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  • How to deal with a spitting child?

    I work in a pre school and have a child that will have multiple meltdowns a day and will spit in staffs faces during. With COVID and all we are anti bacterial wiping our faces many times. My manager sent a pretty crappy message to us all about washing the children’s hands etc and I feel it’s quite hypocritical seeing as it’s our other managers child that spits at us and it IS NOT taken seriously at all. Nothing said to the child at all. I’d like to know your thoughts on this as I am fuming, especially with the current situation. 

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  • Should my partner help out more around the house?

    We were laying in bed last night talking and he said when we get a place together (we’re saving to buy) he will help out more around the house when part of it is his. He said he feels because this is my apartment he doesn’t feel like it’s his place to do so. He will do the washing up once to twice a week (if I’ve left it) and taking the bins out can be a 24 hour job for him, also he makes the bed. Should I give him a kick up the backside or is he right? 

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  • Can these children get removed from nursery?

    There are 2 boys coming up to the age of 4 at my nursery who I really feel should be removed. Their constant meltdowns always become violent, trashing the room, throwing furniture, hurting the other children and vile language. One of the parents actually works at the nursery and always takes her sons side. 

    I feel so guilty for the other children having to witness it and they are terrified themselves! These 2 boy hit, scratch, claw faces, spit, kick and throw anything in arms reach and these melt down can happen 4-5 times a day just because they’ve been told no. Nothing is done about it all they have is a sticker chart. I feel mentally and emotionally drained working with these children and I feel so guilty for the other children in the room. 

    What can I do?

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  • Is it too late to start a new profession?

    I have been in my job the past 4 years. I work in a nursery part time while my 7 year old daughter is at school. It’s good as it fits my needs. I used to work in car sales and front of staff housing before my daughter. I feel like I really need a change, new passion and something that will get me somewhere in life. Is it too late to start fresh? I can’t seem to find any good entrances in jobs anywhere. I am in England, Surrey. Thanks!

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  • How to stop picking the skin around my nails?

    I’ve had acrylics on for the last 5-6 years as I realised it stopped the picking by magic! Having no nail shops open has brought the picking right back. My fingers are sore, swollen and it’s really irritating my partner. I can’t stop!! If I tell myself no, they’re right back there 3 seconds later without my knowing! I’ve thought to wear washing up gloves but that’s a bit unrealistic. I’ve noticed it’s more intense in the evening. Any advice would be great!

  • Looking for advice for my dog that pulls!?

    He is a 6 year old Staffordshire-Bull-Terrior. I adopted him when he was 1 from his previous owner. She got him and had a new born so he was rarely walked and socialised. He was crazy in the beginning but has calmed down a lot and is perfect in the house now. BUT when taken out for a walk he will pull and pull and pull. My partner and I are correcting him every 10 seconds it’s draining. I’ve taken him to training sessions, read books and watched online videos, nothing has helped on re training and I’m very persistent. 

    We dread taking him out as it’s so stressful. He has the lead that tightens around his neck as he pulls but that doesn’t phase him, he will happily choke and pull down the road.  We can’t have him off the lead as he’s not good with other dogs either 😫. I see other doggies walking and playing nicely and I think why can’t you be like that!! Help! Has anyone got advice or any links for help? 

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  • What can we do with my grandads house?

    He has 2 houses and has decided 1 is going to waste. It’s not liveable and will need complete renovation. The plan was my sister and her partner would get out a £150,000 mortgage, give that to me as the house is worth £300,000, she would then do the whole place up. That would be our inheritance. But we have now been told if my grandad was to pass before 7 years we would have to pay £120,000 tax on the house. Is there anything else we can do?

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  • Do we take the risk and do up the house?

    I’m going to try and keep this short. My grandad has 2 small houses next to each other in the UK Surrey. He only lives in 1 and the other one holds all his possessions (it’s very very run down the whole house will need stripping) as he’s had that house since my mum was born. The other house was gifted before his friend passed. He has decided that that house is going to waste but doesn’t want to sell it.

     My family have come up with an idea that my partner and I buy that house for much cheaper then market price and the mortgage we take out goes to my sister (my grandad doesn’t want anything from it). The problem I see is my sister and her partner already have large savings to buy their first home and her partner is in the building trade and I think it would be better they bought it? They are both in a financially better place jobs and savings wise. I feel like if we did it, it would be years of stress!

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  • Looking for advice on a Shared Ownership properties?

    My partner and I are saving up to buy but the price of our rent at the mo would take about 10 years to save £40k. We have started looking into shared ownership as a much smaller deposit can be given (between £5,000-£10,000) but obviously have a smaller share on the house. 

    Has anyone done this before or doing it atm? Looking for advice, pros and cons please!

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  • Daughters dad is still visiting his gf on lockdown?

