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  • Why do we see Demons,  Devils, and Fallen Angels as Evil?

    It kinda  makes me question it.  The more I look at  the more  they seem  good then  truly evil.

    While  Lucifer is considered the concentration of Evil,  yet he gave man  more or less awareness of themselves.

    When God cast man out of Eden,  it was the Fallen Angels,  who shared the earth below with man,  As  Earth is the land which the Angels who sinned were forced to live in,  not hell.

    The Fallen Angel Azazel,  is said to taught man how to keep warm with fire, and how to use tools to work the land.

    Demons  such as the  Keys of Solomon,  taught  people  Math,  Science,  Languages,   Arts,  etc.


    Why does it feel that everything evil and be feared,  yet they were the ones that made Humanity thrive? 

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  • Isn't  God the embodiment of all Sin?

    Just a curious thought that came up,   but  isn't through all of the stories  God seems to be the most sinful?

    Isn't God  Wrathful,   creating plagues,  flooding the world,  punishing those who trespasses against him?

    Isn't he Prideful and Envious  for if no one  believes in his power, or if they believe in anything else,  no matter how good they are they cannot enter the gates of Heaven.  

    Isn't he  greedy,  lustful, and gluttonous, seeks out  for all to love him, and give him prayer.   Wanting more to follow in his name?

    Is he not a Sloth as he makes angels to do his bidding and mortals to pass down his words?    If he is the Shepard why does he make the sheep  do all the work?

    If people believe God is omnipotent,  and all that is created, doesn't that also mean that God is also Evil and Sin itself?

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  • Looking for Two old comics?

    There are two comics that I remember a long time ago.

    First one that I remember, was a Comic about a Princess with crazy black hair on a Airship. Her kingdom was attacked, she had to flee, Also remember his kingdom's soldiers had Gun Lances. In a later volume, she had to fight a Hyena person with sticks, with retractable blades, She won and they came to an agreement that led to a kinda ballroom party. She was also in love with the mechanic or stow away on the ship.

    Second one was a weird gothic style. It had many characters but I can't remember them all. Main characters I think was a girl with a bob cut and her lover that was a vampire(?). There was also a man who can't have sex with women or they die, and his lover was a mannequin.

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  • Confused with how to ground myself and the computer?

    So I am deciding to try and upgrade my computer myself and I trying to understand how to prevent ESD Damage. I don t have a ESD wristband, so I been finding other ways of discharge.

    Ussually the ways they talk about seems confusing.

    Some say Remove cord and stuff from your computer and from the wall as this can continously build electricity, press the power button to remove any Electricty left and you should touch the unpainted metal of your computer to discharge the yourself.

    Others say that, no mater how much you touch the metal if your computer isn t Grounded, you will still have Static. The common way to ground your computer is to have the computer plugged into the Wall socket.

    So I can t understand which is right as both feel kinda contridicting, Should I remove everything including the power line as this would gather electricity or should I keep it plugged into the wall so the Static I have will travel into the socket?

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  • Is there a Gundam Series that focus on non Gundam Mobile Suits.?

    So, I was trying to find if there was ever a Anime of Gundam that didn't have a Gundam as a actual lead, but followed more of simpler units such as pilot(s) of GMs or Jegans, or the like.

    Something similar to War in a Pocket where one of the main protagonists is a Zaku Pilot.

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  • Are Trading Card Games considered Gambling?

    So with the controversy of Loot Boxes with Star Wars Battlefront II, and how they work.

    Do you think that Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, and Pokemon will be affected by this as well.

    Mainly because the system of Booster/Expansion Packs, of Trading Cards are exactly the same concept as Loot Crates.

    Will TCGs be considered Gambling Games, as "Casino's luring kids to Pay Money"

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  • Pathfinder Occult Classes Psychic Magic Question?

    I am having a arguement with some of my party members. On using Spells, such as arcane or divine spells that is in the spell lists of Occult Classes.

    From the book:

    "Occult classes all use psychic magic. In most cases, this means they cast psychic spells"

    Does this mean that the spell list they have means that their spells are all considered Psychic Magic? Wither it is Arcane or Divine of origin would they be considered Psychic Magic? My party members consider it not, but even included in the spell lists

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  • looking for a old anime?

    Their was a Anime a long time ago, maybe around the time of Escaflowne was released in Fox Kids.

    It pretty much about three kids who meets three talking Skeleton Dinosaurs that can transform.

    Later in the show a 4th person showed up with two Triceratops, kinda like the lone wolf and such doing his own thing.

    I can't remember too much of it, but if you know of I would really like to know.

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  • if I buy a item in Google Play can I download it on multiple platforms?

    So just an example If I buy a game on my Phone and if to say I broke my phone, and got a new phone, Would I be able to install the game on my new phone or do I have to buy the game again?

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  • Looking for a weird manga?

