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  • Tandem bike with kids?

    I have a 8year old and a 6 year old. We like to bike but are not seasoned bikers. So far I have only taken my kids to the playground to bike but would like to go out on trails and maybe even use the bike to get to nearby places but I am not confident enough to let my kids ride on their own. I was thinking of maybe getting a triplet tandem so we can enjoy biking together without worrying about if the kids are following properly. Eventually we will get comfortable with biking everywhere and be on our own bikes..

    I am wondering about my options as far as the bike itself is concerned. Is there one you use and love? I want both kids to pedal and participate. I would appreciate tips on the bike itself, getting around on a tandem and especially parking it and keeping it safe. If we take it to the library for example, do we just lock it in the normal bike stand area?

    Thank you

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  • Top selling girl scout nuts?

    GIRL SCOUT LEADERS - What are some of the top - selling flavors of nuts in your experience from last year. What was the ratio of the nut sales flavor wise? ( for example, of 100% of nuts, 30% was salsa, 20% chocolate almonds etc) How do you think you will plan the nuts ratio for this years flavors?

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  • Recover files from formatted drive?

    We tried installing Windows 8 and were not happy so did a system restore to go back to windows 7. This automatically formatted our hard drive and we lost all out documents pictures etc. (I know I should have backup but cant change the past now) We downloaded and used data recovery tools and were able to recover our docs but the word documents are not readable. It just shows a bunch of symbols. Is there someway we can get our documents back and be able to read it?

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  • South Lake Tahoe cabins?

    We are planning our first trip to lake Tahoe and will be traveling from central coast California with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I am looking for suggestions for budget accommodations, preferable cabins but open to ideas. Also, what are some fun pet friendly, kid friendly activities there? what is he best time of he year to visit there and not spend a fortune? TIA

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  • Aussie/Labrador mix weight?

    I have a 4 months old male Aussie/lab mix. He is 30 lbs right now. His siblings are all 33-37 lbs including the runt (Sister) who is now 33 lbs. I am wondering if this is normal. I don't free feed him but he gets 2.5 cups of blue buffalo a day and looks healthy to me. He is active and I don't see any of his bones. I don't want to over feed him and make him fat and unhealthy just to be at the same weight range as his siblings but am just curious if this is normal. Will he be smaller than his litter-mates or do they all just grow differently and will be about the same weight range?

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  • How do you contain your dog outdoors?

    I have two puppies. One is a Dachshund mix and one is a lab+Aussie mix. Now that they are all done with their shots, etc, I want to take them out to the beach, camping trips, hikes, etc. I was wondering how to contain them when I am not walking, etc. Like if I go camping and cant always hold their leash, how do I make sure they wont wander off? I know of portable exercise pens and tree tie outs but what have you used and what works best for you?

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  • Singer stylist 522 not making stitches?

    I have a Singer stylist 522. It doesn't make any stitches. Can having a wrong needle cause this problem? What is the right needle for this machine?

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  • Starting a babysitting swap?

    A few of the moms in my kids' school want to get together and start a baby sitting swap only for our small group. I am wondering if anyone has done this and has a set of rules, guidelines, etc they follow? I am looking at suggestions to make this as bump free and cordial as can be. We might also add in pet sitting swap since most of us have pets.

  • How big are Lab/corgi mix?

    I adopted a 3 month old puppy today and they said its a lab mix. She is about 15 pounds and very small for a lab. Some more experienced friends have said they see a Corgi or dachsund in the puppy. How big do you think she could get when she is full grown?

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  • Are there laws about leaving puppies alone?

    Driving back and forth from my kids school, I always see 3-4 cute and tiny chi puppies out in the front yard of a home by themselves. They have collars (I am not sure about tags) and no one watching them. I have also seen them running out on the street quite often. I always shudder when i see them running wild on the street fearing one of them might just get run hem over on this busy street. I was wondering if there are any laws about this? Is there something I can do?

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  • Dog Breed temperaments?

    I want to adopt a dog. We have young kids and a pet bird in the house so very strong hunting and herding instincts are out of the question. I came across a 2 year old Lab/shepherd mix and a 6 month old Lab/Catahoula mix. I know the temperament is unpredictable in mixed breeds however I was wondering if any one here has one of these mixes (Or knowledge about the mix) and can tell me about their experience? Thanks!

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  • Dog adoption application?

    I am looking at adopting a dog. I have a bird already but I don't have a vet for her. Since there are no Avian Vets in my area I consult my friend (the breeder I got her from) if I have questions. My bird is very healthy and happy and has the best of everything. however, the fact hat I don't have a vet and the application for Dog adoption asks me for the name of vet makes me wonder if it will be a problem. Will they reject my application because my bird has not seen a vet? There is a Vet here who I have heard good things about and will chose for the dog I get.

