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  • Tonight's (1/18) episode of Moonlight...?

    I was wondering if anyone could identify the song at the beginning of tonight's (1/18) episode of Moonlight, "The Mortal Cure". The song sounds incredibly familiar to me but I just can't seem to place it. It's kind of soft and acoustic-y, the one right at the beginning of the episode. Thanks a bunch.

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  • Will you sign this petition?...?

    This is not forwarded, or junk, I'm not being paid. This is me, Laura, asking you to sign this petition. My own words, and my own time because I feel it's important. Whatever you may think of me, I hope you visit, because it's important. Maybe not directly to you, but to someone, this is everything.

    I signed this petition because although I don't approve of this war, I do support the people who are fighting it. Regardless of the reason we went there, what we found, or who we're still looking for, the troops are what matters. I hope anyone who reads this (3 people maybe?), I hope they sign for the same reasons I did. Simply because it's the right thing to do. Like the banner says, regardless of politics we need to support our troops, both overseas and when they return home.

    Please sign this petition:

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  • Best Petey Wentz find?...?

    The Academy Is..., Panic! At The Disco, or Gym Class Heroes.

    (personally, I like all 3.)

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