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  • Best photography website for client proofing?

    I currently have a "premade" website via godaddy. It's not bad, it does the job. But I cannot add private galleries for clients to view their proofs to decide which they want for purchase. I am not computer savvy and was wondering if there was a better website builder that would give me the option to have private access for client proofing that was pre-made?

    5 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • Virgo mom, Pisces dad, Cancer daughter?

    We are expecting our first baby (girl) in a few short weeks and I'm just curious about the possible chemistry we will have as a family. This is mostly for fun so please no negativity.

    3 AnswersHoroscopes8 years ago
  • Too late to plant roses zone 9b?

    I want to add some rose trees to my rose garden this weekend. The other roses have been here for a good 5-10 years so they are well established. I just have no clue when to plant. I tried to google but I'm not finding anything. I live in zone 9b and they will be in full sun from 9am to 7 or so pm.

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  • mulch roses? do i need to till?


    I have a rose bed (kinda) it is a long strip of ground that is next to the drive way (about 100 feet?)

    There are about 10 rose bushes in this line. The soil is dry and compacted but they are big thriving bushes. My main concern is weeding. I am so tired of weeding! They grow faster than I can pull them. and the ugliness of the dry soil in between plants is just an eye sore. I was told to put down a barrier and a mulch and that will stop the weeds. But should I do anything to the soil underneath the barrier first?

    please and thanks for any answers!

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  • Dead grandmother in dream?

    I feel like my dream means something and it kind of scares me. A little back story: a few years ago my great grandma died and I bought her home. My husband and I have lived there since and I've never seen her "ghost" but I always feel someone watching me in the house. She owned the house since the 40's and lived and died in the house.

    In my dream I am in the living room with my baby (I am currently pregnant with my first) and I look up into the kitchen and all of a sudden she is there and then dissapears. She is holding onto her walker in a nighygown and her hair isnt done. when she disappears, the walker stays while she vanishes in a snap. Like as if she were a ghost in my dream as well. I woke up with my heart pounding. Her old room was just renovated and we are making it the nursery. I feel like maybe she is upset with us?

    It sounds silly but I honestly wonder if my great grandma is still in my house.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • What roles will dad play if I'm breastfeeding?

    Once our little girl gets here I plan to breastfeed. I want to feed exclusively off of my breast for a few months before pumping Bc my nursing friends and my ob said it will establish latching and feeding for her.

    My question is (and it is kind of selfish I guess) if I'm getting up to do every single feeding in the middle of the night, then what about my husband? Will he feel left out of bonding? Will I go insane Bc ill be the only one up at 2am while she's crying? What roles will he have in the early days?

    7 AnswersNewborn & Baby8 years ago
  • Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

    I am 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl and I am so excited, but I feel like my pregnancy thunder has completely been stolen from me and I'm so angry/sad. My SIL is pregnant and everyone on my husbands side of the family is much more excited about her pregnancy. My friend is pregnant and all my friends talk about is her pregnancy and now my cousin is pregnant and I just feel like screaming "what about me? What about my daughter???!!!"

    I know it's selfish and irrational of me but it just makes me want to cry. My friend and cousin are also due within 2 weeks of my baby and I feel like if people had to choose baby showers I'd get last pick. Idk. I'm sure it's my mad surge of hormones. Did anyone else feel like this? I hope so because I feel like a bad person for having these feelings of anger/jealousy/sadness

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Do I need to till my flower beds?

    My husband and I moved into our first home last summer. We were too overwhelmed to start gardening then but we want to this year. This house was made to be a gardened dream. There are raised brick flower beds all along the front porch, side yards, driveway and fences. It's truly beautiful but there's one problem. We have no clue how to garden.

    The front of the house faces south and we live in a zone 9. These beds get absolutely no shade ever, but did come with many old rosé bushes that seem to be thriving. The soil is dry and my mom said clay. We want to start fixing the soil before we plant.

    Do we need to till all the soil in these beds or just put lots of new soil on top? The soil is very compacted and low in every bed.

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape8 years ago
  • Can feral cats form street gangs?

    In the last few weeks I've noticed this band of 4 black cats and a big grey cat, who looks like the leader. They walk in broad daylight roaming our street and hang out on people's front porches. It's so odd, I've owned cats all my life and I've never seen this. They seem to like houses with cats. For instance, we have two cats and they are strictly indoors and this group of cats likes to come to our front porch and taunt our two cats from the window. We do not feed the strays. Is this normal activity for feral cats? Every cat I've ever owned has been independent.

    6 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • "Grooming" before labor?

    I am only 17 weeks so I've got a while before labor but I was wondering how many if you moms plan on or did "groom" yourself before labor or even just dr appointments. I know that once your belly gets big its hard to keep yourself up. Were any of you self concious about your bushy bits being seen? Can you even get a wax while pregnant or is it ill advised.

