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  • Weird snapchat chatting glitch?

    So this has happened a few times to me... specifically talking to girls I’m interested in a chat will be going super well then I’ll send a message and it say the message wasn’t opened and that it was delievered 12 hours ago or something then I’ll check a little later and it’ll say the chat was opened 12 hours ago, or around the time I sent it... the first few times I just assumed I got ghosted but this chat was going SUPER well, like it was weird, is this some type of glitch where I don’t receive the message because it glitches out said it was never opened then it was????

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  • Why are people “proud” to be their ethnicity?

    I’ve always found the concept kind of stupid I understand of being proud of who your are, and your ethnicity being a part of that, but I feel like being proud your a certain ethnicity or you feel special because of it is dumb. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with it, but I don’t feel proud or special of something that I was just born with, I feel proud of the things I do and accomplish in life and actually hold merit.

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  • White spots on my towel that I use to dry my hands?

    So my mom got everyone in my family color coordinated towels to dry their hands in the bathroom mines blue, it’s been a few weeks and their is big white splots in it. No one else has these on their towel. My first thought was that it could’ve been bleach but it makes no sense because I’ve never used/touch bleach and I’m only touching the towel after I wash my hands. Also recently I’ve noticed sometimes my hands or fingernails have this lingering burnt rubber smell and no matter how much I wash it still lingers except I don’t have it right now and have no clue what it’s from. I had one tiny idea that from when I run on the treadmill at home and I get a little tired I’ll grip on the front part of it tightly, it’s like some cheap black plastic part of the treadmill(it’s a cheap treadmill) but idk that’s the only clue of how I could get that smell or why the white splots are there. Anyone know anything?

    Skin Conditions2 years ago
  • Whats Up with so many Asian dudes trying to act black?

    I see them everywhere I see Asian dudes wearing doo rags and some kid in my class was trying to get waves lol, and Asians have straight hair but I see a lot of them curling their hair, highlights flashy Odell style haircuts you’d usually see on a black dude, and a lot of them around here rap, play basketball etc. now obviously I know some people are going to say there’s no such thing as “acting black” which is true but it’s super clear that their emulating black culture in almost every single way, and they think there so cool doing it idk enlighten me

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  • Can a 45mw green laser damage my eyes?

    So when i was alot younger around 12(6 years ago or so) i bought one of those green lasers on ebay that claimed to be 5mw, and i had it for a few years and screwed around with it and pointed it in my eyes a few times and my friends eyes and they took it and put it in mine like a total idiot. I never noticed any problems but i recently found out those lasers arent really 5mw but the green ones are around 45, and thinking back thats around the time i started wearing glasses for being near sighted. I dug around online for a little while and saw people that damaged there eyes had little black spots in there eyes that were permanent which i dont have. Im completely ignorant on this topic so i dont really know if the laser couldve caused nearsightedness??? I played around with it recently, but threw it away after finding out since its a cheap laser with 45mw it could release some uv radiation, and online it was advised that you wear safety glasses with these and i never did so im just a bit worried thank you

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  • How do I become an athletic freak?

    Im a basketball player, I've always had a natural talent for it, and when I didn't even train I could compete because of a natural skill set. I became a solid player st the beginning of high school, but I got injured didn't let it heal and i suffered for it, i couldn't play for the hs team, and I put on a solid amount of weight. At the beginning of this year I decided to pick it back up because it's a sport I love and I want to play in community college, I just graduated hs btw, I lost a ton of weight and got back into shape and became a better player again. The thing is I'm not the player I want to be. I can compete because I have the skill set such as shooting and just overall playing ability but I'm not athletic at all. And it destroys my confidence when I get beat by guys who are stronger, faster, taller and just better than me. And I'm really thinking about giving up because I feel as athleticism is something your born with not something I could develop. I'm 6'0 and can barely touch the backboard which is ridiculous. I've always wanted to be the Westbrook or John Wall type player with the extreme athleticism. But I just feel like I could never be that player, and I'm just not good enough even though it's my dream. So I guess my question is can I be that Westbrook/Wall type player? Or was it just never meant to be for me

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  • How many calories should I eat a day to gain muscle?

    Im 17 6'0 and around 150-155 pounds. I'm trying to put on muscle for basketball and I've been weight training, cardio, and practicing for about 3-4 hours a day total. Thing is idk how much I should be eating, I'm eating healthy foods(I'm vegan) but I'm not sure how many calories I should be consuming to put on muscle for basketball. Thank you!

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  • Why is anime so popular?

    It's such a big deal for people, and if you say anything bad about people get trigggered, so I guess it's two questions whys it so popular everywhere, and why do people care about what others think about something they like?

    3 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • Why do i hate school so much?