    So it is kinda of a Old Manga, it is about a Guy who actually obtained a fear of girls because a big grotesque looking girl confessed her love to him, and beat him up for getting scared. And in it he got Genophobia

    In the end he thinks all girls are like Dinosaurs or something like that and in it he met a beautiful girl but was actually the girl that confessed her love.

    I can't fully remmeber after that but I only remember their was a creepy stalker girls, who like Skeletal, Thick rimmed glasses and very cartoonish overbite teeth trying to get with the Main Character.

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  • What is the best way to color black clothing.?

    So I got a new art system and it gives me a lot of help when i try to new shadings, as well as skin colors that I couldn t do in Microsoft Paint.

    Big question is how do you handle black clothing in art? I am working on a Gothic lolita drawing but when it comes down to it, if I go to dark the Details like the frills disappear, and gets to flat cause i can t shadow it but if I go for a something light enough to get the details it doesn t hit the darkness i was looking for.

    What would be the best way to color such clothing?

  • Laptop Touch pad not working properly?

    So overall, this happens sometimes when I drop something on my laptop and i try to clean it.

    When I do, the Touch pad actually stops working , The mouse curson rubber bands as I swipe and sometimes even expand and shrink open windows or open things like the calendar or the star menue , the left click and right click stop working.

    When I look at the touchpad icon in the bottom right, it is entirely green as if a entire hand was pressed on it.

    The only way I seen to actually stop this was to force shutdown the laptop, but I find this very risky.

    What would be another way to stop this fix this?

  • Looking for a MMORPG with One Life. Not Runescape.?

    A few years back I remember seeing on I believe MMOHut a MMORPG that you character had 1 life and if they die they perma dead. (Almost like Hardcore Ironman in Runescape)

    The place was a Fantasy MMORPG. You had dwarves elves humans. etc. The beginning looks like it was a underground dungeon don't really know. The person died through the game but cause he was near a stone i blieve his ghost was able to revive. Also when you are dead their seems to be a reaper like character who will chase you and take your soul if you don't get ressurected in time.

    This is just what I remember of the gameplay I saw.

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  • Dungeons and dragons 5e, Sacred Oaths?

    Just a curious question on which Oath you like the most. Devotion, Ancient, Vengeance or Crown?

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  • Areion vs Sutherland (Aldnoah Zero vs Code Geass)?

    So, I just watched Aldnoah Zero and for some reason the mechs reminded me about the Mechs in Code Geass.

    So i was curious what would a stock models, instead of all the super powered mechs.

    so it was:

    the KG-7 Areion, Kataphrakt vs the RPI-11 Sutherland, Knightmare Frame.

    What mech would win a fight?

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  • If God is All Powerful, All Knowing and Alll Good, then....?

    Why is their evil in the world? Why would evil exist?

    Does it mean that he is too Good to do a evil act to wipe out a Act of Evil? But the thing is, in the Bible, God has done many acts of Evil to wipe out Evil. In the past they even called him a Spiteful God, meaning that he has a dark side in him.

    If God is All Powerful then his acts to remove evil, why has evil not disappeared? Could it mean that even with Gods Power evil is far stronger or at the very least weaker then people say?

    Could it be that truly God's All Knowing is false? That even if he uses all of his power to try and destroy evil, he knows not if he has taken out from every nook and cranny?

    Or could it mean that Evil does not exist and making and making god saving you from evil actually impossible? All things we deem a sin is evil, but if their is no Evil, then prayer and repenting is not needed, for their is no sins without evil.

    So what is it really? Is God a Lesser being and part or all of his Holy Trinity is False or, is Penance is not needed as their is no sins to repent for their is no Evil?

    Either way doesn't this make worshiping the Lord, illogical and unnecessary?

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  • C++ how do you color Words?

    So I am doing a project in my C++ Class, Already finished but I want to Fancy it up a bit. i wanted to try and Color the some of the text Blue, Red and Green but, I don't fully understand looking at wikipedia nor in the book.

    Can anyone help me? Thank you

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  • What Drivers am I suppose to download?

    So, I wanted to play a game, but i had buggy stuff, the Support told me to update my Graphic Drivers, so I got the Utility item to help me, but it said my Graphic's Card was Customized by the Computer Creator Toshiba.

    I went into the website and searched my Computers name for it, but I don't know what drivers to get.

    Do I get the Display Driver? If so Should I get the Windows 8 version, since my Computer was originally Windows 8 or do I have to update with the 8.1 Drivers since I updated it to Windows 8.1? (Haven't got Windows 10)

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  • Just a interesting question about Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward Trailer.?

    So it was just a interesting thought. and I know it doesn't fill in to the actual game.

    The the trailers their 5 warriors of light, . These 5 fought from the start of the FF14 1.0 trailer and stayed together to End of a Era and New Beginning trailers.

    Main question, only the Hyur Male shows up in Heavensward trailer. What do you think happened to the other 4?

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