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  • When writing a letter to someone...?

    I'm writing a book of letters. I don't know how to explain this, or if it makes sense at all, but I was wondering if when you're starting off your letter, and you aren't saying their name but you're talking to them (example: dear boy i sit next to in biology class)....would that be capitalized? or not, since you aren't using a proper noun? I need an answer fast please, I'm sorry if this made no sense

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  • What to wear to a Fleetwood Mac concert?

    I'm going to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow and i'm really excited cause it's my first concert! But I don't know what to wear. I know for a fact I want my outfit to be simple, and kind of loose and flowy. Also what should I do for hair and makeup? I'm 15 years old if it helps at all haha. Thanks! :)

    4 AnswersRock and Pop8 years ago
  • How do I make friends in high school?

    . I've always been social, but never had friends. In 5th grade, I guess I kind of did. But in 6th grade, they either moved or became popular, and ever since, I've basically had no one. I tried to make friends in middle school, but no one's stuck around. I tried to keep in touch with these people, but they never seemed enthusiastic or texted back or anything. Then I stopped trying to be friends, because of that. None of them put any effort into being friends. In 7th grade, I found out this one girl I was close to was just using me to go places. So that's when I decided to give up with friends, and just be nice and friendly and social, and hope someone finds me. That didn't work either, so in 8th grade, I just followed around basically every group, trying not to look like a loner. At the end of the year, I found some 7th graders that I really liked, and they liked me too. Or maybe they didn't, I don't know. Summer, I went to this girl named Miya's house twice, and spent the night and that was it. But I feel like she never wants to talk to me. So now it's high school. Middle school, I was fine like this. But here, I'm new, I'm scared, and I don't have friends. I've forgotten what it feels like to be cared about, and what it feels like to be a friend. I always appear happy, and I'm outgoing, always a smile on my face. I don't smell bad, I take a shower everyday and wear deodorant. I also wear makeup and nice clothes. So I don't see why I'm unlikable. But what do I do? I feel terrible

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  • I dyed my hair and I think it's falling out?

    So I dyed my hair auburn like a few weeks ago using garnier herbashine. When I'm combing/brushing it, lots of hair comes out (in strands) . I don't straighten my hair a lot, once every few weeks because I'm lazy, and this was my first time dying my hair. I don't wash it everyday either. My hair is also very thick and curly, so maybe it's not a dye reaction...idk. My hair doesn't feel too thin. Does it sound like it's falling out? If it is, advice?

    1 AnswerHair8 years ago
  • i need help with tumblr?

    okay so you know how people have reblog buttons on their mine/face pages? i was wondering how you get the reblog button on there, because i haven't seen it come with the themes. thank youu!

    1 AnswerComputer Networking8 years ago
  • What can I do to make sure I pass?

    I have a math test on Tuesday, and it's on probability (I'm in 8th grade pre-algebra). I have a history of not doing well on my math tests this year, the highest grade I got was a D+. I've never been good at math though. So anyways, if I don't pass this test, I get held back this year. I NEED TO PASS. I know I need to study, and I'm doing it, but studying and willpower isn't enough for me to feel okay about this. What else can I do?

    1 AnswerStandards & Testing9 years ago
  • How do I get my basketball coach to actually notice me?

    We haven't had our first game yet, but I already know that I'll be a benchwarmer. The other day he said at practice; "If you don't give 100% at practice, you won't get playing time in games"

    The problem is, he barely puts me in during offense and defense drills, and when he does put me in, I always give 100. he never notices when I do something good. So he hasn't even taken a chance to see if I'm good or not. I'm actually better than most of the players he calls good, not bragging, but I mean really. He doesn't even tell me what I need to work on. HE DOESN'T NOTICE ME. EVER.

    About last year's season, I had the same coach. he only let me play about 5 minutes in a game. IF i was lucky, and i wasn't even a bad player.

    Maybe it's because I'm short (5'0")... i don't know why.

    I can't ask him, "Coach can I play?"

    Because then he won't let you play at all.

    If he doesn't like me, why didn't he just cut me?! It would hurt a lot less. I'm telling you, this hurts. Especially since I worked my *** off to get to the level I'm at.

    It feels like it wasn't worth it.

    So what do i do? just quit or keep playing and hope he notices me?

    7 AnswersBasketball9 years ago
  • What should I work on to play girls' varsity basketball?

    So I'm in eighth grade, my basketball season starts at the end of January. I wasn't that great last year, I made JV, but I was pretty much just a backup player, I sat on the bench because I never made baskets.

    I've improved a LOT this year, because I've been playing pickup with a few guys everyday, I play on a rec basketball team, I play basketball during my free time instead of hanging out. people say I've made a huge comeback, but I want some advice, because I really want to get some playing time in this year. so what should i really work on?

    3 AnswersBasketball9 years ago
  • Is it just me or are little girls growing up WAY too fast?

    i was at the mall today, and i saw a group of little girls (no older than 8 or 9) and they had plucked eyebrows, they were wearing jeggings, and wore mascara and eyeliner! i know i shouldn't care about how others live their lives, but it's still pretty shocking. i didn't even start wearing mascara until i was 14...

    what does everyone think of this?

