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Educating the world, one ignorant anti-mason at a time. I've seen tons of claims against freemasonry , all of them have been proven false... if you use the term "lower level", "higher level", "luciferian/lucifer/satan worship" or quote Albert Pike you have been duped by a 100+ year old lie - read up on the Taxil Hoax. If you think you have something new or some proof to the contrary, by all means drop me a note. I've made this offer to many anti-masons personally they all respond "sure no problem" and then I never hear from the again... I wonder why, could it be because there is no proof, because there is nothing wrong or evil about freemasonry??? Of course. When it comes time to actually look at the facts and put up or shut up, these ignorant and irrational people just can't deal with it and end up shutting up, because if they had to look at the facts they'd have to admit they were wrong.

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