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  • What can I do as a student to change the school's dress code policy?

    i want to change something in my school's dress code policy. i do not want uniforms in my school and i have some pretty good arguments against it. one of them being against the first amendment in the american constitution

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  • How do i change this?

    when i open Google chrome (I did a factory reset on my computer) it opens up to a v9 search browser. i want it to open to google. i even when in settings and set homepage to but when i open google chrome up it still opens to v9 but when i click homepage it goes to google. help?

    2 AnswersGoogle7 years ago
  • I am afraid of death. Will someone help me?

    I am an agnostic. I've studied religions and such and I've become afraid of death. Will I go to heaven or hell? Will I be reincarnated? Will I stare into a black dark abyss for eternity? I am scared of the last one. I want to know what happens after death and I am deeply afraid. I am only 15 and need some guidance.

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  • Dr. Evil? He wants more money?

    Why does he need more money? Expelling the fact he wants to rule the world he just wasted like millions of dollars building secret damn lairs. On a volcano. A submarine. And some new weapons like sharks with lazer beams on their heads and girls with gun boobies... He had money in the first place...

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  • what will I need to play these games?

    I am gonna buy Elder Scrolls Anthology tomorrow. Will I need internet to install any of the 5 games it includes? Also I know one needs DSO Emulater to download Elder Scrolls Arena for free but I'm installing it so do i still need DSO? I dont have internet on my computer but I'm writing this on my phone. So again should have any installation problems with the 5 games?

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  • how does one determine how much a ship can hold.?

    I am doing a research on Noah's ark. Luckily the bible says the length, width, and height of his ark. Ive converted the measurements from cubits to yards and meters.

    300 cubits = 137.16m or 150yd

    50 cubits = 22.86m or 25yd

    30 cubits = 13.716m or 15yd

    So I'm gonna add up the weight of the largest land animals first and go down the list. But first I need to know how can I tell how much weight it can hold. So could someone tell me please? Thanks. Btw the ark is made of cypress wood (or gopher wood) and is coated in tar.

    3 AnswersPhysics7 years ago
  • Why do Jahova Witnesses believe this?

    hey jehovah witness from England told me that they believe that Jesus was made king of heaven in 1914... Note thats 100 years ago. And he became king from a war in heaven and the devil lost. Now answer me this... The only war during that time was World War One. How could they believe that if they have no clue that there was a war in heaven? And don't tell some bullshit like "Just believe it and in faith" I want a real answer. How do they know? Why do they believe it?

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • How do you lose excess skin?

    Alright ive been working out a fair bit. Well ive noticed over the years of having fat that fat is usually stiff. So today right after my workout (been doing it for 5 weeks) I have found loose skin that isnt stiff. Right at my arms and legs. So is there anyway I can lose this skin without surgery and tighten it?

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Would this be considered incest?

    Now if you had an uncle who married your aunt and had a child whose your cousin. Years later they divorce and you and your cousin same age like 16 or whatever you find suitable. Well your cousin has another cousin on your aunts side. You decide to go out with your cousin's cousin. Would it be considered incest if you had sex with them? Keep in mind your aunt divorced your uncle. We shall see who answered it correctly ;)

    4 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships7 years ago
  • how many seconds are in 40 years?

    Its not a homework question just a curious thought. I could do the math but my ADHD just prevents me from thinking on what to do :/

    9 AnswersMathematics7 years ago
  • how to get rid of man titties? Lmao...?

    Ok so I'm 15, 6ft 1in, 230ibs. Im not very comfortable with this fat in my chest area. Its been like this for several years and I just ignored it. Now that I examine my self for a moment I kinda dont like the idea of man titties XD lol so would anyone out there help a brother out and and tell me an excersize or diet that can make me not wear a bra? lol no I dont wear a bra just a random joke :P

    4 AnswersMen's Health7 years ago
  • how to fix a problem with a USB drive?

    I just got a 8 GB USB drive. And when I put it in the computer it said to install something and I didnt know what it was trying to install so I x'd out of it. So now nothing is popping up when I put in the flashdrive. Do I have to go to a different computer to install the thing or what?

