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  • What's her name, Sierra or Marin?

    This is one character in my story.

    She moved in to London from Italy, and has a deep Italian accent. She has a German father, and an Italian mother. She is 5'8ft, has an hourglass figure, big hazel eyes, a small nose, an oval shaped face, a pretty smile, long dark blonde hair down to her waist and she's 16 years old. She has a younger brother called Leo (short for Leonardo) and her surname is Bauer.

    Sierra Bauer or Marin Bauer?

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  • Baby name for Sierra and Eric?

    I have a sim family and they are expecting a baby. Any good baby names for parents called Sierra and Eric? Girl name and boy name please :)

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  • Should I be scared of her?

    When you read this, you'll think it's stupid if you're an adult, but it's actually pretty important.

    I changed my profile picture without really thinking about my pose or the lighting or how my hair was. It was only after I posted it that I realized the photo looked exactly like a popular girl in my school's photo. When I say 'popular' I mean she is friends and can make friends with anyone in the school. People fear her and she's part of the popular gang who spread rumors and can make or break a person. Anyway back to the story...

    She's never payed attention to me. But she liked my photo. At first I thought it was really sweet of her, then I realized it was probably a warning. It was probably her saying "if you ever copy my profile picture again I will make you wish you were never born". In this particular popular gang, likes on pictures and statuses are usually a warning.

    I really don't know what to do or what to think. Help?

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  • My family is trying to force me into naming my child Victoria?

    I'm expecting a baby girl, and I have a huge naming issue. A few years ago, my uncle Victor died tragically in a car crash. He was a very significant person in our family, and his death caused everyone a lot of main. My entire family, keep trying to persuade me into naming my unborn daughter Victoria in his memory. My niece even tried to blackmail me at one point (but it wasn't very serious and she didn't get away with it). I loved my uncle Victor very much but I don't want to name my child Victoria. I know it's my choice but I feel pressured into doing this and I feel that if I don't name my child Victoria my whole family will be so disappointing. I'm afraid to reason with them. Should I give in?

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  • What names do you choose?

    This is the name game. To play you must choose a name for every question asked.

    1) You are a 25 year old hairdresser from Ireland, you have blue eyes and brown hair, you are very beautiful and dream of becoming a poet. Your name is _______

    2) You fall in love with:

    A 30 year old Italian chef named Alberto Gregorio Borgogni.


    A 24 year old Californian basketball player named Austin Jonathan Lore.

    3) You get married in ________ and have a honeymoon in ______

    4) Three years later, you give birth to a girl. Her first name is a classic name and her middle name is the name of your honeymoon.

    5) You then have twins, a boy and a girl. Both their first names start with H and their middle names start with an I and a T.

    6) You move to a large house in ________

    7) You open up a hairdressing business called ________

    8) You get an Irish Setter dog named _______

    9) Your house burns down and ________ dies

    10) You are so upset by the death that you go out, hook up with a Swedish guy and fall pregnant. The baby is a boy who you call _______

    11) Your oldest daughter gets pregnant at 16 as has a baby girl. Her first name is a princess-like names, and her two middle names are a flower name and a gemstone name.

    12) You send your children to boarding school and move to a small house with your daughter and her baby in _______.

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  • What's the best name for this character?

    Hi I'm writing a book and I'm not sure whether to publish it or not, but my main character has a half sister. I have some options for her first name, middle name and last name. Please choose your favorite, or suggest others if you want to:

    First names:




    Middle names:




    Surname/Last names:




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  • Annabel, Annaleigh or Annika?




    Which name do you like best and which spelling?

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  • Do you like PewDiePie?

    Do you like him?

    Are you a bro?

    Why are you a bro?

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  • What do you think of the name Annalie?

    I'm thinking of naming my child Annalie. Her great-grandmothers are named Rosalie, and Annabel. I thought I could morph the two together. I came up with Rosabel, and I didn't really like it, then I came up with Annalie, and I liked it but I'm still not sure. What do you think?

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  • Middle name for Annabel?

    Hi, I need a middle name for Annabel. The surname is Keir (pronounced Kerr). I also want to know if you like the spelling:




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  • What is this face shape?

    My cousin just can't determine her face-shape, or a hairstyle to go with it.

    The widest part of her face is her cheekbones, and she has a high wide forehead that is almost as wide as her cheekbones. She has a rounded jawline but her chin is pointy. Some people say it's round, some say it's heart shaped, some say it's oval, some say it's diamond. Can someone tell me what is really is?

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  • Teen pregnancy, advice or kind words?

    My name's Alma, I'm 15. Last year, my dad died. Call me an idiot, but I was so depressed I went to the wrong crowd, went out late and took drugs of all kind, I don't even know the name of some of them, but weed was definitely involved. When I was under the influence, I was raped. The man who raped me is in prison now.

    A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I feel terrible, and I feel like an idiot. My mother won't let me have an abortion, because she's a strict Christian. Everyone is calling me a whore for being pregnant or a crazy idiot for taking drugs. I've left my school because as I walked around people threw food at me, called me names, and even pushed me over. One time this boy pushed me against the wall really hard, and said "now you won't have to pay for an abortion."

    My gran is a retired teacher, and is home schooling me right now, but I'm really depressed because my friends have all stopped talking to me and not even my family are nice to me. I'm given a lecture everyday by my grandad, and my family don't seem to want to have a nice relationship with me anymore. I miss my dad so much, and when I walk around in the street I feel embarrassed and ashamed.

    All I want is a piece of advice or maybe kind supportive words?


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