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I'm julie, I do this to help people out not for points=)

  • What color nails for turnabout?

    Im wearing a black dress, simple but not overdone. its kind of unique because its not strapless or anything like that. I have black shoes, and all silver and sparkly jewelry. what color should I do my nails?

    I have pale skin and red hair if that makes a difference

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  • Would this color look good one me?

    I have red hair but its not like super bright or anything, and very very pale skin.

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  • Taking my belly ring out?

    I got my bellybutton pierced all the way back at the end of august (The 26th) and there was no problems. i never changed it before i was sapposed to or anything and it didn't get infected like a lot do but then I had to take it out for a dance competition in december (the 5th) for about an hour or 2. i didnt expect it to close up but it did. I poked it through and then again later that day... its complicated but i had to take it out again.

    then the next week i had another competition and i took it out once, but this time it was ALOT harder to get back in. like it was bleeding and pussing, it didnt do that last time. i think its because it was infected from the first time i poked it through... now ive been really good about cleaning it since then so its not infected anymore, im sure.. ANYWAYS, i have another competition on the 23rd of this month so like 2 weeks away and im really nervous to take it out. it will probably be like an hour... will it close up?!?!? and are there anyways to keep it open for longer? tips!!

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  • Back to school clothes and such? I'm gonna be a sophomore!?

    I don't need like specific clothes that I should wear for the first days, just like tips and things to keep in mind when choosing something. Like, Jeans or shorts? Stuff like that.

    Also, we start on a Wednesday so what I was thinking was 2 cute outfits Weds and Thurs (but not similar in anyway!) And then I'm on the poms team so we wear uniforms on fridays. How should I "accessorize" it? Or like do my hair with it?

    So yeah, any help would be great(=

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  • I need help finding a song please?

    My friend told me about a song called in the garden thats kind of creepy and its sort of about a breakup i think, anyways, she cant remember who its by!! Someone help me find it=)

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  • How long will it take my belly button piercing to close up?

    I've had it in for 3 weeks, but I've realized that there is not enough skin because my friend did it for me... I took it out for a surgery 5 days after getting it done, it was out for like 5 hours and didn't close up one bit... So now I' wondering how long it will take to heal if I take it out now? I want to get in re pierced in a few months.

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  • Stretches and exercises after knee surgery?

    I got orthoscopic knee surgery 2 weeks ago and i am obviously on crutches. i cant put ANY weight on my knee what so ever but i can do pretty much anything sitting down.. my doctor told me to try and bend my leg each more everyday and straighten it because it really does tighten up often.. anyways, i am a dancer and i dont want to lose any of my strength and flexibility so i was just wondering if it was okay for me to do things such as splits, and core exerizes????

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  • Song for a contemporary dance solo?

    I'm going to be 16 in this competition season for my dance company and I want to do a solo to a really cool but kind of creepy song.

    something sort of close to:

    The Garden by Mikah

    Sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson

    or Walking on air by Kerli

    Oh another song I reallllly like is Pumpkin Soup by Kate Nash!

    I would do my dance to that but someone on my team did it last year. i know its not creepy or anything but i really like the style so if you know any other songs like it that i could dance too, name it here=) Thankss!

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  • Sophmore year?? NEED HELP=)?

    I know it's a little early, but I've been starting to think about the up coming school year. I'm going to be a sophomore and l really want to have a better year than last. my freshman year was not near close to being great at all. I was having a lot of family troubles and other things being mixed in, my grades slipped and well, I really want to make up for it this year. I'm on the dance team at school which is monday-thursday after school until 5:15 So I need help making a study schedule... Also could you give me some organization tips please??

    Heres my course list for first semester

    US Government

    Study hall (I get to take instead of gym for being on the dance team)

    Contemporary world history

    Chemistry ( Science is FAR from my best subject)

    English 2

    French 2

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  • Saline nasal spray on a new navel piercing?

    Is that okay to use for cleaning aftercare? I got my piercing 2 or 3 days ago, it's only a bit red but other than that it is fine. i wanted to know if saline nasal spray would be a good cleaning thing? I know your sapposed to use a saline solution to help it heal. but does the fact its a naval spray change things?


    purified water

    sodium chloride (0.65%)




    Monosodium phosphate

    benzalkonium chloride

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  • Do I need to get my belly button piercing fixed?!?

    I got it done yesterday, but the bottom hole of the piercing isn't exactly IN my belly button. It's more like just above it, but only a tiny tiny bit if that makes sense. you cant really notice unless you look super close but it worries me because i don't know if there's enough skin pierced. please help thanks!

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