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  • Did you know that pres. Obama signed into law a bill that takes away our 4th amendment freedoms?

    The 4th amendment protects every American from wrongful search and seizure (Must have a warrent) and no American can be held for no reason. Recently President Obama signed into law an act that ALLOWS any American to be seized, and home search for no reason and placed in jail indefinitly at the governments discretion. Knowing this, and it is true, how do you feel about this and other rights that is slowly being taken from Americans. (PS this is how Nazi Germany started to wield it's power)

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  • Regardless of whether or not you like Pres. Obama, do you know what he stands for?

    I know kids today usually look at the "outside" of Obama. He "looks like" a cool hip liberal. But do you really know how his policies will effect you directly?

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  • Do American kids in school today know what is in the American constitution and what it means to America?

    So many kids are apathetic towards our nation and have no idea what freedoms are being taken away in our government. So as a student, do you know what the constitution contains and how it effects you every time our Constitution is violated by the "powers that be"?

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  • Where is heaven exactly?

    If God lives in Heaven, where is heaven located exactly? (Serious answers or theories please.)

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  • If you are truly Athiests, and don't care for God, why are you trolling this site?

    Me thinks you are all searching: for answers, or perhaps a reason to believe? :-)

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  • Has anyone here ever read the Holy Bible from the contents to the maps?

    It seems there are quite a few "experts" commenting and complaining about the Holy Bible. I just want to know if you have truly sat down and read the entire book. Not just excerpts, Not just a few passages here or there and not just a random passage or chapter or bits and pieces from a desk calender. I mean the ENTIRE book. ANYONE?

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  • Need help with forming characters for my book. Teen answers only please..?

    I think the best resource to go to regarding a teen novel is to go to teens for an answer! So far you all have given me excellent responses on my other questions. (You kids are great and I am impressed by your collective wisdom.) I need your help once again...

    I am trying to develop characters for my story. I already have my story subject outlined, and I thought I was going with a female teen as the focus with her mother and grandmother being minor characters. (close family) However, according to literary magazines, the story should focus on the teen not the adults in a "Young Adult" novel, but I have given her no one to talk to except her mother which would make mom a main character as well. (And realistically, teens really do not speak that deeply with their parents, at least mine doesn't.) So, I came up with some alternatives. Which would teens be more apt to read?:

    1. Two sisters who are complete opposites, usually fighting, having to go through an adventure together, but learning to trust each other through it all.

    2. A sister and a best friend (still opposites one as a tomboy the other as a girly girl), going through the adventure.

    3. A boy (and the two sisters), who has been a childhood friend of the "tomboy" sister, but has a crush on the girly girl sister but through the adventure finds that he is now drawn to the tomboy sister because of her inner strength and wisdom.( Or has this theme been done too much?)

    4. Mom and grandma as main characters (who has been through this adventure before) with the two

    sisters and know how to lead them out of it, and they all become close because of it.

    5. Mom, Grandma, the two sisters and the boy all as main characters.

    Once I get some good feedback I can start writing my book. Also, all the teen characters will be 17-18. I need as many replies as possible, so please tell your friends to help as well. Thanks again..:-)

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  • How many twists and turns should be in a great plot in a book series?

    How many twists and surprises would be too many?

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  • What is a preferred age for a main character in a teen novel?

    Do teens like reading about younger kids, (ages 13-15) middle range teens (16-17) or older teens? (18-19)

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  • What type of book plots do teenagers hate?

    Or at the very least, what plots are considered "too lame" in the eyes of teenagers?

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  • What kind of book plots do teenagers like?

    (Aside from Vampires, high school romances and magical powers. I am trying to write a book and I want it to appeal to teens. But teens today are far more intelligent, are more technologically advanced and more easily bored with such simple things such as reading. So, a dynamic plot would be important. What to you would keep a book an interesting "page turner" until you reached the end?)

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  • Do you think Barack Hussein Obama is still a Muslim? ?

    I watched the Interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC (On You Tube.) This was a direct quote from the interview,

    Obama: "McCain hasn't talked much about my Muslim faith."

    Stephanopoulos: "Christian faith"

    Obama: "Christian Faith"

    Youtube thumbnail

    Gee, why did george feel a need to correct him?

    When campaigning in Oregon, (also on You Tube broadcasted by NBC)

    Obama: "It is wonderful to be here in Oregon.... I have now been in 57 states...(laughter from audience)

    Obama is a member of the OIC, Organizarion for Islamic Communities. This community is comprised of 57 islamic states in the middle east. Google the info if you don't believe me,

    Obama's symbol, the sun with the stripes under it, is designed after a common Muslim symbol and when you put them on top of each other, they match perfectly....

    There is so much more than what the news media openly reported, but go to you tube and only check out my claims. Look at only the ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX network reports. Then tell me your opinion

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  • When you voted for Obama, what experience does he have in what area that appealed to you?

    Please do not say you voted for him simply because of his skin color or you voted for a "mascot". Tell us the extensive experience or policy you believe he has or will up hold...

    (Of course we will see what he does when he gets into office...)

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  • Would the nation vote for Barack Hussein Obama if he was white?

    State your reason as to why.

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  • Why is it that 97% of the Military voted for McCain?

    They are the ones fighting overseas so kids like you can go to school without the threat of a terrorist bombing our country.

    You can sleep soundly at night because a U.S. soldier shed his blood for you to preserve our freedom.

    And yet, these votes were not counted! The elections board did not get them out in time, therefore, the votes were not sent back in time.

    How ironic that the very heros who are fighting for you to have your opinion, could not voice their own....

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  • Why do the cocky Hollywood eliteists hate Sarah Palin?

    These cocky outspoken elitists have spewed a seething hate for Governor Sarah Palin, but why? What has she done to be the unfair target of such rediculous unfounded hatred? I mean I understand people disregarding a candidate to vote for their own, but the only thing coming out of Hollywood is damaging comments not about the issues, but about her looks and her Christian moral character...Which is quite unfair! ( I have lost all respect for those loud mouthed liberals in Hollywood who use their fame for a platform to degrade a persons personal character!)

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