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I really enjoy music and was inducted into the Tri-M music honorary last year. i like listening to Trans siberian Orchestra at Christmas and I sing and play piano. I havea huge crush on this guy, Tyler! So freakin hottt!!!!!!!

  • How do I delete my account on 1800contacts? I can't figure it out?

    I created this account and really don t need it anymore

    2 AnswersOther - Internet3 years ago
  • How can I unclog my ears so I can hear again?

    Last Monday, I used over the counter ear wax removal drops and then let warm water run through my ear. My ear has felt very clogged since the treatment, kind of like when you go swimming and get water trapped in your ear. I ve tried everything to pop my ears but nothing works. My ear is driving me nuts. Will the clogged feeling go away on it s own? If not, how can relieve it?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management3 years ago
  • Why Can't I Stop Thinking about this Guy?

    When I was a senior in high school, I went to the homecoming dance with this guy I liked as a friend. I only asked him because all my friends had boyfriends and I didn't want to be left out. A year later, he asked me to be his girlfriend through a text message but he said he wanted to send texts all the time rather than go on dates. I turned him down because I thought it was weird that he wanted me to be his girlfriend but didn't want to go out with me and I only liked him as a friend. He then responded "You didn't think I was serious did you?" I said I did. He then said that he only wanted to see how I would react. He said he thought I had a crush on him and tried to have a crush on me but didn't. He then said he was seeing other girls and it would be fine if we were just friends. We didn't talk much after that. But two years ago I started having these obsessive thoughts about this guy that usually last 2 or 3 weeks. But currently I've had these thoughts for about a month. I don't know why I'm thinking of this guy because I haven't seen him in about 5 or 6 years. The thoughts seem the same as if I were to have a crush on him. But I don't think that's true because I have liked other guys and have felt happy and wanted to think of them. My thoughts of this guy make me feel depressed and anxious and I just want him out of my head. I also occasionally have dreams about him. How can I stop thinking about this guy and why could I be thinking of him?

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  • Problem With Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Expansion Pack?

    I installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 to my computer a couple months ago and it worked fine. But after I installed the soak expansion pack, it stopped working. I will click play and it just goes to a plain black screen. Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • Is someone searching for things on my Facebook without my knowledge?

    Whenever I try to search for something on Facebook, all these searches come up in my search history that I didn t make such as weird phone numbers and my brother s girlfriend. This is really creeping me out and is making me think that someone else is going on my account and making these searches. Is anyone else having this problem?

    2 AnswersFacebook4 years ago
  • Problem with YouTube?

    Whenever I go to watch a YouTube video on my Kindle, the video doesn't come up. Instead I get a message that says An error has occurred while performing this operation. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fix it?

    1 AnswerYouTube4 years ago
  • Where can I find information on unaired Arthur episodes?

    I read on Wikipedia that while the show Arthur was on hiatus back in 2012, 3 unseen episodes from the third season were aired on PBS. I don't know if this is true but if it is, where can I find information on the episodes and why they weren't aired for so many years?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • Should I say something to my friend about the guy she s dating?

    My friend has been seeing this guy for about 4 months and I don t think he treats her very well. Every weekend my friend tells me that he doesn t return her texts or he falls asleep while texting her. Apparently he works really long hours and doesn t seem to have time to talk to her or even see her sometimes. Everytime my friend confronts him about it, he says everything is fine and they work things out. But I don t think this is fine at all. Correct me if I m wrong, but don t relationships take time and commitment to work? I don t see much point of having a boyfriend if he s not returning your texts and he doesn t have time to see you. So I don t understand why my friend keeps going back to this guy. Should I say something to her about it? If so, what can I say that won t hurt her feelings?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Looking for the name of a PBS Kids Science/Art show from the 90s?

    We used to watch this pbs show in art class in Elementary school and I can't remember what it was called for the life of me. It was hosted by two men, one was really tall, had Brown hair and didn't talk much and I think the other wore glasses and one of them was named Jim. They discussed different art concepts such as size and balance and had different segments to go with the topic. One segment I specifically remember had identical twin girls and they told the host they were the same height. But suddenly one looked much taller. After the segment, it showed that the girls were standing on these boards and they moved back making one girl look taller. That's all I remember. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help me

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  • Can Someone Tell Me which Frozen 2 Plot is the right one?

