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  • 2008 Saturn Vue AWD transmission problem.?

    A friend has a 2008 Saturn Vue AWD.

    It won't go into reverse at all, and, while it will drive forward, it won't shift right.

    He had a guy that's supposedly a professional tech, but also has a shop in his home garage scan the vehicle. The guy told him that the code(s) were for a "turbine input sensor" and that the vehicle is in "limp home mode".

    I don't have the equipment, or, the desire to work on anything newer than about 1995 (a.k.a. O.B.D. 2) but I'm curious because the other guy didn't know where the sensor is located and didn't even bother to write down the codes that he pulled.

    I know what limp home mode is since even O.B.D. 1 vehicles do that, but, my questions are...Is there even a part called a turbine input sensor? And, if so, would it cause the problems that my friend is having?

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  • Here's a question for carpenters.?

    I want to build a steel framed wood flatbed for my latest project truck. The bed will be 6' long and 7 1/2' wide. The front, rear and sides will be 1 1/2" angle with 4" channel supporting everything...all welded together of course.

    I'd love to use oak for the bed floor but my budget won't let me. I'm now considering using Southern Yellow Pine. I wouldn't use treated lumber because I want it to look nice and I plan to stain and HEAVILY seal it when it's finished.

    The bed won't need to support a whole lot of weight since it's going on my V-8 Ford Ranger project which will just be a fun cruiser that might make the occasional car show or grocery store run.

    Will S.Y.P. suit my needs or should I look at another species?

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  • I'm looking for Triumph parts.?

    I recently bought a 1970 Triumph Bonneville Roadster. It's mostly complete, missing the left side cover and both carburetors along with a few other minor things. I'm going to restore it to stock condition and give it to my daughter. I've found a few Triumph parts sources online but I'd like to know which ones are reputable and which ones to stay away from. I'd like to hear any experiences with Triumph parts suppliers that you may have, good or bad.

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  • Has Jack Swagger gotten all of his recent legal issues taken care of yet?

    He was arrested a few months ago after a taping of Raw in Mississippi for speeding and possession of marijuana. Has he been to court and taken care of any fines and jail time? When will he return to competition?


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  • Does Kyle Petty get paid by the word?

    He jacks his jaws more than Darrell AND Michael Waltrip combined!

    It doesn't seem to matter what show or what network he's on, the guy just never shuts up! It's even worse during race broadcasts- he repeats everything that he says 4 or 5 times and usually repeats what others say at least twice.

    It wouldn't be so bad if he was more like Larry Mac, Jeff Hammond, or anybody else that actually knows what they're talking about.

    Is he getting paid by the word?

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  • Has Jennifer Jo Cobbs stolen transporter been recovered yet?

    It was stolen from the race shop in April. I know that Mike Harmon was arrested and then released after posting a $10,000 bond. Then, sometime in May, 7 stolen cars were found and seized by police in a couple of his buildings. They had been stolen from J.J.C. at the end of last season, but the last I heard, the hauler had not yet been found.

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  • Question for NASCAR/WWE fans.?

    After hearing Brad Keselowskis latest in a series of rants, usually about how he and his team are treated so unfairly, is it time for one of the other teams or even NASCAR itself to offer WWE Super Star Chris Jericho a paying contract to constantly stand next to Brad and every time he starts talking say: 'BRAD, WILL YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!'?

    I think this could be a very lucrative deal for Jericho.

    There could also be a "beat down clause" inserted into the contract that states that if Keslowski keeps talking Jericho has the authority to beat the living snot out of him!

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  • Does anyone have any experience with C C Moto products?

    My wife and I have been thinking about getting a C F Moto Cityscape 250cc motorcycle for our youngest daughter to take to school when she leaves in the fall. The freshmen students aren't permitted to have cars on campus but they can have a scooter or motorcycle.

    I'm looking for any information I can find from people that own or have owned products from this company.

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  • What would you build?

    If you had an unlimited budget and could pick a starting point from any domestic, 2 door vehicle, except for a Camaro, Firebird, Challenger, Barracuda or Fox Body Mustang, built from, let's say...1973 up until 1988, what would you build and how would you build it?

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  • NASCAR Nation...would this satisfy everyone?

    There is always a lot of complaining about track designs-too many cookie cutter tracks, need more road courses and (myself included here) need more short tracks, etc., boring races and tracks and of course, the Chase format.

    People mainly seem not to like Michigan, California (Auto Club Speedway) and Pocono.

    What if NASCAR was to take one date away from each of those tracks. Then, they could use one of them to put a new road course like Road America, Road Atlanta or maybe even Mid Ohio if that works out on the Sprint Cup schedule.

    The other 2 could be used to put a couple of the old short tracks that are still around back on the schedule.

    Also, what do you think of having the tracks rotate the chase races so that they're at different tracks every year? I know that some tracks like Michigan, Watkins Glen and even Sonoma would have to be early in the chase because of weather concerns, but, how about it?