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  • Raising butterflies indoors?

    We ordered a painted lady butterfly kit and one of the butterflies emerged from the chrysalis today. There are 4 more that I think should emerge in a day or two. I was wondering how long it takes before they start mating and laying eggs considering they live only for about a month or so? I want to release them but am hoping to get eggs before releasing these so we could raise another generation. Is this doable?

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  • When do you let your parakeet fly free in the house?

    I've had my 2 month old parakeet for a week and she is extremely friendly. She likes to hang out with us and wants to stay out of the cage all day, which I can't allow right now. I only let her fly around in one room right now and am always there when she is out of the cage but I want to let her fly free in the house eventually. My question is when do you do that? I want her to come when called or stay off of things when told (in case of dangerous areas) Right now whenever she comes out she is on the carpet 90% of the times even though she can fly. I don't want to clip her wings if I can help it. What do you suggest? How do I start bringing her out so she can be safe? The kitchen, living room etc are all open so I am extra worried about her getting into trouble

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  • question about my parakeet?

    I got a 2 month old parakeet (I have No other pets) from a breeder a week ago. she is not afraid of us and is eating and drinking well. i have let her since day 2 and she readily comes out and flies/walks around. She likes to bite/chew and I understand its natural but she doesn't bite or chew on the toys she has. she chews on the carpet, towels, my hand etc and I don't know how to make her understand biting/chewing us is not OK. Also, she does not like going back to the cage. It is spacious enough for 4-5 parakeets. She keeps asking to come out but I can't let her stay out all day and she does not go in easily. Should I leave her in for a few days to get used to the cage and learning to play with her toys? We talk with her a lot and she sees us almost the entire day. I give her fruit/vegetable everyday even though I have never seen her eat anything but her seeds. She ate millet when i left it in the first day and then i took it out so she is not eating just that but giving her millet doesn't seem to interest her.. I need advice on her biting/chewing us ( I understand she WILL chew something), getting her back in the cage without struggle and also eating fresh food. I know it takes time but I am kinda hoping to get some tips/pointers on how to encourage good behavior and make it more relaxed and fun for her and us...Thanks

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  • Bichon Frise and Whippet mixes?

    Does anyone have any experience or information about Bichon Frise and Whippet mixes? How would they do with a family with small kids and no pet experience?

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  • revive neglected yard?

    We just bought a house which has a good sized front and backyard. The grass has brown patches though and the yard overall looks neglected. I tried fertilizer but nothing happened. We have a lot of weeds and a big bare spot where the previous owners had an above ground pool. We lay in some sod to see if it will work but that seems like its drying out too. we water regularly.We are not very experienced in gardening. Can someone share some tips? How can I bring it back to life without spending a fortune?

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  • How much increase can i see in home value?

    We have a modest 1300 sq ft home on a nice 7000sqft lot. it is an older home and needs updating. we bought it few months back and since then have made few changes. we changed the ugly green carpet to laminate floors. the yard was very neglected and we have been working on that, no wonders but it looks better. It is a quite neighborhood, not the fanciest but is conveniently close to freeway and house is a 6 houses away from school. We are planning to change the roof, paint and make a few other changes. I know its difficult to tell how much the house will be worth but I am looking at getting an idea of what we can expect. we bought this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for 260k about 6 months back and if we change the roof, add laminate flooring, put decent paint color, add some moderate level upgrades (fixtures, lights) and make the front yard and backyard look well kept, could someone just give us a very basic idea of what kind of increase we can expect in the home value?

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Question about Lasik?

    I am contemplating getting LASIK done to get rid of the glasses I have lived with all my life. I would probably get it done in Mumbai (India) or Delhi

    Do you have any personal experience? Where did you get it done? How much did it cost and what was the procedure and time required from start to finish including pre-surgery and post surgery doc visits. How was the experience?


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  • I need opinion about CAVA school?

    My daughter just finished kindergarten. The school closest to my home is OK but with the reduced funding and all, the quality of education has taken a hit. besides, my kid is a little advanced for her age. I am exploring the option of homeschooling but have never done it before. I did teach my kid to read and write and she was very good at it by the time she started kindergarten.CAVA seems like a good option for homeschooling since it is structured and they provide all the materials but I need to know if anyone has used it for their elementary school age kids and what has been your experience with it. I live in Southern California. Anyone has any other suggestions for homeschooling in this area? The best charter school here already has a huge wait-list..

    Thanks in advance

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