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  • Why is my computer freezing?

    Why is my computer freezing? It freezes if it has been on for a few minutes, down loading or opening internet explorer or any other browser. I have done diagnostics, checked ram. hard drive, bios and everything else but everything is working. I have reinstalled windows xp home edition several thousand times and get the same problem over and over again!! What can i do>! HELP!!

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  • I get disk read error press to control alt delete to restart on all boot up with cd and hard disk! Help!!?

    I had my hard drive crash. Now I get the "can't read disk message and to press control+alt+delete to restart" which I get over and over again. I also get this message with even rebooting with the windows xp CD. I can't even go into safe mode. I ran diagnostics on the hard drive and there are no errors. I can't even get in there to reformat it. Help someone please!

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