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  • Could I be pregnant please help?

    So me & my bf had sex "with a condom" November 16th The day I went off of my period. Well the condom broke so I took plan b when I only had 3hrs left "Couldn't get the money fast enough" But I still took it on time at lest. Well anyway I got what I think was my period 18 days later? November 4th It started out normal but brownish, then 3 days later it seemed to stop, but speed back up 10hrs later. I was on it for 5 days "Which is normal for me" I did get bad cramps like I normally do every month.. No pink came out and it went red not ever 5hrs later after being on it.. Well when should I get my next period? We did have sex this month but this time used extra lube condoms, and I check them and they did not brake. I check like 3 times before leaving.. Altho I do believe he did **** inside of me, but I couldv'e swear the condom didn't brake. He even changed the first one in the first 5 mins..

    So I guess my question is will this period be off track? I'm kinda getting paranoid everytime it gets closer to my period and I don't go on it because for the last 3 months it's been coming a week early.. I should go on it by the 6th, could I be pregnant, I have had no sign of being pregnant yet, and was the plan b still in me like is that why this one hasn't come yet because I took it last month? Help! "I'm 19 by the way!

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  • Black Friday (2013) Help?

    So i'd like to know when does the Black Friday paper come out? Sense they're doing Black Friday on the day of thanksgiving around 8pm does that mean the paper will be out in stores thanksgiving morning? I know I can just look up the adds online which I have already done but I also would like the paper too.. Please help!?

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  • Best place to get my piercing done?

    So I really want a piercing but how can I tell if the person did it right? I don't want to go to some cheap shop that does it wrong and I have to take it out because of that, so how can I tell if it's done right, and what do I use to clean it with.. My mom said peroxide but this piercer I know of said it'll just dry it out?

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  • Black Friday will it be better then last year?

    So I know it's not even Halloween yet but I was just wondering if there will be better sales this year? I'm saving up right now for Black Friday! I have $90 saved up so far. I normally buy clothing,shoes,and video games.. Last year Payless had "Bogo hafe off sale" plus everything was already hafe off! Also I might do some online shopping this year, what would be the best websites to go to for Black Friday? And what's the best deal you got last year?

    I'm 19 by the way...

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  • Help with pacsun's website?

    Ok so today they have "FreeShipping" Well there's this shirt I want but I have to try it on in stores first to make sure it fits, but I was going to get it on Pacsun's website cause it's only $14 with free shipping.. Issue is they don't tell when the free shipping ends? Can anyone help me out on finding out when the free shipping ends? I just want to make sure it doesn't end in like 24hrs cause i'm going to the mall tomorrow to try it on.

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  • Question about if this shirt is ugly or not?

    I really want this shirt but my sister keeps saying the colour of it is ugly, but I really really want it! Should I get it or keep looking? I know this brand can be pricey so it's hard to find it for this cheap.. Just not sure about the colour now that she pointed out how ugly it is..

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  • Why did she send me a message on Facebook?

    So when I was with my ex last year this girl named "Jessaca" dump him and he never got over her but didn't tell me how he still loved her.. He lied and told me she wouldn't leave him alone when really he wouldn't leave her alone.. So I sent her a Message on Facebook telling her to quit talking to him and so on.. Well she went off on me and said she's more of a woman then i'll ever be "She's on drugs and has two kids and is only 20 by the way" She dresses poorly and so on.. Well I haven't talk nor added her, and I quit talking with my ex 100% I have a new boyfriend now who doesn't do that bs to me.. So last night she sent me a message saying.. Just seeing how everything's going? hope you're doing and found better... Should I ignore it? I mean why would she do this but then never talk to me in the first place but want to know one year later how i'm doing?

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  • Question about this piercing?

    I want this but only 4 and I would like it closer together. How much would this cost? Sorry the link is kinda long..

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  • Where can I find this costume?

    I want to be this on Halloween cause my friends have Halloween partys but I can't find it anywhere...

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  • Please help free this man

    Please sign the website is thanks

    Only need 2,000 more people to sign!

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  • Question about air mattress?

