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Hey Now! Yes, I am MadScientist. I graduated summa with a Bachelor's in Biological Sciences, final GPA 3.93. I'll be finishing up a Master's degree in Biology in the summer of 2009, upon finally writing my thesis involving The Yeast-Two-Hybrid System and PBCV- 1. In August of 2009 I am starting a PhD program at The University of Connecticiut in the Molecular and Cell Biology Program, with a speciality in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics. My true passion is for the virus...deadly, incurable, biosafety level 4 viruses, if which there are no known cures, vaccintations, and thus, imminent death if infected with one. I am also quite interested in the evolutionary role of viruses as the central pieces to the evolution of organisms, from millions of years ago to the present day. After finsihing my PhD,I wish to be employed in a research facility such as the CDC, FBI, USAMRIID etc. That is where the fun stuff is! Well, all science is fun, but you know what I mean...aliens an