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  • Do you Harry Potter fans such as me hope the reboot brings back it's proper dark-fantasy roots?  Deathly Hallows sucks compared to the 1st!?

    I sure hope so.  We have family movie nights every weekend and it took a while to get thru every Harry movie but omg!  Deathly Hallows 2 I sure don't remember being this violent and scary!  Sorrceror's Stone is nowhere near being like that, here's the de-evolution details:

    Sorrceror's Stone-Goblet Of Fire 2001-05:Your average dark fantasy movie.  Bright, magical yet dark and gritty at times(usually during Voldemort scenes)hence the genre dark-fantasy, feels like The Goonies from 1985.

    Order Of The Phoenix-Halfblood Prince 2007-09:Colorful at first but fades to grey-green as it progresses, more serious toned gritty-fantasy.

    Deathly Hallows 1 2010:HP universe pulling the plug by this one turning it into nearly R-rated colorless menacing horror, it even has a snake scare that made me almost pee my pants.

    Deathly Hallows 2 2011-Post pulled plug consumed by vampirism, really scary and violent, tons of blood, shrieking/loud screaming(don't know how many times a female character shrieks in this movie), gore, jump scares, etc, I can Not believe this is rated PG-13!  It's way beyond the border of being rated R.  It is portrayed like it's a vampire movie instead of HP I was like "This is HARRY!  Not Queen Of The Damned!" and there's a reason Twilight has those characteristics.  Sorcerror's Stone is my favorite Harry movie.

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  • Are prequels becoming 'the new reboot'?

    I sure hope not.  From what I have heard on IMDB when it comes to prequels current and in the works:

    Cruella De Vill

    Queen Of Hearts(before Alice)

    Rise Of The She-Vampires(before Simon Belmont i guess)

    unnamed Alien prequel(instead of a reboot)

    Willy Wonka(before Charlie Bucket really?)

    Sandlot(without Benny, come on!)

    Batman live action tv show

    Black Widow



    Maniac Cop(zombie prequel)

    Minions Rise Of Gru

    Ju On

    The Hunger Games

    Star Wars Underworld

    And for the same about reboots:



    Snow White

    The Hunchback

    The Little Mermaid

    The Rescuers

    Peter Pan


    Lilo And Stitch

    Living Dead Genesis(not a horror fan but it's supposed to be terrifying)

    I Am Legend

    American Werewolf In London(supposed to be really doom and gloom)

    Bride Of Frankenstein

    The Wolf Man


    Last Airbender(Netflix production, shucks!)

    The Batman


    The Blob

    The Crow



    The Black Hole




    Harry Potter(again Netflix)



    The Walking Dead movie

    Deep Blue Sea

    Night At The Museum(Netflix again!)

    Super Mario Bros


    Ace Ventura



    Resident Evil

    Mortal Kombat

    Street Fighter

    and so on and on and on....maybe reboots still reign :)

    I know prequels aren't a new thing since Temple Of Doom is one and so is Fantastic Beasts.  Reboots are not new either, TMNT from 2014 is one and is Mike Keaton's 1989 Batman, nobody needs to tell me that but do you think prequels are taking over the film throne reboots apparently don't have anymore?

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  • Do you think these video game musics sound kinda 80s?

    This music has instruments from Transformers 1985 and some are from Ninja Turtles 1987, the part with the army Shy Guy has 1970s sounding music while the rest sounds 1980s

    Youtube thumbnail


    This music sounds like TMNT 1987, it doesn't sound like 2000s music at all.

    Youtube thumbnail


    This music sounds like Never Ending Story, the title screen is so like that of a 1980s tv show

    Youtube thumbnail


    This music sounds like Transformers 85

    Youtube thumbnail


    This sounds kinda like inbetween Never Ending Story and TMNT 87

    Youtube thumbnail


    This music sounds like TMNT 87's orchestral music

    Youtube thumbnail


    This music sounds like Predator or The Running Man

    Youtube thumbnail


    This sounds like 1990s

    Youtube thumbnail


    If so which ones do you think sounds like what I think?

