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  • Which sign or element of a sign is the most misunderstood??? & why?

    Im a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, & Gemini Rising. Im highly misunderstood.

    Im extremely independent, always thinking too much, highly changeable personality, can be very quiet or very talkative. Some people say I live in my own world.

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  • Whats the worst thing that could happen if i get caught "conning" a worker at Walmart?

    Im not talking about lying but actual conning. I was conning my way to get free money and free merchandise and almost got caught because i talked to the wrong person and she was smart enough to almost catch me, so i ended up losing the free merchandise i was trying to get and didn't get free money as well. Im not stealing but conning. I was having her giving me the goods by her own choice and not mine. So what could had happen to me if i did get caught.

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  • A long time friend said "you have too much time on your hands haha." Did that mean he was insulting me or no?

    or no. No one ever said that to me before but i thought he was insulting me but then he put the "haha" at the end. Im confused. I was pranking him, trying to scare him on a short text message.

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  • Why am i a very curious person? What makes me this way?

    Im so curious to the point where it makes me extremely observant. I have observed so many people now and i have noticed that the majority have still eyes and lost in their own world. I can practically wave my hand on the side of someones peripheral vision and they won't even see me. It's kind of scary but i have tested this little action and it's so true.

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  • Why do Gypsy get HATED on so much?

    Im not a Gypsy what so ever. But i did talk to a gypsy before and what he said makes true. He said, "The reason why they hate, is because we are RICH." Im not sure if this is the main reason, but they do get their money off of robbing people, and yes people could hate them for that to thee extreme, but it's beautiful on how well they can con a sucker down to his or her last penny.

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  • Why do i analyze nature and life too much?

    It can get annoying and sometimes me over analyzing nature and also how people work gets me paranoid because theres no answers to the unknown but my brain just likes to think, it needs a lot of mental stimulation throught the day. Am i just very curious about how things work? help

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  • If Johnny Depp & Prince are Geminis, does that make astrology full of sh*t?

    If Johnny Depp & Prince are Geminis, does that make astrology full of sh*t because the zodiac gemini sign traits in the books & internet sites are exactly the opposite of both there personalities.

    If you look at the top first comment of this youtube video

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bfk with 53 thumbs up, many people agrees that Geminis are the very quiet ones and Johnny Depp and Prince is a good example of that, Johnny is very quiet BUT on the stage with all these characters he creates "himself," his other side comes out and he is full of energy and life. Even "Prince" the singer is the exact same, very quiet BUT full of energy and life on stage.

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  • Is it normal for a Capricorn Sun to be...?

    Is it normal for a Capricorn Sun to be adaptable, changeable, living different lives and having many personalities, mood changes because having too many thoughts, having dual minds such as thinking one thing and thinking the opposite thing at the same tim, quick leaner, nervous and jittery, can be very neat at times, articulate, jack of all trades but master of none, highly observant and analyzing human nature, feeling like there's another "being" inside of you like a teacher and student inside one mind always thinking and learning, viewing life as if a child would very curious and always asking questions to self and to others at times.

    Im a capricorn and i can be ambitious and serious but that is just one side of me, i can be a completely whole new different person in different environments like a chameleon, i can be loud and talkative and the other side serious and quiet, but i have so many personalities because i can adapt to others and change and people can be like wtf.

    I feel like im a highly complex person and at times don't know my identity because i feel like two people, one other me stuck inside my mind and it can get frustrating dealing with the other, all at once but it's weird. It's hard to explain. Am i a typical Capricorn???

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  • Why Do Capricorns, Virgos, Geminis & Scorpios Get Talked Down On The Most?

    All signs can get talked down on but i would have so say Capricorns & Geminis get **** talked on them. Why is this?

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  • Is there such thing as born deep thinkers?

    It's extremely hard for me to stop thinking because im so curious about the nature of life and the unknown. I can try to sleep and my mind can just keeps on talking and talking and thinking and visualizing, and if i try to stop my brain from thinking all together, i'll go crazy because i feel like i need to think in order to survive. My eyes are constently observing everything then my mind starts analyzing really fast then i will think deeper and deeper and than that deeeeeeep thought will end up making me analyzing the unknown which leads me to getting paranoid because these thoughts of analyzing life makes me too aware of whats happeing and whats going to happen at the end of the road and a lot of people aren't aware of whats happening around them, im not sure if the others are just oblivious or what?

    I feel like this thinking ability can be a gift but it is also a curse because i had really bad panic attacks and i also hypervenaliated for thinking about the mysteries of life which sometimes leads to negative thinking. Am i just a born thinker or is this something else?

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  • What kind of personality would Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, And Gemini Rising be like if smushed together?

    These are my signs but im trying to get a outer perspective of what im like from another person's point of view.

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  • What is a "real" gemini like?

    People say geminis are talkative and others say they are quiet. Some say they are two and the others say they are not two.

    What's that one most important string character trait in a person that makes them a real gemini.

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  • Is our Ascendant sign the one we truly become as we become older and more mature?

    I heard from day one, our first breath gives us our rising sign. As we grow older and older, we become more as our rising sign, we develope more into our rising sign which dominates the sun sign and moon sign. Is this true or false.

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  • What makes a zodiac sign more developed in a person than the same zodiac sign that is undeveloped in another?

    For example, is the Aries man or Gemini man Sun sign more developed than the Aries man or Gemini man Rising sign?

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  • Do i have split personality?

    I feel like a have another "being" inside of me. For example, one side of me thinks one way and the other thinks the opposite. It's like i have a twin which is both me inside my mind and i have a lot of internal chatter because of that. I believe i created this being inside me probably with my imagination at the age of five because i used to talk to myself as if i had a friend "inside" of me. Anyways, i have a high IQ and i constantly analyze and think about everything and ask a lot of questions to myself and my other half gives me the answers to my own questions. I don't have schizophrenia because i have been to the doctors, so i don't know if this is all about intelligence or a split personality thing. Also, i am a very adaptable Chameleon like to other people's personalities without even knowing i am doing it, so i don't adapt to please people, i think it's more of a survival instinct. I feel very split in my mind, it's like i know who i am but truly deep down, i don't know who i am as one person because of that duality in me.

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  • Which zodiac sign is my co-worker? Help?

    For example: i see this guy at my job who is extroverted one minute working with customers, hes laughable, fast talking, loud, and energetic, he also changes interacting with different customers and the next minute he is quiet and kind of serious when hes working around the employees when hes not working with the customers, he will stay to himself but then he will talk to "some" of his co-workers and then when he is in the eating room he will talk one on one to the other co-workers he was quiet with but when hes out working he will bo quiet with his co-workers he was talking to in the eating room and be all talkative with the customers. He is very very confusing and complex.

    which strong zodiac sign in his chart rules him and or what sign do you think he is?

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  • I seen a youtube video of geminis who are always "thinking," do they really talk to themselves?

    Think about it, if they are the twins - two people in their mind, wouldn't they be having a lot of inner chatter, internal conflicts, thinking this and thinking that. If they are always talking, when they are alone, wouldn't end up having conversations to themselves to keep their minds stimulated.

    The old gemini man in the video said that he is never bored because he is always entertaining himself because there is an angel and devil on his shoulder and that it can be frustrating to him.

    Are they crazy or just really intelligent for having a deep imagination like a child.

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