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  • 19 Week old Pomeranian Puppy peeing every 15 minutes!?

    Our puppy is peeing every fifteen minutes! He is a male pomeranian, 19 weeks, doesn't lift his leg when he goes, drinks a lot of water, does not seem to be in pain or discomfort when he pees, very active, pees in the house, puddle are about the size of a sand dollar or sometimes larger. He was eating EVO food but I read that the high protein could be too much for his kidneys so we are in the process of switching him to Solid Gold "Just a Wee Bit." Do you think it was the protein???

    5 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • What is it called when you crop multiple images to create another image?

    I don't mean having like thousands of tiny pictures to make one big image, I mean like if you took a picture of a kitchen sink and you cropped images of the curves of the faucet to make it shaped like a heart or another symbol. I will give a best answer for anyone who can provide me with what this is called or an image of it! THANKS!

    1 AnswerPhotography10 years ago
  • Is it fair that my boyfriend doesn't want to sacrifice his time with his own family over the holidays?

    My boyfriend and I are 20 and have been together for 3 1/2 years. Each holiday there is an argument over what we do with visiting on the holidays. This Christmas I thought it would be very simple. His family is eating at 12:30 and my family is eating at 3:30. We will leave his family's home by 3. I explained this to him and he said "Your family's dinner better start closer to 5." What the heck? Why can't we just have equal amounts of time with each family? We will probably be going over to his aunts Christmas night anyway on top of it all! He never seems to consider that our dinner cannot be catered entirely to his needs. We already pushed it back a half hour and can't go any further since my brother works the night shift and my grandfather doesn't eat late. Can someone please tell me if I'm being unreasonable? In my eyes, equal time with each family is more than fair.

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  • GIFT IDEAS for my no-frills new home owner brother?

    My brother is buying his first home and I wanted to make and put together some items for him to warm up his new space. I know that he will put no effort into this himself since he is more concerned about the garage. He is not a sports guy either so forget about those suggestions! Also, keep this on the cheap, I'm a college student! :)

    So far I thought of:

    Pillows I made myself

    A sturdy door mat

    Simple photo frames (with photos in them)

    Curtains (nothing fancy)


    2 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling10 years ago
  • How do I connect two pieces when knitting (not the sewing method)?

    I have the open stitch loops held and waiting for me on the purse body. I just finished the strap and want to connect it to the body using the open stitch loops. Is there a video I can watch to show me how to do this? Or could you tell me what this is called so I can look on youtube myself? Thankyou!!!

    2 AnswersOther - Visual Arts1 decade ago
  • Car hesitates to start? Alternator or starter?

    Lately I noticed that my 2004 Mazda 3 doesn't start right away and turns over a few times before starting. It doesn't happen every time but it happens around 25% of the time. It's not the battery because that is brand new. If it is the starter or alternator how much does it cost to fix?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Are these XENON headlight bulbs too good to be true?

    I am looking for the nice bright, white light appearance for my headlights. Found these xenon bulbs on ebay for THREE DOLLARS!! It says you don't even have to cut wires and you just plug them in. Are these too good to be true and could they cause harm to my vehicle????

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How much is a good price for a 2004 Mazda 3i?

    It has 54,000 miles. Power windows/locks. This is the i version, not the s. Please don't just make up an answer out of nowhere. and YES I have already looked at KBB and NADA.

    2 AnswersMazda1 decade ago
  • Is this a good deal for a 2006 Toyota Camry?

    It has 74,600 miles on it and they are asking 9000. What do you think and how much lower do you think I can get the price?

    3 AnswersToyota1 decade ago
  • Cute, reliable car for less than $9000?

    I missed out on a 2006 Honda Civic for 8900 :(.... I need some more options... Must be 2005 or newer.

    7 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • How much should I expect to pay for HONDA CIVIC at an AUTO AUCTION?

    I am looking to purchased a used 2006 (or newer) Honda Civic (LX, EX, or SI doesnt matter to me) with miles under 75,000. How much do you think I would be paying at an auto auction for this type of car? Thanks

    1 AnswerHonda1 decade ago
  • How many miles is too many for a Honda Civic Hybrid?

    I am looking at a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. It has 113,000 miles on it. I will only be keeping it for two years. Will I run into problems with it? The cost is around 8500. Do you think it is worth it?

    2 AnswersHonda1 decade ago
  • Should I get this Saturn Vue (2003)?

    Yes, I know that Saturn is no longer and business and that this vehicle has a terrible transmission. HOWEVER.... this seems like a really good deal and they seem desperate to get rid of it. I would offer between 5000 and 5300. Here is the craigslist link

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • Is this R Title Chevy Cobalt a good deal?

    It is a maroon 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt Sports Coupe. It is currently being repaired from a collision, it has a body kit, black leather interior, and only 2,000 miles on it. It it wasn't crashed it would be nearly new. They want $8,500 for it. I am going to ask $8,000. Also is this a good, safe car in general???

    2 AnswersChevrolet1 decade ago
  • Would having an Associates degree benefit my ART TEACHER RESUME?

    I went to community college for a year and a half and then transferred to my current university. Do you think I should apply for the associates degree since I have the credits for it? or will that emphasize the fact that I went to community college (and make it look like I was there for a full two years)??? Is an associates degree an extra plus on my resume or does it just not really matter?

    1 AnswerTeaching1 decade ago
  • Wild BABY BUNNY wobbling, falling over, twitching feet?

    We took in a wild baby bunny a couple of days ago because our cat brought it in (we tried to put it back where we thought it might have came from but the next day we found the baby crying across the yard and it was very thin). Well things have been going good because the cottontail is about 3 weeks old and no longer needs milk and was doing well eating organic greens, grass, dandelion, and clover and has water. But after the bunny being perfectly fine a half hour ago I looked and it started to wobble and loose balance. Then he was leaned up against the cage door with his feet twitching and eyes half closed. I touched him with my finger and he turned around, looking irritated. Normally when I go to see him he sits there, shocked and doesnt move. I don't know why his behavior has changed??? Is he dieing??? Is there anything I can do!?? HELP!

    6 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • Would anyone be willing to check my economics test?

    I took a microeconomics test and I really tried my hardest but I got an 88 when I was hoping for something like a 94 or above. I have the opportunity to retake it but I honestly don't know what I did wrong in the first place. If anyone is willing to check this fifty question test or at least the questions I had trouble with please post your email or skype or facebook here. Thanks in advance :) ALSO BEST ANSWER DEFINITELY GIVEN!

    2 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • Do you think this expensive for senior pictures?

    This is what you get for 500 dollars:

    One hour on location with Bonnie

    2 clothing changes

    5 web files for sharing online

    10 page 4x6 custom portrait album

    $275.00 print credit toward the purchase of prints

    This is what the pictures look like:

    4 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago