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  • Subtract 3 of my current top 10 girl's names?

    Which are your 3 least favorites? These are all for girls.

    1. Andrea

    2. Chelsea

    3. Tara

    4. Brooke

    5. Alexandra

    6. Shannon

    7. Christina

    8. Nora

    9. Natalie

    10. Olivia

    BQ: What are your 3 favorites of my 10?

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  • This, that, or that? Similar names?

    Adelaide, Adeline, Adelyn

    Julie, Julia, Juliet

    Annabelle, Anneliese, Anastasia

    Alexandra, Alessandra, Alejandra

    Maura, Mara, Margaret

    Ellen, Eileen, Elise

    Katharine, Kathleen, Kate

    Laura, Lauren, Laurel

    Jenna, Jenny, Jennifer

    Claire, Clara, Clarice

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  • Pick your favorite from each line?

    Julie, Julia, Juliet

    Erin, Erica, Ellen

    Dana, Danielle, Danica

    Alexandra, Allison, Alyssa

    Sara, Serena, Shannon

    Gina, Gianna, Georgia

    Carly, Caroline, Colleen

    Brooke, Bridget, Bryony

    Justine, Jacqueline, Jocelyn

    Tara, Teagan, Thea

    Kelsey, Keeley, Kerry

    Victoria, Veronica, Vera

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  • This or that, girls names?

    These aren't necessarily my favorites, just my general favorite style:

    Natalie or Allison?

    Christina or Nadia?

    Bridget or Elise?

    Hannah or Colleen?

    Lydia or Rachael?

    Alexandra or Tara?

    Shannon or Chelsea?

    Katya or Caroline?

    Rhiannon or Erica?

    Brooke or Claire?

    Kiersten or Olivia?

    Samantha or Hadley?

    Maura or Amber?

    Meredith or Julia?

    Lena or Andrea?

    Erin or Eileen?

    Renee or Kelsey?

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  • Middle names for Andrea?

    For a girl, pronounced Ann-dree-uh. It's my favorite name but I have yet to come up with a solid favorite middle name for it. Although I tend to like pretty traditional names (though not necessarily old-fashioned), I'm open to any suggestions. I'm also not pregnant or planning to become pregnant, if that makes a difference! Don't worry about "rudeness" or whatever, that stuff doesn't bother me. I will choose a best answer. Thanks!

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  • Baby names, this or that?

    Feel free to tell me if you love or hate any of them, but I'd appreciate it if you could pick one for each pair. I'm open to different spellings. I'm not pregnant. This is just for fun.


    1. Andrea or Chelsea?

    2. Bridget or Brooke?

    3. Olivia or Shannon?

    4. Hannah or Carly?

    5. Caroline or Tara?

    6. Scarlett or Christina?

    7. Eden or Victoria?

    8. Alexandra or Erica?

    9. Sasha or Allison?

    10. Nicolette or Camryn?


    1. Cody or Connor?

    2. Daniel or Matthew?

    3. Alexander or William?

    4. Wesley or Brian?

    5. Eric or Chase?

    6. Shane or Sean?

    7. Heath or Casey?

    8. James or Collin?

    9. Zachary or Brett?

    10. Owen or Oliver?

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  • Just curious-what do you think of my favorite names?

    You can be honest, I won't be offended!






















    Girls names are easier for me, clearly!

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  • Indiana University or Illinois Wesleyan?

    I just finished my freshman year at Illinois Wesleyan and I might want to transfer to Indiana University. I know they're very different, but which one would look better on my transcript for grad school? I am a psychology major and plan to continue my education after undergrad.

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