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  • Bluetooth Speaker?

    I am in the UNITED KINGDOM...

    Hi all, I'm a dance teacher looking for a better solution for playing my music as I am now travelling around a lot, so need something portable, few wires as possible and quick setup time.

    I have bought a Hudl from Tesco to play all my music from, but now looking for a good quality, Bluetooth speaker to use with it. My main problem is going to be volume as I do teach tap dancing, so I need something that is going to amplify the output from the tablet and give me a big sound. I have been using a small guitar amp to play music, but when I've tried playing music from phone or tablet, it's very quiet.

    I have seen the following 160w Excibel speaker in Clas Ohlson and wondering if it would be a good choice?

    My absolute maximum budget is £200, so if anyone can give me any advice or recommendations, it would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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  • How to encourage children to speak out loud?

    Hi... I teach a children's drama class and for some reason, my current group of children are very reluctant to read or speak aloud in front of each other. They will read or perform a monologue to me if there is other activity going on around them, but many of them refuse to participate in 'performance' situations with the other children watching.

    I have never had this problem before. Usually there is at least a couple of very outgoing children who will take the lead in such activities, which gives the others confidence to give it a go, but with my current group they all see painfully shy. Any hints or tips would be welcome.

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