    I have read two different articles online about Frozen 2 and each described a completely different plot. The first said that Elsa, Anna and Olaf won t be in the movie at all and there will be new characters instead. Correct me if I m wrong but I don t see how that would be a sequel to the first Frozen. If Disney wants to create new characters, why not just make a new movie franchise. The second article said that Elsa would turn Olaf into a human and Anna would become evil. I don t know what to believe. Which article was more accurate?

    2 AnswersMovies4 years ago
  • Do you think I discouraged these people from giving me the job?

    I currently work at a preschool one day a week for 6 hours but I'm looking for another part time job to get more hours a week. So yesterday I went to an interview at the library for a page position and they were looking for someone to work Fridays and weekends. When asked if those days would work for me, I said weekends were fine but I wasn't sure about Friday yet since I don't know which day I will be at the preschool yet and I worked Fridays last year. My Mom now thinks that I discouraged them by saying that. Maybe I could have worded it better but I feel like I had to be honest since I already told the preschool director I was flexible with days for now before even going to this interview. I would really like a second opinion on this. Do you think I discouraged them from giving me this job? I really want this job

  • I m Having a Problem with Flipgram?

    I can add pictures just fine but I am unable to add music. When I click Find Music, nothing comes up, it s just an empty white screen. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anyway I can add music from my IPod to my kindle fire where my flipgram is?

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players4 years ago
  • I need some tips on cleaning out my bedroom?

    I am a very sentimental person and have a hard time letting go of things. Because of this my closets are full of old toys, books, CDs etc from my child and teen years. It has become a problem because I m running out of room to store important things such as clothes. I also have this same problem with my desk and bookshelves. Does anyone have any tips for me on cleaning out and organizing my stuff better?

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry5 years ago
  • I keep getting a pop up on my Kindle Fire Saying It has been hacked?

    For about a week now, I ve been getting these pop ups every time I watch a video on thedaretube. They say that my device has been hacked and has list of steps on how to install some antivirus Google app and to click ok to continue. It also says ignoring this message may cause permanent lockdown of my device. When I click ok, it just takes me to the Amazon Appstore homepage. I m really not sure what to do about this. Should I be concerned that my kindle has a virus, if so what should I do about it?

    8 AnswersSecurity5 years ago
  • Kindle Fire Questio?

    I'm looking to get a new case for my 1st generation Kindle Fire because mine is worn out. I looked on Amazon and all the cases say they are for Kindle Fire HDs. Mine is not an HD and I'm wondering if my older Kindle is the same size as the HD? If not, where can I find a case that will fit my Kindle?

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds5 years ago
  • Why isn't ABC Family airing the Santa Clause 2?

    I was looking the 25 days of Christmas schedule and I noticed that the first and third Santa Clause movies were airing this year but not the second one. Is there a legal reason for this?

    4 AnswersChristmas5 years ago
  • Where can I find socks that last a long time?

    I ve been having issues with my socks wearing out since moving into a new house 3 years ago. I have a certain flooring in my kitchen and hallway that is really hard on socks. My socks get holes in the heels in only 6 months of wearing them. I ve tried thick workout socks but they still wear out. Does anyone know of any socks that will last a long time?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • How do I get more views on Medium?

    I opened a Medium account a few months ago and have been posting stories. However, I haven't been getting as much views as I would like to. I was just wondering if anyone has any writing tips for me and tips on how to get more views on Medium. Thanks!

    1 AnswerYouTube5 years ago
  • How can I make myself enjoy working out?

    So My parents keep telling me that I need to work out and we have a really nice workout room. The problem is I just don't enjoy working out. I think it's boring and tedious. Does anyone have any tips on how I can make exercising more fun?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • I've been having a problem with Facebook?

    I've been getting notifications on Facebook saying people are accepting my friend requests but I never even sent a request to any of these people and I don't know them either. I'm not sure how they are getting friend requests I didn't send. Has anyone else ever had this issue? Can it be fixed?

    1 AnswerFacebook5 years ago