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  • better performance from an automatic transmission?

    does anyone know how to get better performance out of an automatic transimission? by this i mean shift responce, and tighten up the lag. i have heard of "shift kits" that are supposed to make the solenoids push more fluid and i have heard of replacing or re tuning the tcm, but i can not get any firm answers on exactly what i need to get or do. also, does the "tiptronic" transmissions offer any extra value toword this goal? please don't give me the "just do a tranny swap" answer as i am only asking because i can no longer drive a manual so i have to go with an automatic and i don't want to sell my car (evo vii that alread has a stick). i guess another question would be what kind of hp can i push through an auto as well? if you are the duty expert on transmissions and can answer these questions and more (like gear ratios and cooling) than please respond. thank you.

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