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  • What should my sister name her hamster?

    Please vote on one of these or make a suggestion!

    Mr. Doodles (because my hamster is named Miss Squiggle! Cute, right?)


    Benje (pronounced ben-g. I think it sounds like a japenese board game. Ew.)

    Thanks! (: BTW : the hamster is a male winter white dwarf

    10 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • Hair products (preferably sprays) that make your hair soft and smell good?

    Any suggestions are welcome <3 Thanks!

    1 AnswerHair9 years ago
  • What did you think of the epsiode, 'Nebraska', of The Walking Dead last night?

    I thought it was going to be more exciting. I hope Lori is dead, because they have to kill someone off to bring in new characters. I thought the men in the bar were going to be the new characters, and I was shocked when Rick shot them, but I can understand why. Your thoughts?

    4 AnswersDrama9 years ago
  • What is your opinion of Justin Bieber?

    My opinion - I hate him - so much.

    7 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups9 years ago
  • Anyone else watch The Walking Dead on AMC?

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. I was totally shocked at the mid season finale last night. I got some questions-

    1.) Weren't you as shocked as I was!?

    2.) Don't you love this show?

    3.) Who's your favorite character?

    4.) Do you like Shane?

    5.) Leave me your comments!!


    8 AnswersDrama9 years ago
  • Is the Pillsbury Doughboy's name Yum Yum Poo?

    My English teacher told my class that when the Pillsbury Doughboy first came out his name was Yum Yum Poo... I have my doubts... Thanks!

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink9 years ago
  • What should I be for Halloween?

    I'm a thirteen year old girl - I don't want to be anything 'scary'. I prefer to be something 'cute'. I also love to play around with make-up. Any ideas? Thanks.

    5 AnswersHalloween9 years ago
  • Neighbors trapped a baby skunk and letting it starve?

    My neighbor hates groundhogs, and put up a trap and tried to catch and kill them (they already killed a whole groundhog family). Instead of catching a groundhog, they caught a skunk and have been letting it starve in a tini cage for two days. And it sprays every hour and our neighborhood smells horrible. We've called our township and they said they couldn't do anything, and we've been looking for more people we could call. My Mom and I feel horrible. Anything we can do?

    8 AnswersOther - Pets9 years ago
  • Baby squirrel fell out of the sky?

    My older sister was on the swings and a baby squirrel just fell down next to her. He looks fine, but way too young to be out of his nest (we think he fell out of the nest). He has fur, but not a lot. He's hopping around now, and seems fine. But he's making these weird snorting noises. He isn't scared of me or my sister. What should we do? Please help.

    2 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • What to do with two 4-year-old boys?

    They turn 5 in September. They're coming over soon (they're family friends) and we're baking cookies. It's raining outside, and we need other things to do inside. They're typical 4-year-old boys. How do we occupy them? Thanks!

    4 AnswersToddler & Preschooler9 years ago
  • Animal Crossing Wild World tips and cheats?

    Anything, really. Or any sites.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • The horror movie Cloverfield?

    I just watched the movie Cloverfield and I didn't get some of it. I just have a few questions - just answer the ones you know:

    What happened to the people at the end?

    What was that thing?

    Did they ever kill it?

    And why is it named Cloverfield?


    3 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • Did J-Woww get plastic surgery done to her face?

    She looks so different now since last season. I know she had breast surgery, but did she have facial surgery done!?

    3 AnswersReality Television9 years ago
  • Is my hamster going to be okay?

    Okay, so I have this spray for hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits that I use on my hamsters. It's scented baby powder from the brand Smellin' Good. It's supposed to be super safe and nontoxic to hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits, and takes away bathroom scent. I don't use it often, but just now my hamster started to smell, so I followed the directions on the bottle to spray it once into her cage, and spray a little on an unused toothbrush and rub it into her fur. I did, and then she started acting weird, like rolling around in the bedding and such.

    She just seemed really upset. So I got some new bedding and put it on top of the smelly bedding (I can't change her bedding right now), gave her a little bath with a wet toothbrush, dried her, and kind of washed everything in her cage. She seems better now, but I just want to make sure she's okay, since she's still acting a little weird, like digging into the smelly bedding and trying to eat it...? I know hamsters are curious and will try to eat everything, but I just want to make sure she will be fine. Thanks in advance! No rude answers, please(:

    5 AnswersRodents9 years ago
  • Anyone know about Animal Crossing: Wild World?

    Me, my sister, and my best friend are all obsessed with Animal Crossing: Wild World, but not a lot of people have heard of it. Anyone know it, or have any guesses on what it's about? Cheats and tips are also welcome(: Thanks!

    4 AnswersNintendo Wii10 years ago
  • What should my sister draw?

    No preverted answers please or I'll report you. o.O

    4 AnswersDrawing & Illustration10 years ago
  • My hermit crab's big claw fell off. Help?

    My little sister has a hermit crab. I went upstairs to check on it and it's big claw was lying in the sand. She's not moving much, but she's not dead. She's had fresh water and food her whole life. She had just recently moved the hermit crab from our playroom to her room. I do not know if this has anything to do with the problem. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks!

    3 AnswersOther - Pets10 years ago
  • What are the chances I'll get skin cancer?

    I'm 13, and I have really pale skin. I get sunburned very easily. I put sunscreen on every day in the summer, but I guess it sometimes wears off. Every year I get 2-4 really bad sunburns on my shoulders, arms, back, and face. I put Aloe Vera Gel on it. I just got my first (and hopefully only) bad sunburn of the year on my shoulders and face. What are the chances I'll get skin cancer?

    P.S. For the record, I do not smoke or tan in any way, shape, or form.


    1 AnswerSkin Conditions10 years ago