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  • The emotional meaning of a word is its:?

    a. connotation

    b. denotation

    c. persuasion

    d. observation

    2. When writing, you should aim for all of your sentences to follow the same sentence structure.



    3. Using a varied sentence structure perks up your writing.



    4. Which of the following examples shows varied sentence structure?

    a. I am tired. I am hungry. I am cold.

    b. You are the greatest friend in the entire world. You are my wearing the boots I wanted to buy.

    c. Last week, I had to make a crucial decision about my future, and I knew that I needed some help. I called Mom.

    d. She is hilarious. She is kind. She is smart.

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  • Weird dreams everynight?

    Am i the only person who has a vivid, weird dream every night. like the other night i had a dream about freakishly large dolphins and me swimming in the sea with four fat people and they swam to fast for me? i have no idea.. im still confusedd

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