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  • How do I find a local company with a company car I can drive?

    I've seen people drive around in cars that advertise for certain companies, and I know that you can get paid to do this. My question is, how would I go about finding a local company that would happen to have a company car I can drive? I don't want to advertise on my own car, but rather drive a pre-decorated car. If I look on Craigslist, what category does this type of "job" fall under?

    As much help as possible would be great!

    Details: I am 19, I drive to and from school mon-thursday, and work in another city on the weekends, plus running any errands I need to run. I have a clean driving record, never been in a wreck, never had a ticket, etc. I don't smoke, either.

    I'm looking for companies in the orange county, CA area.

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  • How do I get this video onto my Creative Zen Vision?

    Today, I paid $2 for an episode of SNL from The file is ".WMV", which is supposed to be supported by my Creative Zen Vision W. The portable file of the video is ".AMZN". How do I put the video on my player? I tried the "add media" thing, and it says that the wmv one isn't a supported format. I don't understand this at all. I paid for it, so why can't I put it on my video playing device?

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  • How can I lose belly fat by June?

    I'm not really concerned with my weight right now, since I went from 240 lbs to my current 163 lbs, but my problem now is some extra, unattractive belly's NOT excess skin, it's just fat. I'd like to lose that and shrink my thighs and upper arms before summer starts, but nothing I've tried is helping. I've changed my diet so I don't drink any soda, I avoid sugary beverages in general, and I try to avoid fast food as much as possible. I also try to control portion sizes during meals. My real question is, though, what kinds of exercisescan I try that will actually work and get rid of the fat? My goal is to fit into (and look good in) a bikini this summer, so I figured now is a good time to work on that.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Stores that sell bacon wallets?

    I was invited to my friend's birthday party, and have decided to get him a bacon wallet. I've seen tons of places online to buy one, but here's my problem...I need it BEFORE Dec. 29, since that's the day of my friend's birthday. I checked amazon, and the soonest it will possibly arrive is the day of the party, which wouldn't work out. Are there any stores in southern california that I can physically go to and buy one? I can't seem to find anywhere that sells bacon wallets!! I'd really appreciate all the help I can get! thanks in advance!

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  • What can I do about my cat's eye?

    Before you call me a bad cat owner, I want to start with this: my parents are both at work, so I don't have a car to use to drive my cat to the vet to be looked at.

    Anyway...My cat came over to me with his right eye squinting, and his left eye fully open. Naturally, I gently wiped the "sleep" off his eye (the black crusty stuff cats get, similar to the yellowish crusty stuff humans get). He still didn't open his eye all the way, so I layed him down to investigate a bit. Touching the area as little as possible, I noticed that the edges of his eyelids (where our eyelashes are) are just very slightly swollen. Not swollen shut, just slightly enlarged. It's hard to notice if you don't look closely. He keeps rubbing his eye with his paw, and I have no clue what is wrong with him! The white "3rd eyelid" inside his eye is slightly red, probably from the rubbing. Everytime he refuses to open his eye, it's usually because he got a piece of fur in it, and it ends up not being a big deal, but there doesn't appear to be anything in his eye this time. I don't want him to be in any kind of pain or discomfort, but I can't get him to the vet today. Tomorrow I can, but I don't have a way to get there today.

    Any suggestions on things I can try, or any ideas about what might be wrong with him? We take very good care of him, and he is very loved by everyone around him. If his eye isn't better by tomorrow morning, I will certainly take him to the vet.

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  • What kind of dog is this?

    Any idea what it is? It's really cute :)

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  • What is the correct way to pronounce "hummus"?

    I live in the western US, and I grew up pronouncing it "hum-iss", but last week my grandma (born and raised in Georgia) pronounced it "Hyoom-iss". I've also heard people say "hoom-iss", but what is the correct way to pronounce it?

    Same question for "ap-ro-cot" (short 'a' sound) versus "APE-ro-cot" (long 'a' sound)

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  • Where can I get a partial Santa suit?