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  • So, this is how popular the Izod Indycar Series has become these days?

    There aren't even any troll questions here!

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  • With the penalties given to J.G.R. and the 20 team is it time for a change?

    That engine was not built by J.G.R. and no team tears an engine down for inspection before putting it in their car. Now, through no fault of their own, J.G.R. and the 20 team are in a very deep hole.

    In the early days of NASCAR, each team built there own cars from the ground up including the engines. When that was the case, the methods used for handing out penalties were fine. These days though, there are basically 4 engine builders in NASCAR that supply the majority of the teams. Hendrick and Earnhardt/Childress do the Chevrolets, Roush/Yates does the Fords and T.R.D. does Toyotas.

    The rotating assemblies, no matter what the manufacturer is, all need to be precision balanced to much tighter tolerances then any street car engine will ever be so that they'll last through the end of the race, so, there's no way that SOMEBODY didn't know that that rod was light.

    I feel that there NASCAR needs a way to penalize the engine builder, not the race teams in situations like this. Does anyone agree?

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  • Where are all the real americans?

    I was happy to see that Jack Swagger was FINALLY allowed to beat Alskirto del Homo last night! Am I the only one that is happy about it?

    Can anyone truthfully say that Zeb Coulter is wrong? You might not like the way he delivers his message, but in my opinion, everything he says is true.

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  • Will Ron Hornaday/Darrell Wallace Jr. be the next big feud?

    This question is pretty self explanatory. After their issues at Rockingham Sunday, will there be more to come?

    7 AnswersNASCAR8 years ago
  • Did Danica Patrick commit NASCARs ultimate sin?

    She had the audacity to turn Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Martinsville!

    Will this be the end of her NASCAR career?

    Has/Will the Junior Nation Mafia put a hit out on her?

    I'm just kidding, Danica had a nice run at Martinsville and a top 15 finish with a fairly clean car to load back into the hauler. Dale Jr. had a nice run going too until that happened though.

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  • Was Rick Hendrick even at the Martinsville race this weekend?

    I know that he was at the Barret-Jackson auction in Florida Friday and Saturday at least. He spent $1,000,000 to get the rights to the first Corvette C-7 convertible that comes off the line-he bought the first coupe at the Scottsdale auction earlier this year. He also bought a bunch of other vehicles including a Ford F-150 King Ranch Edition that was once owned by President George Bush (not sure if it was the first bush or the second) and a 1970 Chevelle LS6 convertible among others.

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  • What are some good sources for classic Jeep parts and history?

    I only live about 40 miles from the home of Jeep so it's amazing that I have never had one until now.

    My elderly neighbor passed away last year and since he new I appreciate and restore old GM trucks, he left me his 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief in his will-I don't think he ever knew I had been wanting it since we bought our place in 1989 lol!

    It's actually in very good shape. He ordered it brand new the day after he retired from the OLD Toledo Jeep plant and only put just under 70k miles on it. It has the 401 c.i.d. engine, 4 speed manual and seems to be pretty highly optioned. It hasn't seen any hard off road driving-he only used it for fishing and hunting-but there is some normal wear and tear that I'd like to fix. The body is very solid with only minor rust and no holes, even underneath-I've been all over it looking for rot.

    Where can I find reliable information and quality replacement parts for this great classic Jeep?

    3 AnswersJeep8 years ago
  • How far can modern electric cars travel on a single charge?

    I recently read a book called "The Detroit Electric Scheme" by D. E. Johnson. The hero character in the book was the son of the man that owned Anderson Electric Car Company, which built Detroit Electrics in the early to mid 20th century. In the book, a Detroit Electric traveled just over 211 miles on a single charge, setting a record which was later broken by a Baker Electric (built in Cleveland, Oh. around the same time period) which went over 240 miles on a charge, both running on Edison batteries and powered only by electricity-no gas engine at all. While the book itself was fiction, the records are real. Granted, the cars only had a top speed of around 25 m.p.h. but that was acceptable at the time.

    With the advancements in battery and electric motor technology, weight saving materials and aerodynamics, I would think that a modern electric car should be able to go at least that far and have a higher top speed. Can any of the electrics produced today do this? I've never seen it advertised. Before answering, don't forget that this was with no gas engine in the car to generate electricity to charge the batteries while driving, and, I am only interested in production vehicles that are available to the general public, not engineering projects by universities or manufacturers.

    5 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation8 years ago
  • Trying to figure out how much concrete I need?

    In the spring I want to build an 84' by 64' pole barn. I will need to pour a floor of 4"-6" thick fiber reinforced concrete but I can't remember the formula to figure out how many cubic yards I will need based on the size and thickness of the floor. I know the concrete plant could figure it for me but I'd like to have the formula for myself anyway. Does anyone know the formula?

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