    I'm a senior in hs right now, soon graduating, and planning or mostly being pressured to go to college. The thing is I really really hate it. I was a rlly good student up until the middle of hs, and then one day I just realized how much I hated school. And I know the norm is to go to college, get a degree and get a decent job. But that sounds like absolute **** to me, because it's like racing against a bunch of other rats. And my parents never went to college, and they're always telling me how important it is, and I don't want to let them down. But I don't understand how you can ever succeed in life if you don't love what you're doing. I haven't applied myself these past few years, and when I try and focus I just usually get distracted by my thoughts, and it was never like that before

    1 AnswerPsychology4 years ago
  • How do I gain muscle for basketball?

    So I'm 17 6'0 and trying to become the best basketball player I can be. I'm solid right now but on defense or whenever I take it to the paint I usually get bodied. I don't want to put on so much muscle as to where it would hinder my speed or I'm also worried that it would stunt my growth(in hopes that I'm still growing) I also set a goal for myself to dunk this year, and I don't know how to increase my vertical effectively. I don't know anything about weight training and really where to start

    2 AnswersBasketball4 years ago
  • Why is Future so popular?

    I'm not a huge fan of modern rap, but I could see why people like the music, because even though most of them are about the same ****, and no real meaning, a lot of them are still catchy, and I understand why they get so popular. I just don't understand Future though he's huge, but he sounds like ****. I can't understand what he's saying, he has no flow, and his songs just overall sound like amateur bs. Can someone please explain to me why he's so popular? I just don't see the appeal at all

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop4 years ago
  • Why are Asians terrible at basketball?

    Hear me out, basketball is by far the most popular sport over there, and they have these kids going training pretty much from when they were born. Similar to those Olympic camps, which pretty much seem like concentration camps for kids to become Olympians training like 12 hours a day, and there still a joke. Now I know people are going to call me racist and stuff, and the U.S is still far better than any other country at the sport, but I'm sure China puts way more effort into it than any other country including the U.S. i even heard that Yao Mings parents were paired together specifically to make him super tall. Then you got players who played in the NBA like Michael Olawakandi, who didn't even play basketball until he was 17! So I don't understand how these people can train like that and still be a joke on the court, what do you think?

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  • Was I an extremely tall child?

    Sounds like a weird question, but I found this old I.d card from when I just turned 4, about a month after so. It says my height was 4ft 2inches, and that I weighed 50 lbs. That sounded odd and I popped the numbers into one of those height prediction calculators, and even with my parents average heights entered it said I would be 6'9. Well I'm 17 now, and I can't quite remember if I was that tall at that age, but I remember being really short in middle school and high school, but towards the end of high school I started growing again. I'm 6'0 right now and I wonder if it's possible to still hit that 6'9?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • Why are so many kids atheist these days?

    I'm in high school, and I'll just be in class talking to people, and some how so many kids find some way to bring up their atheist. I really don't care, I personally believe in God, but that has nothing to do with this, I'm not some religious freak, people should believe what they want, but there's always these kids that bring up their atheists in completely random conversations that have nothing to do with beliefs. And most will talk about how there parents are very religious and how they're pretty much rebels like I give a ****. It's annoying, and like I said idc what you believe in, but why do you have to shove it down my throat?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 years ago
  • How much more will I grow after 17?

    Recently turned 17 and 6'0 tall, I'm just curious how much more I could grow. I'm kinda of a late bloomer I started hs at 5'4, and didn't rlly start growing till about 15. How much did u grow after 17? Also I don't know if an indication would be that I don't look as old as 17, I stilll have a youngish boyish look with a baby face, Idk if that means anything.

    7 AnswersMen's Health4 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Bald spot or cowlick?

    I've had it ever since I was little, and my mom has it as well(she's not balding), and it's worth to mention that my biological dad is bald, but I see pictures of him when he was younger and had hair, and it's completely different from mine, his looked straight and coarse, and mines wavy and rough, although in this photo it may not look that way, it was after a shower. So what's your opinion? Thanks

    2 AnswersHair4 years ago
  • Why isn't my Wifi working with YouTube? Need help?

    So randomly today my wifi just stopped working with YouTube, it can refresh comments and everything, and search for vids, but the vids won't load or play? Any ideas why it's doing this? Or how to fix it? Also the wifi works with videos fine on other websites, it worked on Pornhub just fine

    1 AnswerYouTube4 years ago
  • Will I go bald if my dads bald?

    So, my dads bald, and I'm pretty sure his dad is bald, no one on my moms side is bald or balding. I have 2 brothers, and my dad told me that me and my youngest brother won't go bald because we have really thick hair, but he thinks my middle brother will go bald. What do you think? Do my chances look good for not going bald? Also I've heard that it only comes from your moms side, but I'm pretty sure people Made that up to try and comfort people who are worried about it lol

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