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  • how about a Cricket mini cricket format ?

    The book 'Tenner Cricket' is launched on 14th July,2012. It is miniature form of Cricket version aiming for lobal Cricket and the Olympics. With 10 players and 100 balls game a side.It aims for Latin America, Afro Asian and the lesser country of Europe. A noble effort it needs to be appreciated by all. Have a look first time in cricket..NO and tell your friends and experts. It is complete Over Hauling of Cricket.

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  • is cricket a world sports ?

    there are around 212 countries out of which 12 counties play active/test match level cricket. 200 countries do not play or participate in active cricket matches, or they play for fun or as time pass, or just a club game. out of twelve countries who have been playing each other since more than 100 years, 4 countries are from Indian sub-continent, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and bangladesh, 3 from Africa- South Africa, Zimbabwe & Kenya ( both just in paper now) West Indies ( 6 tiny island nations and guyana) 2 from Australia & New zealand, 1 from Entire Europe i.e. Cricket mother country England, excepting Indian sub-continent other countries have different world sports where they have excelled and earned laurels and gold. Cricket is unable to develop and spread as football.neither major sporting nation, USA, France, China, Germany, Russia, japan play cricket nor other countries have shown any interest over cricket even Kenya, Zimbabwe now west Indies are finding hard to carry on with the game so can a limited number say 9 countries make cricket a world sports..

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  • should govt./sports ministry take over and nationalise the cricket ?

    IPL T20 has thrown up the the real issue, which till date has been shielded by BCCI, ICC & Lalit baba and 40 chors. The Cricket has become a Money spinning industry for few, who are attached to it since long, especially dominated by western india businessman viz. gujrati. IPL is a circus of foreign players, cheer girls and the people having black money. Neither India nor any quality is raised also the ICC does not have any role to play but just to collect the booty of 'the loot'. High time if govt. of India takes over the cricket as any other game and nationalise it, for better, from the clutches of greedy, corrupt and manipulative BCCI officials and ICC should be requested not to allow and recognise such tournaments organised by few vested interest or by busines houses of India.

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  • what should I do I am issueless?

    we are issueless since 20 years. My wife is incapable due to her internal probelem. I need a child but she is neither agreeing for adoption or for my second marriage . she is homely, loves me but feeling insecure on second women coming in my life. Now I am 45 plus I have drop the idea for adoption of child, time running out for me.. Before I grow old, I want to see my face in a child, my own blood. Please, suggest I want to go for second women to keep my dynasty running, a girl of 30 to 35 age ,(as above 35,I fear if the problem may arise again}. Kindly, suggest I want to get out of this my internal turmoil I am struggling since 2 decades. HELP me out plz.

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  • I want to learn & speak lengue espanol?

    Hola ! amigos y amigas, buenos dias. Feliz nuevo ano 2010.

    me hablando legue espanlol muy poco . somebody of you amigas help me .Muchas gracious.

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  • how to send say just 60 emails to different addresses in one click ?

    I want to send email to 60 addresses, all at a click, I tried with comas between addresses with 40 odds, but could send. Please, suggest how I can send with my own mail.

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  • How is it that some months have illogical 28, 29, 30 & 31 days in it's name?

    Got very good answer from Poornakumar, a tao,geoff G,Ronwizfr and urumpe, citing the present accepted make belief theories right from the babylonian to stonehage, soliscite to flooding even angle of the earth axis & egyptian belief. Well, then somewhere something is missing either the geometrical theory which governs the present theory and astronomy or definitly the clock setting is wrong. What can we sum up already we added-up more than 10,250 days extra i.e. to put the Sun and the Earth tract intact, i.e. 30 years ahead.Did the calendar dominate the revolution.

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  • how it was calculated Earth takes 365.25 days to revolve around Sun?

    When we take a 360 degree, we reach the place, where we started, how come Earth takes 365/365 days to complete, this celestial tour, Can someone tell who and when 365 days was accepted as the time taken for revolution. What will happen & where will be Earth,if is 360 degrees. Every day sun rises in the East, may be angle is different in different seasons but reaches same spot in the New year..Common someone help me, please and help me in correcting the Calendar.

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