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  • Can anyone explain to me what a Dorsal Synovectomy is?

    My TFCC was torn and I had a debridement, I also had a Dorsal Synovectomy. However when I asked my Doctor, he said it was normal procedure during a TFCC surgery. I googled it and the only thing I can actually come up with is treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I was never told I have or possibly have. Anybody able to find a good website or place to find out exactly what this is or why?

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  • Can You Go Guard or Reserve (Any Branch), if Medically Discharged from Active?

    I currently am going through the MEB Process in the Army, I am in the Infantry and have broken both of my wrists. My case manager says a re-class is not a option, however I feel with the high physical demand of being in a Airborne Infantry unit, my wrists just cannot handle it anymore. My question is: is there a possiblity of going into the Reserves or Guard, in any branch; in the hopes of reclassing in a not so physically taxing job?

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  • 11B PULHES Question (Army Health)?

    Hello, I am a 11B Airborne Infantry, I have a ongoing condition with my left wrist. Today I was told they are recommending a P2 Profile for U. Now my job description says it requires a 1 in that category. What is the likely outcome?

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  • Need Help Concerning HIPAA and Military Issue?

    Im going to make it fast and quick. I am currently on profile and have been for a few months following a fractured wrist and complications the Army has me as a 3 on U of the PULHES. My orthopedic specialist and therapist put my profile together limiting what I can and can't do. Today my PLT SGT and Team leader told me that I would have to jump next Airborne jump, however I have trouble with my grip right now. My team leader then went to the PA who I haven't seen in months and wasn't aware of my condition at all, and has never seen my x-rays or mri's. They modified my profile without me being there, so my profile allows me to jump. As well as telling my Team Leader what his inaccurate diagnosis was. Is this a HIPPA Violation and what is my recourse?

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  • Best way to pursue Physical Therapy Degree, but have a Bachelor of Arts.?

    I am currently in the Army, but I might be getting out due to a medical condition. My doctor mentioned me getting med boarded.

    I currently have a B.A. in Political Science, but after being in I find myself wanting to help people. I have chemistry and biology under my belt. But would I be looking at a lot of schooling to pursue a second degree (guessing the sciences) to focus on eventually becoming a physical therapist? Does anyone have any suggestions or informative websites

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  • Med Boarded before Time in Service for GI Bill?

    Hello my doctor mentioned to me I might be getting med boarded because of my wrist I broke a few months ago. My question is. I have paid into my GI Bill the first year, however if I do go through the MEB. I will have under 2 years TIS. Do I get any benefits, because I am sure I won't qualify for more then 30% for a medical retirement?

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  • Can I apply for dual citizenship if my grandmother was Canadian?

    I once heard that if you have a relative within three generations you could?

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  • Would they do two arm surgeries at once?

    I am having surgery to fix dequervains in my wrist, but also my doctor said he is contemplating doing surgery to fix my cubital tunnel in my elbow. My question is would they actually do both surgeries at once. This is the same arm they are dealing with? I won't know his plan for another week and a half and just wondering.

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  • Being Threatened with a Discharge?

    I have been in the Army coming up on 10 months. I broke my wrist about 5 months back and am still having major issues with it ( I also arrived to my new Airborne Infantry Unit broken, so it was rough from the beginning). I have been stuck on profile because of 3 misdiagnoses and just now my doctor says he wants to see how I progress with another treatment. However, my platoon is hell bent on the idea of me riding my profile. They threaten me to counsel me out of the army or to file a discharge for failure to adapt (thought that was only after 6 months). I have no patterns of misconduct, never been counseled, never had any issues with the army (like tickets, drug tests, failure of pt tests 295-apft) however I have had some issues with my squad and team leader, who think I am faking it, and will admit sometimes I just struggle to adapt, but I am trying. As far as my injury I am just following my doctors, cause I don't want it to get worse. Also because of my problem, my team leader, asked me because of it, would I want to go offline, which I told him yes, until I got healed. He however took this as me not wanting to be there...and discussed this with the Platoon SGT which has made it worse.

    My questions are, what are the likelihood of them pursing these discharges

    If they are pursued how will they affect me in the civilian world or would I have any recourse

    Can I request to be moved to another unit, in order to avoid discharge

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  • Airborne Jump Boots Army ASU?

    Would these boots suffice for Jump Boots to wear with the Army ASU for Airborne?

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  • Airborne Jump Boots Army ASU?

    Would either of these boots be OK to wear with the Army ASU's for those in a Airborne Unit?

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  • Interested in Physical Therapy?

    Hello, I am in the United States Army, I already completed hold a B.A. in Political Science. However I have a new found interest and am looking at maybe pursuing a PT Degree, with the goal of ultimately becoming a Physical Therapist.

    My questions are: Would the B.A. fulfill a lot of the non core related classes. Secondly what would be a good secondary Bachelors degree, its hard to find one that lines up directly with PT, or would any science degree work? Also another question I have is the time to complete the degree also? How many years after school and clinical's etc, would I be on my own. I am also mulling the idea of my GI Bill so I can cover part of the 2nd Bachelors and maybe some of the graduate degree.

  • Ulnar Deviation of the Wrist (Desperate for Help)?

    Hello I am in the US Army, having major issues with my wrist for the last 5 months, and can't seem to have the medical staff enlighten or fix my issue in that time either. I injured my wrist a while back while in a very intense training course. Long story short, after 2 misdiagnoses, and PCS'ing to another Fort. My PA said I have a Boney Island (In my Distal Radius) causing a significant ulnar deviation of the wrist. I have been in therapy for a full month now with absolutely no improvement. My question is are there any procedures that can fix a ulnar deviation of the wrist, and secondly I know fixing a boney island is a intense surgery. What would be the chances of me coming back from surgery from that.

    My current MOS Airborne 11B so I have been severely hampered by this injury. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Are NCO's allowed to trash soldiers barracks room?

    Is there any situation they are allowed to do it, or is it forbidden?

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  • Best Way To Get Recommendation Letter From Battalion Commander?

    Does anybody have any suggestions about the best way to go about getting a letter of recommendation from high level commanders. I am looking into OCS or even Green to Gold, and I don't have a problem with getting my CO to get me a letter. However I have only seen the Batt Commander once, and some of the application requires a recommendation letter from him? Any Suggestions?

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  • GI Benefits and G2G w/ TIS waiver?

    Hello, I'm a college graduate with a 3.4 gpa, from the University of Wyoming, I am currently enlisted with the Army. I have always wanted to go officer. I just learned about the green to gold program as well as the TIS waiver. My TIS would be 1 year 4 months by the time the semester starts. I would like to know whether or not the likelihood of me getting the waiver approved, and do I recieve any G.I. Bill benefits. Cause I have been paying into it?

    PS, this is to pursue my masters and I'm looking at the non-scholarship option.

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  • Best Beaches in Louisiana?

    Can somebody give me an idea of the best beaches in Louisiana. I am currently stationed in Fort Polk, and I am really don't mind driving the distance to go to the Ocean and be in the water. Can anyone give me an idea of the best places to go?

    3 AnswersNew Orleans8 years ago