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  • Pontiac Sunfire monsoon amp wiring diagram?

    Hi, I've got a stock Sunfire monsoon amp. I've bought 32-pin connector plug for it (it fits perfectly). The pin on the amp are marked E1-E16 and F1-F16, 32 pins total. Looks like F1 and F2 are 12V+ (constant and switched). F12, F13, F14, and F15 appear to be Front Left and Right Rear outs.

    Does anybody have a diagram or some reference to which wires go where?

    Thanks in advance!

    5 stars to whoever gets me a proper diagram

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  • Why people aren't grateful for answers on yahoo, rating an answer * or **, while picking it as the best answer?

    I have answered couple of hundred questions on Yahoo, and quite often people pick my answer as the best answer, rate it * or ** and say something like "yeah, that's what I thought" or "I already got it".

    I'm trying to help people with their computer related issues, at least they could be grateful.

    I'm spending my time trying to come up with a solution. This is not my job, I don't get paid for it, I don't get any rewards or anything from answering questions.

    This makes me to ask myself "Why am I doing that ? Why am I helping out people for free and most of the time I get is a "yeah, whatever, I knew that" sort of comments.

    If you know the answer don't bother asking, or at least be grateful and show some respect to people who are trying to help.

    I believe many share my opinion.


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