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  • Who the heck else is sick of dark and gritty over the last 10 years?  I miss bright and campy!?

    I'm not talking about those nasty horror movies but here's what I Am talking about:

    I know people have always liked dark n gritty since the last 41 years but it's not like more people do.

    I remember Before 2010 when either one was so rare in movies and tv unless they were X-Men, LOTR, Harry Potter, the 2 Terminator sequels, Underworld, the 2 Matrix sequels, Hellboy, Batman, the 2 Daniel Craig 007 movies, X-Files and the first 2 Twilights.  This was born in the late 1970s because Alien is very both, could it only be 2010 when they started mass-producing darkness because it was so rare until the new Alice Of Wonderland came out and it was horrible, if remade in 1990 or 2000 it wouldn't be.  From broody supers like Magneto to modern Disney remakes.  No wonder the 3rd Power Ranger movie "Failed" because it was friggen grim!, the same goes for Spidey 3, Beauty And The Beast reboot is very bright and campy and feels like Power Rangers (the tv show) and so does Aladdin and The Lion King, looks like they're Trying to bring back campiness but they're still Failing.  Most MCU movies are campy and PR-esque, some have darkness. 5 years ago Fixing Hollywood website posted this message board.

    And I agree.

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  • Why do people now hate CGI in cartoons?

    First they started hating it in movies with The Phantom Menace, then tv shows starting with Agents Of Shield, now cartoons! Whats wrong with people?! Cartoons are all Supposed to be Fake! Nearly all are CGI get over it! They care less about flash animation but cgi ones they give such a bull about. I hear people saying stuff like "Damn, Sonic Boom sucks compared to Sonic X, screw CGI!", they need to stop crying and realize it s the standard and not only like computer matter acting on it s own.

    And don t say "CGI cartoons are nothing new" because I see/hear it all the time.

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  • Why do parents hate their kids for watching whiny bratty kid shows but are ok with them watching mature kid shows like The Simpsons?

    I hear parents saying their kids are acting like spoiled brats from watching Boss Baby, Rugrats, Llama Llama, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Recess and the like but the same parents get along just fine with their kids watching The Simpsons which is worse.

    Rugrats=The babies cry and whine a lot, they're babies it's normal plus Angelica taunts babies all the time.

    Boss Baby=Toby doesn't take kindly towards babies, too bad he doesn't say Why You Little.

    Any TMNT whether from 1987, 2003, 2012 and 2018=Characters say rude things like "shut up", "freaking" and "ill-mannered one".

    Recess=Kids often get grouchy.

    Llama Llama=Llama himself constantly whines for his way sometimes yelling when so, I hope in Season 3 Daddy Gnu will starting saying"WHY YOU LITTLE!"but that's impossible he's the opposite of Homer.

    The Simpsons=The kids fight, yell, cuss and treat each other and their parents like trash!

    Which of these do you think is worse, Id say THE SIMPSONS!!!

    For example who do you think is fussier? Nelly Gnu or Bart Simpson?


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail

    I would say BART!!!

    Also don't forget to tell me you watched these videos just when you read.

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  • Does it always thunder and lightning during casual rainstorms?

    I used to see rainstorm without seeing or hearing either but are they actually always there? If rainless thunderstorms exist what about lightningless rainstorms? Just had a bad storm earlier.

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  • How can Spider-Man Far From Home possibly be PG13 if it has....?

    A middle finger and 1 whispered f-word at the end? I really freaked sooo hard when I heard a few minutes ago my bro and sis in laws 3 children having watched that movie earlier this week and they just started watching it! Theyre below 10 years old! I dont want our kids seeing a middle finger or hearing an f-word! Neither do my bro or sis. They heard "sh*t" before from my stupid bro but never the f-word or worse! Why don't they rate movies R for one instance of the middle finger or f-word or worse cusses? That would perfectly shield kids from hearing/seeing garbage. My bro was 6 years old when he discovered the f-word from Adventures of Babysitting (1987) and said it at kindergarten and was grounded from watching it for life. How long would it be before my poor kids start watching Underworld or Deep Blue Sea?

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  • Do Any of you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans such as I think Rise Of The TMNT sucks in comparison to the rest of the entire universe?

    I do BIIIG time!

    So uh, last April I heard ROTTMNT was going to be a series, for a year i had been worried it was going to suck but last night I actually watched a few episodes and this tv seires bothered and disgusted the shell out of me! Not only does it suck big time, however color gfx are improved unlike half of the 2012 series episodes which had poor color compared to the other half, but the designs suck (the turtles look like primates, April is a 6th grader, Splinter is a fat human with a rat head instead of being all rat and Shredder is a mummy that can scare kids into peeing their pants, he's not a mummy anywhere else!) the acting is sucky (the voices are not nearly as cool as everywhere else) and the plots and storylines are all watered down. I so wanted to break my phone after watching the new but stupid watered down 4th series.

    That's why I love all the other Ninja Turtles TV the best and they all have the best casts, better designs, better 2d and 3d effects, the 1987 version's logo is way cooler looking plus it's more kid friendly, the first 3 tv series have way better music, songs and voices.

    Let's see what TMNT somebody likes better:

    1980s version

    Youtube thumbnail

    2000s version

    Youtube thumbnail

    10s version

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Batman Meets TMNT(2019)really fixed Ninja Turtles

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Why do people in Phoenix wear long clothes in summer, they never used to?

    I live in Phoenix, in the middle of AZ where from May to Sept the temp ranges 110-125. I notice most people wear hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and some people even coats in the hot humid summer, they never used to until the 10s! Never me I wear a tanktop or a beach shirt. I know wearing long clothes in summer is nothing new so you dont have to say so since people have only been wearing them in summer since the early 10s, im sick of this crap already! If you like wearing hoodies, jackets or coats in summer, was it also *before* 2010? If not why? If yes why? There's no way in heaven people can get cold in a blazin summer. I so remember my first day of school's from 2000-09 when nobody wore long clothing, they wore tanktops, tshirts, shirtless kids wearing vests and hooded tanktops. My first time seeing a person in long clothing in summer was my first day of school 2011 (what about your first time) when we drove to school and on our way we saw somebody in a padded jacket. And in summer 2018 this stupid thing got worse because while driving around the city, 70 percent of girls wore denim jackets and black jackets (hoodies and leather) while tons of guys wore the same thing and at my swimming mini tourney in Sept it was so hot and like 14 out of 20 youngsters wore sweatshirts, 10 years ago it was nobody wearing those at this time of year! Maybe people were more decent back then(2000's).

    Pic below shows season clothes systems of the 2000's and 10's.

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    I'm the Only one who loves the Llama Llama show!?


    Or they get reported!

    Lot of people i know says it's boring, whinny and sad, there are no boring piece o'crap episodes and the whinniness is supposed to be funny. Here's what I love about it:

    The one where Llama and Nelly throw a fit over toys is funny, the one where Llama throws a fit in a grocery store is funny, the one where Llama jumps up and down on his bed yelling "MAAMAAAAA!!!!" is hilarious, the one where Gilroy is being unfair, the one when they go to school for Christmas, the one when the kids get scared of loud trumpeting, the one when Nelly hates her brother, when Llama cant decide his trick or treat costume, the swimming one where somebody says "Goat Paddling" and another says "Sheep Paddling" is funny, the one when Llama spends the night at his Grandma's is sad, so why do u think?

    I also noticed a lot of people dont like that Sonic OVA from 1996 and One Piece because there's too much yelling and whining but those too are supposed to be funny.

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  • What do you think about the 10s as of this year and what do you think the 20s will be like?

    I think they been the most imperfect generation since the 1930s, the late 2000s were the last perfect times. I think the 10s have been bad years for:

    Music-2 much rap, trance, techno, electronic pop, happy hardcore(one of music's worst genres)nobody playing instruments anymore, music videos with terrible colorless graphics and cloned music(music that sounds the same as other music)much more than all previous gens, not much metal anymore I miss metal(not death metal, music's worst genre ever)do you? Here is my favorite 10s song, the best 10s song yet

    The *only* things done more than those overused genres is playing the same 10 songs over and over and people complaining about auto-tune even though its been around for 22 years but in the 2000s people didnt complain about auto-tune plus even late 2000s music vidoes were bright and colorful. Minecraft has good music though.

    Video Games-2 many r online only anymore, 2 many vampires, zombies, darkness(not like hard to see but i mean edgy), swearing(dunno why for 9 years they say the fword and not freaking and say the sword and not crap or shoot), the only thing done more than those is gamers complaining about swears, darkness and lack of originality(LOL even original games r gonna have zombies and edginess)I miss bright games like the 80s, whys original even important?

    To be continued

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  • How come modern music videos and commercials look like colorless lifeless piece of crap?

    I must understand this!

    I dont remember any video Before 2010 looking like its colors are faded or something (do you?) they used to be colorful, bright and full of life but since the early 10's they seem like their colors are dying and since 2017 they lost color even more and now almost no color, it's freaking awful! Like here's the example!:

    Watch this first!

    Youtube thumbnail

    Scary looking grafix, isnt it

    Even when they film a 1980s dance party!? This was in 2014 but it coulda been filmed colorfully like the 80s.

    Now watch this, this one will flash before your freakin eyes!:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Ok which video is better looking and why?

    Pump Up The Jam was in 1990 when they even filmed 1960s dance parties decently, see whats happening to color why is it getting worse nowadays? Were people more decent in the 1990s than now? I even watch alot of late 2000s videos (im just a 2000s guy) and none of them look like drab crap.

    I know there always has been Some people who love terrible graphics but most are like "nope, uh uh", and I know these scarylooking colorless graphics are not new either, they been since the early 10, so do you think graphics are getting better at all or not? Do you think 80s and 2000s music videos were better than 10s ones ever have been. I miss creatively colorful full of life music videos.

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  • Why are Americans obsessed over England more than anywhere else outside of America?

    Even though their ancestors came from Italians. Many Americans say they re true fans of Europe but England is like their No 1 choice, dude I d pick Germany. Canadians rather pick France and Mexicans rather pick Spain, why is that?

    Also why are English obsessed over NYC and Spanish obsessed over L.A?

    I kinda find it weird as i love to learn about cultures.

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  • Why doesnt a guy scream when scared?

    Note:Not a sexist, I just dont understand this.

    A little girl or woman does. So what fear level do we guys need to go AAAAAAAH? You know when a fight breaks out or whatever you hear guys just gasp not scream even when scared crap like girls do, thats silly, or on horror cartoons (not halloween ones or zombie ones) like Gnome Home or Coraline (whose screams are the same as MJ's in TM's Spiderman films) because the protagonist is always a girl so the protagonist will scream when scared, if the protagonist were a guy and he got scared then he would rather be yelling random things (like "OMG Im Gonna Die!") or cussing but no screaming, whats wrong with a screaming guy? Have you seen a guy cuss when scared? Im a guy who screams when scared by the sight of a jumping spider and if its a big spider jumping on my face I scream so loud, think about it, a big spider on your face is a freaking "scary as hell" sight but why do most other guys yell random things or swear or have a fake yelp or that fake Goofy "YAAA HO HO HO HOOIEEE" noise, I mean no freaking joke. So do you men or your little sons scream when scared? If so then why does a girl scream more easily?

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  • Couple video game questions?

    Anyone think The Adventures Of Bayou Billy is the hardest game ever?

    Goldeneye 007-Why does the Silo level have a vent, an unreachable ladder, an unaccesable walkway with a door and removed elevators, in fact why is there a silo when the movie doesnt have one, also did u know silo was supposed to have you start in a vent that looks like the Technodrome's vent? Why does the Dam have a pointless island far off the lake? Why does the Runway have a pointless fake door outside on a black wall? Why does the game show Bond going to Severnaya twice when he does not go there once in the movie? Why does the Cradle not have a forest beneath it? Did u know some levels were supposed to have a fog and some levels laid out a little different? Has anyone ever managed to discover what was beyond the sealed slider door in the farthest blue room on the Train? It's locked and cant be walked thru even with cheats.

    Have you ever been able to beat Streets Of Rage 3 on normal difficulty without losing all continues and pressing 2P start at that point? I cant.

    Do you think Sega X-Men's last level is litteraly impossible to beat?

    Why weren't the first TMNT video games on the old Playstation? They would have been enhanced.

    Why wasn't the Simpsons fighting game on consoles like Sega Genesis? It used to be on PSN but recently got removed.

    Why are too many about zombies since the early 10s, there were barely any from the late 1970s-late 2000s.

    Why did Dreamcast last so short?

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  • Why are nearly all movies since 2016 2 1/2 hours anymore?

    Since 2016 every movie has to be 140-something minutes at least but why? Kid movies are still 1 1/2 but why arent live movies 90-125 minutes anymore? Is there a new rule for runtimes if it says anywhere about it? Is it just me or does anyone else notice?

    Movies dont need to be long to make big money, I mean Frozen was 2013's highest grossing film and is 1 1/2 and is considered the best Disney film, also movies dont need to be long to be good! But why since the late 10s do they have to be overlong?

    A few issues, long movies cant be shown in theaters as many times as short movies. Not everyone can sit through 2 and a half hours. Most 2000s, 90s, 80s and 70s movies werent this long other than epics. Even comedies and dramas need to be overlong now whyyee?

    Dont you miss when movies were mainly 90-125 minutes, I do.

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  • Why are there so many vampires in today's movies and tv?

    And werewolves! I mean I know this genres not anything new cuz this film genres first existed almost a hundred years ago and there was a trend of vampire werewolf movies from the late 30s until the 50s where sci fi took over. I was born in the early 90s and it seemed like vamps and weres werent as popular then as they are since the mid 2000's when Underworld came out in 2003 and since then this genre has been driving me crazy! Of course vamps make money and are pretty damned cool but Ninja Turtles make more money and are far cooler than any vamp or were! I mean is there one genre these days being done more than vampires/werewolves (zombie doesnt count as they are like vamps) , dont u miss sci fi? Were vampires and werewolves as popular in the 90s as they are in the 2000s and 10s? It seemed like in the 90s there was more sci fi back in my day. I found some info online about evidence that a possible vampire resurgence started in the early 80s with Nightmare On Elm Street and American Werewolf, this ran from early 80s to late 80s but wasnt as mainstream as since the 2000s. Its not like people ran out of sci fi ideas as they can still do more sci fi than vamps.

    Remember NO TROLLS!!!

    (things like"Tips---"or"This Site Might Help You"NONE OF THAT TROLLING CRAP!!!

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  • Where does Zootopia take place?

    I think New York for the most part but New York doesnt have a jungle or desert in real life, mabye Texas? There are parts of Texas with jungle-y places. Some other people think London even though nowhere in the UK or Shanghai looks wild wild westy either. I wonder if Zootopia at all takes place in a specific real world location.

    Note:No trolls like:



    This Site Might Help You

    Did u read right?


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    Is Splinter really a rat or a werewolf in Ninja Turtles 2003 toon?

    Characters say he's a "rat" every time but he doesn't look like it. Splinter looks like a werewolf and not a rat, is he a werewolf in this version or is he a rat/wolf hybrid or does he just look like it? No other anthropomorphic rats look anything like this, in the 1987 version and 2012 version Splinter is all rat and doesnt look like anything else but a rat but in the 2000's version he totally looks like Rahzar (a werewolf), in season 5 in the episode More Worlds Than One there are werewolves that really do look like Splinter and Rahzar, that proves evidence that Splinter might be a werewolf in this version.

    The pic below shows Splinter's appearances and comparisions, 80's Splinter doesn't look like lycanthropy, but what's the difference between his 2000's appearance and the appearance of Rahzar and other werewolves, i dont see any difference.

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