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I am a Christian stay at home mom with a bachelor's degree in family psychology. I am happily married to a wonderful man and we have a precious little girl.

  • What was your fastest OB appointment?

    I went for my 32 week check up and I swear it was the fastest appointment ever! I pulled into a parking spot at 1:00 and pulled out at 1:16 and I think most of that time I spent dealing with the urine specimen! I saw the Dr for about 60 seconds I think. I suppose since everything was ok, it was just in and out. Anyone else have super fast appointments?

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  • What to do with 3 year old when I give birth?

    I am not sure we will have some one here to watch our daughter who will be three years old as all of our family is 8 hours away and may not make it up here in time. What do we do in this situation? Will the hospital be ok with her in the room with us? I don't think she should be in there while I am actually giving birth...what do we do with her? (I stay home with her and she hasn't had a baby sitter before outside of family on RARE occasion.)

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  • A different OB doctor every time?

    With my first pregnancy, I saw the same OB every appointment but the OB on call delivers. We moved to a different state and so with this pregnancy, the clinic I go to has each patient see a different OB every appointment. I hate this. Has anyone else had to do this? Is this common?

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  • What is membrane stripping?

    I feel a bit silly asking this as I have one child and one on the way but I have only recently heard this term. Is membrane sweeping/stripping the same as breaking the water or what is it?

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  • How much weight should I have gained by 20 weeks?

    My 20 week appointment is going to be when I am 21 weeks and a day and I was just wondering, about how much weight should I have gained at this point? (I do plan on asking the dr, I am just impatient!) I have gained 12-13 lbs so far, is this too much?

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  • Are we entitled to receive our deposit back?

    We signed a two year lease (our idea, landlord accepted) but we are about to have another baby and this house is not large enough so we are buying another house. We are currently 14 months into the lease. We let the landlord know as soon as we could. My question is, since we are breaking the lease, are we still entitled to receive our deposit back, given that the house is in the same or better condition and clean? Or does breaking the lease mean no deposit back? Thanks!

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  • Should second pregnancy be worse than first?

    I am about 8 weeks pregnant with our second child and I feel AWFUL! With my first I had an easy pregnancy for the most part. Some morning sickness, some exhaustion in the early weeks but this time I just feel so yucky and my belly hurts, just achy not stabbing. And I have no energy what so ever. I have been taking my vitamins, of course. So is it normal for the second to be worse?

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  • How to remove burn from non stick pan?

    I received a set of non-stick cookware for Christmas. I accidently burned some food in the dutch oven pan. I have tried scrubbing it with a plastic scouring pad and I cannot remove the burn from the non stick. How can I fix it? Thanks in advance!

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  • How to avoid Thanksgiving Day family drama?

    We live about 8 hours away from all our family. DH's dad said he would come up and see us, which is good. He is my daughter's fav grandparent and I like him ok. The problem is that he wants to bring another one of his sons with him. This son had us cosign a loan for an expensive new car and made only the first payment, sticking us with paying it, after he lied several times about paying it. He also lied about ins, it was hit and we had to pay the repairs out of pocket. We do not have that kind of money lying around. Long story short: I really don't like him. Just thinking about him and what he put us through makes me sick to my stomach. Dh is ok with him coming up and staying in our home and having Thanksgiving with us. I think this will ruin the holiday. How do I get over this or what do I do to avoid this happening? Right now I am hoping they cancel...HELP!

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  • How should Christians celebrate Halloween?

    I was just curious how other Christians celebrate Halloween. My husband and I were not raised as Christians; we became Christians in adulthood. Now that our daughter is two years old, we are trying to figure out what to do. I have read some literature that says Christians should not dress in costumes or go to any parties or have any fun whatsoever on Halloween and I have read some things that say do what you want. What is your opinion?

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  • Advice for SAHM going back to school?

    I am currently a stay at home mom but I plan on going back to school in January to become a registered nurse. My daughter will be about 2 and a half years old. Does anyone have any good advice on how to balance the new demands of school with the demands of taking care of a family and the house? Thanks!

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  • What could cause a cycle to be so late?

    My last cycle started on May 3. I have taken two pregnancy tests so far, both are negative, but I still haven't started. What, other than pregnancy, could cause my cycle to be so late?

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  • Self weaning--breast feeding??

    What do you think of breastfeeding a child until they self wean? I grew up not knowing anything at all about breastfeeding, didn't know anyone who did nor did I see anyone who breastfeed and it just wasn't talked about. In a moms group I recently joined, some of the moms were saying that they still nurse their almost two year old (just once a day). What do you think about it? Did you allow your child to self wean or when did you wean? Just curious--thanks!

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  • Names that sound ok with Kayla?

    We recently decided we want to start trying for a second baby! Our daughter (2 years old in August) is Kayla A'Marie. We have some good boy names picked out but can't come up with girl names. I would like it to sound ok with our daughter's name but nothing matchy--no Shayla or anything that could be confused over the phone with her name. We like Grace and Faith, perhaps as middle names? What girl names do you suggest?

    27 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • Money issue with spouse?

    I would like some advice. Here is the situation. I am a stay at home mom of one. My husband has a pretty good income. The problem is he want and he wants and he wants and he just will not be responsible with money. I keep trying to come up with ways to pay off our credit cards, he keeps charging. I try hard to save us money--cutting coupons, looking through all the sales papers, comparing prices, buying generic, shopping for clothes at yard sales, trying to keep our utilities low, etc. We have a nice truck which we have not had a year yet and now he is insisting we trade it in for a Cadillac Escalade. He is aware of how much our bills and other expenses are and of course what his income is. Does anyone have any advice on how to tame his material wants or what I can do? Thanks!

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  • Skills needed for potty training?

    My daughter will be two years in August and I am trying to figure out how potty training will go. What all skills should she be capable of doing before we actually begin potty training? We have been working on teaching her to pull her pants up and down, not quite there yet. She can sit on her potty chair by herself and can climb on the stool to wash her hands. Does she need to be in a big girl bed? Or do we work on day time training and then later transition to the big girl bed and night time training? Anything else I am forgetting? Thanks!

    6 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Tea time??

    I am an American but I thought it would be fun to have a traditional English tea time for my daughter. Can someone tell me what all there is to it? Just regular hot tea served in tea cups and little cookies or what else? Thanks!

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  • What to make with mulberries?

    We have a mulberry tree in our yard so I have lots of free berries. I made a mixed berry pie the other day, pretty good but I would like to make something new. So other than pie, what can I make with mulberries? Thanks!

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  • When should we have our second baby?

    Just for amusement, if my husband and I started our family when I was 22 and he was 25, at what age IN YOUR OPINION, should we have our second? I realize this is a bit silly, I just wanted to take a poll. Rest assured no action will be taken based on this little poll. Thanks!

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  • What are your two year old's favorite toys?

    What are your two year old's favorite toys? My daughter will turn two in August and we are looking for gift ideas, thinking about getting her a kitchen. Thanks so much!

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