    Is there anywhere where I can buy a partial Santa suit? Like, just the jacket and hat? I plan on wearing it for christmas over my fursuit, so I don't need the pants, beard, gloves, etc. (I also don't want to spend over $100 on the whole costume just to use a couple pieces)

    Links would be great! Thanks in advance!

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  • Christians: Would you marry an Atheist?


    I have a question for all of you Christians...if you loved somebody who happened to be Atheist, would you ever consider marrying them? I don't mean a blasphemous person, I mean if they were Atheist in a sense of not practicing any religion and not going to church; not believing in God without bashing religion, to put it simply.

    So would you marry an Atheist? Why or why not?

    I am looking for serious answers with logical reasons. I will report any answers with "I don't know" or any rude comments.

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  • Cedar Point's 'Demon Drop' fate...what do you think?

    Apparently the "big announcement" for 2010 from Knott's Berry Farm is that they will be removing the Screamin' Swing and replacing it with the Demon Drop from Cedar Point. Demon Drop is going to be dismantled and shipped to Knott's, and construction is said to start in January. Many people have already been discussing the positives and negatives of it, but what is your opinion? Before answering, here are some thoughts to consider:

    1) Would the addition of the new ride ruin Ghost Town's atmosphere?

    2) Do you think the expense of moving Demon Drop will be worth it for Knott's? (attracting more guests?)

    3) Should they try to bring back the Haunted Shack instead?

    4) Would you want to ride Demon Drop (if you live in the Knott's area) or will you miss it (if you live in the Cedar Point area)?

    Random bonus question:

    What do you think should be done with the former "Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs" building? Any ideas for a new ride, or should they reincarnate an old one?

    Just looking for opinions! Thanks!

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  • Could he possibly like me, or does he just realize I like him?

    I know it's impossible for any of you to answer this with certainty, but I'd just like some opinions.

    I was talking to this guy that I met at work, and first of all, (in IM on facebook) he always makes little jokes and types the :P smiley. I took it as maybe him flirting with me? But it's hard to tell. Last night I casually mentioned he try to get more hours, and he said "you just want me to work more so you can see me more :P" We talk all the time now, sometimes I start the convo, sometimes he does. We seem to end the conversations when we get tired, so we always say goodnight to eachother. Once, he randomly commented on one of my pictures and said "pretty necklace". That's all he said. I kind of think he might like me, but then it's hard to tell if that's just how he is, but he rolled his eyes and smiled at me (at work) when he was trying to read and another girl was flirting with him. When we were the only two in the room, he was reading and I was sitting in a chair across the room, and he would randomly make a funny sound, then I'd look up to see him looking up, then he'd laugh and I'd start laughing. Any ideas?

    Maybe I'm interpreting it wrong because I really want him to like me, but idk...

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  • If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?

    Ok...I will restate the question.

    If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what things would you want people to know, or what would you confess to?

    I would tell my friend that I have very strong feelings for him, and I'd tell all of my family and friends how much they mean to me. I'd tell everyone in my house where all of my hamster's stuff is, and to use my hamster book for reference to take care of her. I have no current regrets; atleast nothing I would want to tell anyone about.

    I'd regret dying a virgin, never having a first kiss, never getting married, and never being in love.

    What about you? What would YOU confess/regret?

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  • Can't find this song anywhere?

    I heard a song at work that sounded like something Stephen Lynch would sing. It said something about today being the best day ever (I can't remember how it was worded) but basically it was a sarcastic song that said it was the best day because today you're gonna die or something...really weird, but does anyone think they might possibly know what song this is?

    There was also another song that said "broke my heart into a million pieces" but that's the only line I heard.

    Both songs where by a man.

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  • Splenomegaly suspicion...?

    oh, and it does hurt when I breathe deeply, yawn, or laugh.

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  • Does California have any laws regarding Halloween?

    Last year I heard from someone at school that people over age 14 weren't legally allowed to dress up and trick-or-treat for Halloween if they aren't accompanying a kid. Is there any truth to this? I am 18 and don't want to have to give up the fun of Halloween because of an age limit. Are there any trick-or-treating laws I should know about, besides obvious ones (like the vandalism laws, sex offender laws, etc.)?