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    Would you have a medical sex change if you knew that if you did aliens would come to earth and one befriended you and took you on a tour throughout the galaxy, and showed you his technology.

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  • Would you kill a man to save the whoel world yet its against your morals and beliefs.?

    Hello. I have been thinking about this question a lot. For me I am agnostic and I am more into the belief of creationism and religion and God. It is against my morals to kill a man yet so it is in christianity. I was raised in Christianity btw so I still kinda am scared of going to hell and such. Now if America was lead by a dictator and he enslaved all of america and killed millions of people in other countries to gain more control. Now picture you in the scenario and you start a rebellion. Now would you kill his soldiers and the dictator to save the whole world? Now I don't have an answer cuz its my morals and I would be afraid to go to hell. So please answer this question and help me answer it myself. I mean to me its his decision I mean yeah if I was in the scenario yeah I saved the world but I killed people but would I go to hell for murder or heaven for saving the world? Not saying its gonna happen. Hope it doesnt. Not saying Im gonna save the world one day dont have time 4 it XP

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  • Should i be worried about these notes?

    Hello I'm 13 and play trumpet in the 7th Grade Gautier Band in Mississippi. I also take violin classes. Now I really do want a career in music when I grow up. So in both classes I was taught 2 symbols in notes. b (flat) and # (sharp) and NY dad was teaching me guitar last year but he only taught me one song before a family incident happened. So I downloaded an app for guitar note learning lessons and told my mom to buy me a guitar music book next Friday. I was reading the app and saw more note symbols which was 7, m, and m7 so I was never taught these notes so for self teaching guitar should I worry about these symbols or are those symbols in a more advanced part of learning guitar. Just wanna make sure before I go any further into guitar. So thank you

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  • What are the similarities to these two groups?

    Ok so we all know about the Assassins Creed series. I just finished playing Assassins Creed 3 a week ago. So playing these games have lead me to a theory. The Knights Templars? Abstergo? I have came to the conclusion that secretly the game is telling us the Templars are the infamous cult known as the Illuminati. Now research that in have done on his theory has lead me to sticks and stones. So I decided to research on the game. Assassins Creed 2, first room your in is with Desmond miles. Turn on Eagle Vision and look at the symbols in both rooms. All seeing eye, the sun over the pyramid, Ra's Eye. A majority of these symbols relate to the Illuminati. So tell me, what are the similarities to these groups? And if you would also share what you have seen that relates to this topic. I'm not saying I believe they are the same but its just a theory and if I got something wrong plz do not get mad and plz just correct me. Thnx

    2 AnswersHistory7 years ago
  • What does infdev, beta, and alpha mean?

    Ok yes I'm a retard XP I'm not very bright but anyway I just heard the words while watching Minecraft videos. I've been thinking about buying it and those are like versions of the game so what do they mean?

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  • What does infdev, beta, and alpha mean?

    Ok yes I'm a retard XP I'm not very bright but anyway I just heard the words while watching Minecraft videos. I've been thinking about buying it and those are like versions of the game so what do they mean?

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  • What can I do to report this teacher?

    Ok so I am a 14 year old kid who is 6 feet 1 inch in height. I'm a down to earth guy who gets bullied a lot and loves kittens :3 I like to act weird sometimes and I have friends who do the same. So I am in band and the Band Director, Ms. Thomas, is a *****. If she thinks of you in a certain way she will yell at you about it in front of class or tell you about it privately. She's says I always want the last word and I boss every one around. That isn't true! She even said I am demeaning! WTF! I am not demeaning! I get bullied all the time! She only thinks that cuz of my height and a lot of people are intimidated by it so they bully me cuz of it. I hate her and she thinks she knows everything. She even pulled me out of class cuz I was "talking" NO I WASNT I was accusing someone else of saying something that I didn't cuz she said "who said that" the whole class said my name and all I did was tell her no I didn't it was that other guy. So I'll stop cuz I'm mad now But how could I report her

    4 AnswersTeaching7 years ago