Venezuela and my family (we are all U.S. citizens) and we want to bring her to the U.S, legally of course, Which options does she have to stay here with U.S? She doesn't have children and my uncle (her husband) died a few years ago. I know my father could technically ask for her as his sister, but I know it is a really long process. She is not going to work here, but we want her to be the whole time with us instead of letting her go for 6 months to a really unstable country.

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  • Best used sport / luxury car for $15k with around 35k miles?

    I have ask this question before, but every time people just give me suggestions that are over my $15k budget (some of them WAY over my budget) or are simply cars that are not luxury, nor sport cars.

    I am looking for a car that is

    A used luxury or a sport cars

    For $15,000 or less

    with around 35k miles.

    That makes at least 22 mpg combined

    Pick ups and anything that uses diesel is not a luxury car.

    I would be really grateful if you add a ebay link or if you see anything in my local market (Miami).

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  • Best used luxury or sport car for 15k?

    On your opinion which is the best sport or luxury car for less than $15k and less than 36k miles. This has to be a good car to commute. Including links with possible cars will make your answer better (I live in Miami, FL, so you can look in my local market). It also has to do a min of 22 mpg on the city.

    Again it has to be a low millage luxury or sport car.and it as to e made in this century.

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  • Best car for 15k with low miles?

    On your opinion which is the best sport or luxury car for less than $15k and less than 30k miles. This has to be a good car to commute. Including links with possible cars will make your answer better (I liv in Miami, FL, so you can look in my local market). It also has to do a min of 22 mpg on the city.

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  • Which is better old Porsche Vs Newer Pontiac?

    I am planning on buying a used roadster or sport car with low miles and I came with these two which are about the same price and same miles. A 1999 Boxster with 26k and 06 Solstice with 24k. What do you think? My third option would be a Chrysler Crossfire.

    I am a single guy and this would be my main mode of transportation (I will keep my old car which is a Chevy Aveo only for when I need to move stuff and haul people), so please be considder practicality as daily driven car.

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  • Do you get annoyed by teens asking the same question about their first car?

    Every day I see the same question here like 10 times. Is this a good first car for a teen? What is a good first car for a teen? I am 17 and I want a car that is fast, what you recommend? I have $500, can I afford to buy a car? I am 14 and I want to buy a car, can I? I am under 18, or I work part time with a paper route, can I get a loan for a $30k used car?

    Is there any way we can point out these kids that they should use the search button instead of wasting space for real questions?

    I also love the answers. 99% of the time, another little kid goes and says "buy a Honda" or any Japanese junk with 200k miles and usually modified to no recognition. I mean, if they actually followed that recommendation each and every time some says it, there would be no more Honda Civics in the world !!!! By the way, telling a kid to buy a car with 150,000 is not sound advice.

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  • How much better is to ride a fancy bicycle vs an old one?

    I have an old Schwinn Varsity from 1972 which is a little bit rusty, but functional. It weights a lot but everything works. Sometimes when ride my bicycle I see guys in really fancy bikes (made out of carbon fiber, with rims that have very few spokes and that look just super light and probably are worth more than my car) and sometimes they lap me while they pedal half the speed I do. I wonder if a fancy bicycle does make that much of a difference. I mean, I know I am not an athlete, but does it make so much difference the bike itself? To be honest, I can barely make 15 miles in my bike. If there is any suggestion besides "buying a new bike" for me to get in shape, let me know. Also, I wonder if someone can tell me their experiences from transitioning from an old heavy bike to a modern 700c bicycle.

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  • Atheist, how do you picture god?

    I know you believe there is not such thing as a god and all religions are evil scams, but when you hear the word "god", what comes to your mind? What do you think other see as god? Could you describe it? Is it like a guy with a bear and a eye inside triangle over his head in a cloud or something like that? Do you believe a religion is there just to explain things in the physical world?

    I ask to please, before answering this question, to think in all the religions that you know, not only on the Evangelical Christian version.

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  • Best sport / luxury car for less than $17,000?


    I am considering buying an used car for about $17,000. I graduated from college in May and since June I have been working and earning quite some decent money. So, I want to reward myself by buying a sport car or a luxury cars. I have a few options in mind, but I want to hear from you to see if I am missing some model which I should consider. Here are my requirements, besides the price:

    - less than 45,000 miles

    - It is going to be my only car, so it must be at least practical enough to fit a trip to the supermarket.

    - It has to do a minimum of 22 MPG on the city

    - I would like it with a triptronic transmission, but I can live with a traditional manual or automatic.

    - If it is a 4 door, it must be from a luxury brand

    - No S.U.V's. I know the very few SUV's I like and I can't afford them :(

    - A coupe would be great.

    - Scion TC isn't an option. Again, I just graduated from college, not high school.

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