    So i'm moving into my own apartment soon until I can save up the money for a sofa and bed I was going to get a air mattress.. Well my friends had them in the past and everyone pop, what's the best brand to get that won't pop easily?

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  • Anyone know of any photoedit sites?

    So anyone know of any? Like you can take a pic ofa skateboard and make it look like that person is skateboarding when tere not? Or put tere head on someone else's body?

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  • Ex bf ask if I would take him back but?

    I was with someone at the time he ask me this well that person dump me over money "Don't ask it's a long story" Well now my ex Chris wants me back we're already dating but he dump me and got with this girl but she went crazy on him "lol" he said he didn't mean to hurt me and this time he really wants to built a life with me.. Is he lying and only dating me cause he has a hard time finding a girlfriend or does he really want me? We text all day long and i'm gunna move to North Carolina with him after Christmas I live in Michigan and he moved outta state a year ago.. How can I tell if hes using me? Cause I know he can't finda good relationship so is he only getting with me cause he can't find no one else I mean I didn't even ask for him back it was his idea!

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  • My bf dump me but kept everything that remind him of?

    Hi well two weeks ago my bf who i've been dating for 11 months just up and dumps me..He said he's still young and just wants to enjoy life and stay single right now.I was hurt by it but ask if we can be friends, he said yes and before that said he wants to be friends if we ever did brake up.. Well he change his mind and deleted me off of Facebook and ignores my txt, calls so i'm now leaving him alone.. Well I thought he didn't care and **** but he post a new pic and he still has my fake rose I gave him on v-day in the background hanging up on his bed? I was just wondering why did he keep that hanging up still, and he never deleted me on meetme "It's like Facebook" I'm giving him his space but what do I do cause we use to be really good friends and I don't want to never talk to him again.. I now have a new bf but it's just me and him were best friends before we started dating..:(

    I thought he found someone else but I soon found out he didn't I just want to be friends with him again..

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  • resident evil 5 anybody have?

    My bf is playing resident evil 5 for xbox360 he was wondering if anybody could give him a glitch golden egg??? Kenny111821 thhats his gametag name. Please help him out..

    1 AnswerOther - Games & Recreation8 years ago
  • our family needs food how can I?

    I was wondering how do I apply for food stamps??? I'm 18 years old, dnt have a job because I'm sick so it stops me from working, trying to finish high school online, and I have no kids... me and my bf moved in with his family, they use food stamps but they spend it on tere kids so they can eat, my bf will be lookin into a job soon even tho it won't pay very much what do I need to apply for food stamps??? I'll do my best trying to get a job I'm not using it to be lazy

    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • how can i get food for my kitty please help?

    My Kitty Luna is a sweetheart she's super cute and falls in love with almost anyone, I live with my bf he's 21 and I'm 18 our family's are having money problems so they can't help us out, I'm very sick and can't work my bf gets money every weekend but sadly our bills were to high and we could only pay the bills and buy food is there any message boards or anything at all to help our Kitty Luna just until Saturday??? Please don't be heartless by saying give her away she loves us both and I got birthday money I spent all on our cat about 3 months ago that's how much we love her please someone help!

    3 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • could I be pregnant if?

    So me and my bf had sex 3 times last month and 3 times this month I went on my period on the 4th last month I haven't gone on it yet this month and I should've by now... Could I be pregnant? We used condoms and I re check everyone to make sure none broke, we had sex in the pass and I didn't get pregnant but. Everytime we did I used protection so could I be pregnant? I'm going to take a pregnancy test I just wanted to know what people think of it???

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • question about dranking so I dont get drunk?

    My bf and I bought boone farm so I just wanna drank not get drunk so how much is OK to drank so I don't get drunk? I'm 17 and 102lbs my bf is just drinking hafe a bottle so he doesn't get drunk so how much is OK to drank?

    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits9 years ago
  • Use K&Y super itchy vagina help?

    So me and my bf started being sexual about 4 months ago, he promise me he doesn't have anything like STD and said he got tested before. About 3 days ago he bought K&Y he use it on my whole body, so now I have little bumps/bubbles around my vagina and it's super itchy and kind of stains. Is it a STD or just from K&Y? If so should I use this cream that we have to make it go away?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions9 years ago