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  • Heartbleed Virus AT&T+Yahoo?

    I have read that was breached by the heart bleed virus.

    As such my ISP, AT&T is partnered with Yahoo for home page, email and such items. I am trying to determine if passwords for partnered elements of Yahoo need to be reset.

    I've checked at AT&T and Yahoo for information and from both these businesses have no information readily available. I have attempted to call AT&T but get their, now, standard recorded announcement..."experiencing heavy call volumes".

    It would be really business appropriate to let users know what measures we can take to protect our data which may now be vulnerable due to Yahoo's use OpenSSL software. partnered associated accounts/logins need to be reset due to Yahoo association?

    3 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Anyone else disappointed with NBC's Olympic broadcasting on cable an/or satellite?

    I know I am disappointed.

    Specifically designed channels for Soccer and Basketball and then using MSNBC and NBCSP for the same event broadcasting? Seems to me duplication is bad use when other events could be broadcast on one channel instead of duplication. (I do assume those with satellite or cable also have multiple channels.)

    8 AnswersOlympics8 years ago
  • IS this RIAA filtering coming to your ISP?

    According to the link below, beginning summer 2012 RIAA filter for copyright infringement will begin. While support of copyright infringement laws are, in my opinion, important, it is as equally important that as users we are all aware of the implications.

    Have you checked with your ISP and asked if they have started or will be starting the RIAA filtering?

    2 AnswersOther - Internet9 years ago
  • Have you been using PS3 Eye USB extension?

    I recently purchased a Slim PS3 (with all the controllers for move and Dual shock) and have looked for a USB extension for the Eye camera. I have located two (PDP PS3 Move Extension Cable, Mad Catz PS3 Move Powered USB Extension Cable 15ft) and a third one which I have forgotten the name at the moment.

    I also noticed Sony does NOT offer an extension for the Eye/Move camera and was advised that they don't carry such a cable and using something other then a PS product would void warranties.

    In my research I notices the biggest difference between the extensions is whether it's powered or not and seems 15' as a rule is the standard communication of a USB cable before the signal deteriorates.

    I am wanting to know what your personal experience has been with an extension i you have used it for 6 months or more.

    1)Which USB extension cable are you using

    2) Any signal degradation?

    3) Any unforeseen issues with either the camera or the PS3? and if yes...

    What were the issues?

    And did you camera of PS3 suffer any perceivable ongoing damage?

    1 AnswerPlayStation9 years ago
  • What is the funniest joke you know?

    I'm having a "not so good" day and need a good hearty laugh so please share your funniest joke.

    (The joke that causes me to laugh the most will be justly reward.)

    15 AnswersJokes & Riddles9 years ago
  • Anyone else having problems with editing an answer?

    I just check the board here and see no recent post regarding the issue of editing an answer.

    I have a link to add to a response posted yesterday (9hours ago) which will offer the information the individual asking the answer they are wanting

    1 AnswerSoftware10 years ago