    7 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • N.Y.C. or E.L.F makeup? which one do you like better?

    So I went to the drugstore a few months ago, and I was looking for a new eyeliner to try out. I chose E.L.F. brightening eyeliner. and it was horrible. It would smear hardcore after about an hour of wear, and then it would fade. I decided to give NYC kohl brow/eyeliner pencil a try, and i was pretty skeptical (i mean, 99 cents eyeliner? its gotta suck what do you expect). but yeah i tried it. and i LOVE it!!!! its my favorite eyeliner. i also love the n.y.c. showtime volumizing mascara. i'm not a huge fan of elf.

    which do you guys like better?

    16 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • My mom wants me to go to Iran with her next month?

    I might go to Iran with mom next month, cause it's where my family lives, she's going anyways.

    She asked if I'd like to go with her, and I told her I would think about it. I'm honestly kinda scared, of the political issues and ****, also I don't think my family will approve of me, because I can't even do the 5 prayers a day Muslims do...

    I want to go, but I'm having second thoughts. What do you guys think?

    14 AnswersFamily9 years ago
  • Why do most middle eastern people have unibrows?

    My nationality is Iranian (both my parents were born there, I was born in the U.S.), but I've never been able to figure out why a lot of Middle Easterns have unibrows.

    I don't have one, I'm just curious.

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • Playing 1 v 1 tomorrow. Can i get tips on how to guard a guy a foot taller than me?

    yeah I'm 4'11" he's 5'11.5".

    We've been wanting to play 1 v 1 since fifth grade (seventh grade now) and we finally set the date were playing to tomorrow. I need tips on how to guard him, because in my 8 years of balling, I've never gone against someone a foot taller than me. Thanks!

    9 AnswersBasketball10 years ago
  • I like my best guy friend, and i think he might like me back? help?

    I really like one of my best friends, and we have so much in common. We LOVE basketball, we both know how to make people laugh without trying, we're both hyper, we like the same movies, bball teams, music...everything.

    A few weeks ago, he told me that he likes this girl at our school. He flirts with her a lot (which makes me feel like I'm dead), but then again, he flirts with me too. Even more than he flirts with her. He's come to every single one of my home games (basketball) this season, and gives me a 10 second hug when the game is over.

    But here's the thing...I haven't actually told him I like him. His friends, my friends, everyone tries to tell him I like him, but he doesn't listen to them and I deny it. I think he likes me, because he's nicer and sweeter to me than he is to most other girls, and we just have a connection

    8 AnswersFriends10 years ago
  • I like like my best friend?

    We started talking in september, and like BOOM we became best friends. He's a year older than me, and we have sort of a bro/sis relationship.

    But about a few weeks ago, he started showing signs that he likes me and I'm showing signs that i like him too...A LOT Everyone thinks its kinda messed up, because were like unbiological siblings. He got me a 64 gb iPod touch a month ago, and my mom says that's definetly a sign that he likes me.

    I don't know what to say to my other friends though, who aren't talking to me now all because i like him.

    7 AnswersFriends10 years ago
  • I need help with guys right now?

    In the past, I never used to be friends with guys. What the hell am I talking about, I never even TALKED to guys!!

    But this school year started, and everything changed. I met a guy in my Shop class at school (shop is like a carpentry class) and we became great friends. We help each other with our projects, assignments, we talk at lunch and during passing period. Really, we talk whenever its possible. I realized that I liked him about a week after I met him.

    About 3 weeks ago, I gradually started talking to his friends, who are now my best friends. Its 6 guys and 1 girl. 5 out of the 6 guys have a crush on me. the other guy is dating the girl, so he's not after me. but all the others are after me and i dont wanna hurt there feelings and tell them that I only like the one I met in shop, and i only think of the others as my friends. Btw me and him are close to the dating stage, so now what do i do?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • I want to tell him I like him but somethings stopping me?

    I like a guy and he likes me back!! I haven't told him i like him yet but he likes me and he flirts all the time. Today he gave me a hug for 10 sec., which he usually doesn't do...

    BUT here's the problem...

    Theres another girl thats after him too...big time. She'll do whatever it takes to get him. Shes always stalking me and him and if I tell him I like him she'll hear me and hate me forever. The problem is she's one of my best friends.

    How can i tell him I like him????

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Is this bad? I don't know why I'm like this?

    Whenever this boy I like isn't at school, I feel really sad and terrible. I feel irritated by people easily.

    When he is at school I feel the exact opposite!!

    I can't live this way anyway anymore but I don't know how I can make myself not feel this way.

    Its having a bad impact on my reputation, and my attitude

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • How do you know when you are in love?

    I just wanna know, is it true that you will just know when your in love?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • I am really nervous what should I do?

    I have shop as one of my classes in middle school. Its where you build tables, stools, racks etc.

    I finished my stool today and i found out the whole thing was put together BACKWARDS!!!!!

    Today was the last day to finish our project, and i can't just start over. We are just starting a new project.

    But my shop teacher is strict as hell, if i tell him that i need to start over he'll probably kick me out of shop. And I love shop, i dont wanna leave!!!!!

    Please help me, how do i get this squared away?

    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago