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I play the game

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Monterey County, California. Baseball player, coach, and fan. I am a fan of the game not just MLB check out my team's web site

  • How to deal with wife not willing to do what's right?

    When it comes to her ex, she is so stressed and anxious that he will be a jackhole that she will let him get away with not paying child support or living up to other items of their custody order. How do I bite my tongue and not resent her taking advantage of me and our new daughter?

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • How many seasons and games have YOU played?

    For all you baseball section regulars:How many organized baseball seasons have you played in your life?All levels count. Little League, High School, College, Pro, and Amateur Adult are all fair game. Softball and sandlot games do not count. How many seasons and how many games?

    I'm 39 and I have played in 30 seasons (some years I play in two leagues), and about 450 games.

    11 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • How many homers did Babe Ruth hit at the Polo Grounds? Right field=258ft.?

    Did he ever play a day game after a night game? A night game at all? Did he ever play west of St. Louis? Ever against African American, or Latino players? Did MLB have the best athletes/ball players in the country playing ball at that time?

    4 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago