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  • computer wont boot to bios?

    just built a new computer, got it working, installed drivers, rebooted aaaaand.... nothing. black screen. not even a beep when i try turning on with no ram or processor or video card....

    fans all come on.

    My specs:

    asrock mobo

    athlon II 440 (3.0 GHz)

    radeon 5750

    8gb ddr3-1600

    600W psu

    Please note all parts ARE compatible and set up correctly. computer has been running for over a week and then suddenly stopped working all together. i did over clock and wouldnt be surprised if i wrecked something, do i need to buy a new processor or mainboard?

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  • XP theme on puppy linux?

    everywhere i look to find the iceWM install thing is from a forum in like 2005 and leads me to which is no longer a web page and i get a 404 error. anyone know where i can get it now?

  • system idle process on xp?

    ok, now just to get this off first, i KNOW what system idle process does on xp, i KNOW it's (at least supposed to be) only active when you have nothing running, but i'm trying to fix a virus infested computer amd it's hard to get anywhere because idle processes is taking up 95-99% even during a scan or defrag. how do i disable it temporarily?

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  • how do you know what model of lg shine you have?

    my friend wants me to replace her lcd in her lg shine for her, but when i went on ebay there are many different models (CU/TU/KE720 H/W 1.1/1,4??) its an at&t phone and the screen doesnt work AT ALL so dont tell me to go through keystrokes or menus.

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  • Why does my computer go faster with less ram?

    I have a sony vaio laptop (pentium 3) running xubuntu that was running kind of slow with the 128 MB PC100 ram that came with the laptop so i bought a 512 stick and when i put it in it goes slow and freezes on the splash screen. Why does it do this and how do i fix it?

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