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  • Application for Marriage Record, relationship to self?

    I am submitting an application for a public marriage record for myself. One of the questions asks me to list "relationship to registrant" but it's me so I'm confused about how to fill this section out. Do I write: self, one of the registrants, my name again? Or do I leave it blank? The certificate of identity/sworn statement that has to accompany this application also asks the same question. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Confused about baby's gestational age, how is it calculated in my situation?

    The first day of my last period was April 24, which would put me at 8 weeks, 6 days pregnant as of today. However at my first prenatal visit this morning, the doctor calculated that I was either 10 weeks 1 day (2.92cm) or 10 weeks 3 days (3.13cm).

    Does this mean, according to the doctor's calculation, that I would have conceived the 1st week after my period...around the time of April 29 - May 4? I understand that it is difficult to calculate ovulation days as well as conception days. I'm just surprised that according to the baby's gestational age I would have ovulated so soon after my period.

    I should note that I was on the pill for several years and recently discontinued on February 24 (4 days before the end the of the active pills). That being said, my first cycle was about 30 days long and my second cycle was 26 days long, then I became pregnant within one week??

    So confused any insight would be appreciated.


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  • Why is it considered inappropriate to address wedding invites: "The Smith Family" or "Ms. Jane Smith and Famil?

    I cannot afford to send invitations to everyone over the age of 18. For example, allllll of these people live under the same roof: Aunt Jane Smith, her Fiance John Jones, Jane's daughters Kim (19) and Brenda (21). I'm told the two daughters should get their own invite each because of their age - sorry, not going to happen. Likewise, in a scenario where a couple is living together, unmarried, with 1 child, I cannot list both of them and the child, but don't want to list just the parents and have them assume the child isn't invited. I have no inner envelope otherwise I'd have an easier time addressing my invites. Please help.

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  • Just added coolant to my car, when should I start it?

    I poured the entire bottle in, then it overflowed, then it went down a couple inches. I think it has some sort of overflow hole, kinda like a bathroom sink.

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  • How to address informal Save the Date postcards for a wedding?

    Do I need/have to use Mr. Mrs., etc.? Is it ok to use "& Family"?

    Thank you for your responses!

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  • What is the proper way to address a wedding invitation for an unmarried couple with two children?

    Also, for the same scenario with the male being a doctor? Also, for married couples with 1 child and married couples with more than one child. There is no Inner Envelope, the children are under 18.

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  • Do I place new stamps over a returned piece of mail?

    I sent a card via USPS to a relative but forgot to put the apartment number so it was returned to me. After adding the apartment number, do I have to add a new stamp or will the original one work?


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  • Why did I l lose a local channel (ABC) when I connected to a digital converter box. ?

    My parents recently connected their Insignia Digital Converter box and as a result, lost a local channel - ABC's. Is this an issue with the converter box or something else? Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • Who was eliminated from Greatest American Dog show tonight?

    I set my dvr to record it but because the RNC ran over by 10 minutes or so, I missed finding out who was eliminated. I saw up to Presley breaking the sit/stay stance.


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  • Looking for a Slush Puppie in Alhambra, CA? (Los Angeles Area)

    Does anyone know where I can find a Slush Puppie? Don't want a Slurpee! I know they sell them at gas stations 'n such but I don't want to drive around from gas station to gas station if I don't have to. :)


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  • My dog chewed through a bottle of Excedrin and ingested nearly the entire bottle. Will my dog be ok????

    I was gone two hours, in that time my 12lb Chihuahua-Beagle managed to chew through a bottle of Excedrin (20+ pills). She had vomited 5 times. I immediately took her to the vet. They induced vomiting, gave her fluids and charcoal. Her blood work also came back normal. She has a follow-up visit tomorrow morning. I will be monitoring her tonight and will take her to the hospital if need be. My question is: does anyone have personal experience with this kind of poisoning with their dog??? I am worried and anxious wanting things be ok for her. Please offer any support. :(

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  • How long after being spayed should I wait before I allow my dog to jump on to and off of my bed?

    She was spayed 9 days ago. My bed is fairly high and she is somewhat small (12lb beagle-chihuahua mix). I have only taken her a on a short walk around the block once (yesterday) and we've been sleeping on the floor downstairs since her spay. I'm worried that she'll hurt herself internally jumping on/off anything higher than the height of the couch. Any advice, particularly from personal experience, would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Dog lethargic 4 days after being spayed.?

    She seemed to be ok after being spayed this past Monday. However now, Thursday night, she is lethargic, didn't want to eat dinner today and her teats below her incision are very swollen and firm. She hasn't licked her stitches too much. Last couple of nights she has whimpered and last night she was panting as well. She is drinking a little bit of water when offered to her. I am really worried and am wondering if anyone has an suggestions or similar experiences with their dogs. Please help! :(

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  • Nine month puppy has yellow mucous discharge in her pee. Is it UTI/Bladder Infection? Is there a difference?

    This morning was the first time I noticed it. She seems to be acting normal. She recently completed her first heat cycle and will be spayed soon. She has no traditional symptoms of UTI (blood in urine, lethargy, is drinking water normally, has not increased or decreased frequency with urination). I'm worried about costs related to antibiotics (if needed).

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  • Is it safe and effect to take a dose of antibiotics just a week after getting off of antiobiotics?

    I was on antibiotics for a week due to an infectection afte a tooth extraction. A week later, I have UTI and will probably need to get back on antibiotics. Is this safe and effective? Help!

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  • Pain after braces? When will it start?

    I had my brackets on for a month (had to get 4 teeth pulled) and got my wires put in this morning. It's been 10 hours and I feel pressure but not a whole lot of pain. Just wondering when the real pain comes and how long I can expect it to last...

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