    My daughter goes to her dads who lives  around the corner 3 nights a week during lockdown. She came back last week saying they had a bbq with the neighbours and had daddy’s girlfriend over and her children. I told him that’s not social distancing and if he does that again she won’t be going over there until lockdown has been lifted. My daughter came back this week saying daddy told her not to tell me but we stayed at daddy’s girlfriends house for 1 night. 

    I’m really angry that he clearly hasn’t listened. Should I stop visits? I feel like they should either move in together during this lockdown or not see each other at all.

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  • Unruly children at daycare?

    I work in a pre school with children aged 3-5. There are 2 children in particular who are violent and ignore rules. 1 child and 2 teachers got bitten today, it’s becoming a regular thing. They will scratch, claw at faces, punch, throw, spit, trash the room and attack innocent children when in a melt down or just because. I absolutely dread work and I feel so bad for the other children as they are terrified. We do our upmost best to protect them but sometimes we don’t get there quick enough. One of the children’s parent works at the nursery and is very close to the manager so nothing is ever done and nothing is being done about the other child. I feel at my wits end and really looking for advice. I also feel if I bring this up I will be told to do my job better as the blame is always passed onto us. Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersPreschool5 months ago
  • To wine or not to wine?

    I love a couple of glasses of wine in the evening it really helps me unwind. I am trying to cut down though and have some on Wednesday and the weekend. Between 5pm and 10pm is a fight in my head every evening. Wine? No no wine. Wine??. I even made banana and choc chip muffins to get my mind off it this evening 😅 help?

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  • What would you rather?

    Your perfect home but hours away from family and friends. Or a home you didn’t like but close to loved ones?

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  • Is it too soon to propose?

    I’ve been with him for the last 8 months he’s fantastic loves the gym, obsessed with me and always wants to spoil me, great with my little one and strives for better. He’s been saying for the last 4 months he’s going to marry me, we got my finger measured, and I know he’s chosen me a ring. He told me next month we have a big date night coming up so I know it’s happening then, but I feel like it’s too soon? We don’t even live together. What would you do?

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  • Tips for flying?

    I’ve been away twice in the last year and my flying gets worse every time. I have a few glasses of wine before and on board which helps slightly and I’ve tried kalms and capsules but they don’t help. I’ve watched endless things about flying and remind myself that people do it as their jobs and thousands of flights happen everyday. I’m still terrified. Any tips as I’m going away next week. Thanks!

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  • What’s the weather like in Turkey in October?

    I am going away to Turkey Kusadasi on October the 7th for 8 nights. I’m quite worried it’s not going to be warm (hot enough to sunbathe). Has anyone got any experiences in Turkey at that time? Thanks

    2 AnswersTurkey12 months ago
  • Tips for shaving down there without a rash?

    I have started seeing someone but shaving every 3-4 days is giving me a terrible rash and it hurts and bleeds when I shave. I have very sensitive skin! Help?!

    10 AnswersSkin Conditions2 years ago
  • Tips for helping my dog get along with other dogs?

    My dog will be staying with my ex partner for 5 nights in May while I take my daughter away. Only problem is he has just got a 10 week old husky. My dog isn’t great with dogs it’s very hit and miss.

    Looking for tips to help him get along with this puppy. We are meeting today in a Heath to get them to meet for the first time. I’ve been told he’s all bark no bite which is good and it’s becuase he’s partially blind? Help

    14 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • Is this a stomach ulcer?

    4 days ago after I had my dinner I was strangely and very uncomfortablly bloated. I was up most the night in pain and shivering with a slight fever. Since then I have had very loose stools basically water and see through (sorry tmi) acid reflux heart burn and loss of appetite.

    I can eat something and 5 hours later I burp and I can still taste the food, also tummy cramps. Has anyone got any idea what this could be? Should I go to the doctors or ride this through? Thanks

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • My daughter hates me?

    Her father and I split 4 months ago. She’s coming up to 6 and has a step brother who lives full time at her dads. She hates coming back home to me. She’s started saying she hates me if I don’t give her something she wants.

    She asked for a chewing gum earlier, I said not now and she said “give me a chewing gum now” I said no you’re being rude. She told me I was being rude, smirked and told me she wants to go live with her dad. She shocks me every week with some of the stuff she says!

    She had a melt down yesterday because she wanted to go to her dads. Screaming at me saying over and over I hate you I love everyone apart from you. I feel like I can’t even tell her off (don’t worry I do!) otherwise she will freak out on me.

    Should I let her live with him? I feel like I’m loosing a fighting battle. I’ve tried to hard to get her to like me and do fun things. Nothing is ever good enough. She’s daddy’s princess he dropped her flowers and a new pair of shoes today. What do I do?

    23 AnswersParenting2 years ago