    I am planning on wearing my fursuit (yes I know what you're thinking, but I am not a "furry" and I certainly don't yiff!). Is it okay to keep my face covered up like that? I've seen costumes that do, but I'd hate to get into any kind of trouble.

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  • Guys...what does this mean?

    On sunday at work, I was standing outside...doing my job...when a guy who works with me (I didn't know him and had never seen him) walked over and asked how everything's going. I said "pretty good, but I'm just really cold!" and he said "I have a jacket inside if you want to borrow it."

    Since I didn't want to seem weird or anything, I politely turned down his offer and proceeded to talk to him.

    Since I was working inside a theater (at Knott's), he came over to my new position in the theater and said he was going to stay on my side for that show. We hardly talked, since the show was going on.

    Later, I was outside at a door and he walked by and high-fived me. Later, when I was back inside, he walked over to me while I was watching the show and the audience. I casually said "what?" and he was smiling, then I looks down and saw his fist clenched...he was going for one of those "fist pounds". I accepted, of course. He also came over smiling when the house manager was talking to me and mentioned "his" name. He just came over with that smile and said "Did I hear my name?"

    My question is...could he possibly be interested in me? No guy has ever offered me his jacket before. He is only 2 years older than me, and he accepted my friend request on Facebook. I know this is probably a really annoying question, but I would like opinions, especially from guys!

    Thanks in advance; I really need advice.

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  • Problem with text on my computer..?

    I have been having this problem for about 2 months, and searching for solutions online isn't helping. Here is a picture of what I see; this one is on Wikipedia when you edit an article:

    As you can see from the picture, some websites show me that microscopic text that is impossible to read no matter what I do. Zooming in and increasing text size does not fix the problem or make the text readable. It doesn't happen on every website, but sites such as Myspace, Facebook, OCthen, and Wikipedia are just a few examples where I have this problem. The buttons are also unreadable. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or what the problem might be? It's really getting annoying, and I am the only person I know who is having this problem on those sites (so it is definately my computer acting up).

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  • Reporting a user on Yahoo! Answers?

    I know how to report specific answers and/or questions, but is there a way to report a user? I know of one person who has been posting spam (links to a website) AND is falsely claiming to be a doctor. I would like to report her before someone takes her uneducated advice and gets hurt. (She recommended I take opiates for a pain in my side!)

    Anyway, is it possible to report this user? If so, how?

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  • I really need suggestions....?'s what happened.

    My friend at work apparently had $100 stolen from her purse today. There were only 5 people going in and out of the breakroom, and she and all the rest of them think that maybe I did it. The problem is, I didn't. I was almost never alone in the breakroom either, except for one 5 minute period where I went in, called in the counts for a show I was working at, then grabbed a map to look at, then another employee came in. The thing is, this girl called me earlier tonight asking if I took her money, which I didn't. She then kept telling me "stop lying", "you can tell me the truth" and "if you took it, just give it back and I won't be mad". My problem is that, no matter how many times I promised I had nothing to do with it, she kept telling me to just fess up. I didn't do it; I would NEVER do anything that I know can get me fired! In fact, her calling me was the first time I found out it had even happened.

    Here's the thing that makes me worried: she said she is going to report the incedent, and that I am the prime suspect. I am absolutely horrified that I might get fired for this, even though I didn't do it! What should I do? I literally can't afford to get fired over this. Please help me


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  • How to stop my cat from biting..?

    I am DESPERATE for a solution to my cat's biting problem. He doesn't just do "playful nips"; he does full-on, lashing out against his owners and attacking, and bites down harder when you move! Today he leapt and bit my face, and without thinking I acted on instinct and smacked him on the butt (well, more on the flank) but it is sooo unlike me to even kind of hurt an animal! I don't want him biting anymore. He is a sweet cat otherwise, in fact he is kind of bipolar. He goes through his phases of pure concentrated evil, and quickly snaps back into his "cute lovable kitty" mode. Please help; I will do anything to make him stop his rediculous behavior, and I basically hate myself for punishing him without a thought of what I was doing. Any ideas?

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