    6 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Asked to photograph a friends wedding?!?

    One of my friends is getting married next month and can't afford a photographer. I am just starting my business and while people tell me I am good, I do not believe I am wedding good. I don't even have a lot of gear or back up body/memory etc. but she said if she can't find anyone, her mother will be taking pictures. Which isn't right either because the mother if the bride needs to be focusing on her daughter getting married. Should I do it? I'm just scared ill miss a moment like the kiss or the tosses.

    11 AnswersWeddings8 years ago
  • Work saying I used up my maternity leave?!?

    When I was 8 weeks pregnant I had to stop working. I was diagnosed with a high threat of miscarriage. I was bleeding and I was also diagnosed with hyperemesis, had lost almost 40 pounds in 2 months my dr was worried I'd lose the baby. I was put on bed rest, given iv medication through a PICC line until last week. I am now 16 weeks and going back to work. I was on temporary disability. I was told by my boss that this affected my maternity leave and now I don't have any. Is this true? Or legal? I didn't use any FMLA

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • normally distant cat has suddently become needy?

    I have a 3 year old black cat named Isis. She has always been friendly, she just likes her space. She has never been chatty, never follows you around, or sleeps by you, or wants to be held, usually on a special day she will let you pet her or she will head butt you.

    Lately She has made a complete 180. In the past month she has been very mouthy, meowing all the time. She follows me around the house, must watch me in the bathroom, must sniff all my food, must sleep on top of me, or nap in my lap or shoulders if i am on the couch, she constantly wants held/pet. Which is fine, it's just very strange for her. She is not in pain, she is eating regularly, and not having bathroom issues. She just doesn't like me to be out of her sight. When I leave the house and come home she is right at the door and meows at me as if scolding me for staying out so long. She is not lonely, we have another cat, about 2 (who has always been super super needy) and a medium sized dog. I'm wondering if this might have to do with me being pregnant? I am only 16 weeks, so maybe it's my hormones? The other animals aren't very interested in me, just her.

    2 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • any other mom's feel like pregnancy is extremely slow?

    I am 14 weeks 4 days pregnant with my first baby and I feel like every day is just a snails pace. Especially the last week or so. All I can think about is what the baby is. Boy? Girl? should i get an ultrasound at 15 weeks or wait until my next appointment at 20 weeks? I don't think I could make it to 20 weeks without knowing lol. Does pregnancy start to get faster once you know the sex? Maybe it's just because we can't prepare and buy things or start a registry since we don't know the sex.

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Is it normal to feel like you lost baby in between pregnancy milestones?

    I am 14 weeks and I have an ultrasound tomorrow. I am terrified that when we go, they will say the baby has died. I feel this way because for 3 months straight I had severe nausea vomiting, and now it's just stopped. I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms in a few days and I am scared something happened. Especially since I know it's too soon to feel the baby or anything. Did any other moms feel like this in their transitional period?

    1 AnswerPregnancy8 years ago
  • If betadine stings at site, is there infection?

    I have a PICC line and during a dressing change betadine was applied as part of the sterile technique. It burned where the catheter enters the arm. Does that mean its infected? There is also slight redness. I asked the nurse who did the dressing change but she was in a hurry and brushed it off.

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • Absolutely starving after weeks of morning sickness?

    I am 12 weeks pregnant. At 5 weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemesis. It got so bad that after 2 trips to the hospital and 30 lost pounds later I was put on home health, getting a PICC line and constant iv fluids. Now this morning after weeks of nausea I woke up and I'm absolutely starving!! I've eaten so much that its more than normal even before pregnancy. Does this mean my morning sickness is gone?! Or am I just having a good day. Did any other moms get this? It's just weird because my symptoms stopped so suddenly.

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • First to get married, first to get pregnant...?

    I am 23 and I am the first to get married of my girlfriends and I am newly pregnant (12 weeks) and again, first to get pregnant. None of my girlfriends are married although they are all seriously dating. Did any of you feel like you lost your friends when this happened to you?

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Should we adopt a 3rd cat?!?

    My husband and I have a bit of a full house already, with two cats (both about 3) and a medium/small dog (about 4).

    There is a beautiful Siamese cat (at least a year old, doesnt look older than 5) that has lived on our property since before we bought it. She is very friendly and affectionate and now that its getting cold she comes up to our front door and cries on a daily basis. Should we adopt her? We are also expecting our first baby next year and I'm just worried it may be too many animals.

    9 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • If we think we conceived about 4-5 days ago and I'm a day late, can I take a test?!?

    My husband and I have been trying for a while. Getting anxious!!!

    2 AnswersTrying to Conceive8 years ago