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  • Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Hookah?

    I'm in college now and I go to a local hookah bar with my friends every now and then and one night I drank some vodka before going and I wasn't drunk and could walk but was definatley buzzin when I went and smoked. I couldnt really taste it and it wasnt that great. I was wondering if the alcohol had that much effect on it? Does it depend on how much you drink to how the Hookah will be or was it just because it was my first time drinking and smoking hookah at the same time? Does anyone whose done both tell me their experience? I cant seem to find much info on hookah and alcohol together so I'm curious to try it again, but not if its gonna be like the first time I did. Thanks

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  • HELP!!!! Connecting a mac to a TV!?

    I have a mac laptop and an older TV. It has just the basic cable holders (red and white colored) and then the S output. It has a Video 1, 2 and 3 section on the back of the TV with a red and white hole for each section and the S output in the Video 3 section. I went to the apple store today and bought the "mini-DVI to video adapter" which has one side plug into the mac and the other has two holes, one with a yellow tv hole and the s output. I bought a video cord for the yellow adapter and tried it to the tv and it did not work. I was told S imput would work better so I bought it and tried that. It still did not work. I even tried my friends nice and newer TV and it would not work. I have a cord from radio shack for audio that plugs from the mac to the tv so sound of the mac comes out of the tv and that does work. I went to the apple store and explained this. They said everything I did was right and it should of worked. They gave me a new apple adapter just in case. They said connect it and go to "System preferences" and "displays" and click "detect displays" because it wont work till you do that. I just hooked it all up and did this and when I click it I get nothing. Please help I do not know what to do, thanks

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  • Is Megan Fox's Marylin Monroe Tatoo on her arm covered up for the Transformers Films or is it visible?

    Never seen Transformers 1 or 2 but I noticed on a red carpet premiere her tatoo which is pretty noticable and was wondering if she still has it in the films??

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  • How do I scan my ipod?

    I have windows vista and an ipod classic 80gb and lately when I plug it in and itunes automatically opens a pop up opens that says "Do you want to scan and fix ipod?" and it gives 2 options "Scan and fix (reccomended)" or "continue without scanning"

    Obviously I want to scan and fix but when I choose it, it says it cant while ipod is in use so how do I scan and fix without it being in use? Please help, thanks

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  • If I save a windows movie maker onto email, will it open and play on another computer? (like a photo)?

    I made a video at home using windows movie maker for my civics class which i have to show them. I cannot upload it onto youtube beacuse the school computers block it. So WMM gives an option to save the project and publish to email, which I did and it loaded, went to my email and had me browse for what I wanted. I found the video, clicked it and said attach file and sent it to myself. My question now is, when I am on a computer at school and I go into my email and click on the attached file will it play on that computer? Or does it have to be the one you made it on with all your clips, sounds etc. or is it like a photo and will open on anything?

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  • I wanna be an actor, is CSU Northridge a good college to start at?

    I'm a senior in high school planning on attending Northridge this fall and I want to become a film/tv actor but still get a college education. Is this a good CSU for that? Like their majors and things. And is it close to audition places, casting calls and things etc

  • Is there a place to type piano notes and it will show you exactly what keys to use for that string of notes?

    Like a picture of piano keys and you type in notes and it will highlight what you keys you hit?

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  • Where did my "about me" and "who I'd like to meet" section go on myspace?

    I just switched my myspace profile to the 2.0 version and when I did the "about me" and "who I'd like to meet" section dont appear. the entire section is blank. I know how to add hide other stuff but how can I get the info back on my page? It's still in my section when I edit but it doesnt come on my page why? How do i fix this? Thanx. (you can see here at

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  • where can I find a picture of a double stranded DNA molecule (in detail)?

    Which could show me the nucleotides and their three parts, deoxyribose, phosphate, all four tpes of nitrogen bases and hydrogen and covalent bonds?

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  • I have a Dell computer with Windows Vista. Please help, why wont this go away?!?

    On my computer I have the free version of AVG 8.0 and its always worked well. Yesterday an "Anti-Virus" with AVG1 popped up and told me I had viruses in my computer. It ran a scan automatically after I chose to "run" the program. It had Windows Security Alerts pop up with it telling me that I had no more Malware protection and I needed to buy the AVG-1 Anti Virus to fix this. Then in order to remove anything, you have to purchase it (nothing with that was free). So I knew that was a waste of time. I already had my free AVG installed and it has been good so far, so I went to the one I've had, scanned and "removed all infections" and I updated my free version to protect against viruses now that it is up to date. Now it says my computer is running normally and when I go through control panel to check Windows Secury Center it says my malware is on and working.

    But still, this "Anti-Virus" powered by AVG1 is still here telling me I'm infected and malware is not working and to buy the package to fix this. Obviously I believe my computer over this random package (even if its powered by AVG) So I was tired of it saying I was infected and "Unistalled" the anti-virus, and its desktop and everything went away too. Then I searched for it with the start menu and erased the anti-virus folder. My problem is, its still here! Everytime I turn on my computer this program tells me I'm not protected and to buy the product to fix this along with Security Center telling me Malware is not working as well.

    I know this isn't true since my computer says everythings fine, so I just want this program to go away. I've deleted it and it says its not on the programs list anymore but yet its still here! How do I permantley get rid of this so it's logo doesn't pop up anymore with security alerts on my taskbar on my desktop. Sorry, I know this is a lot. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

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  • Where can I watch full episodes of Nip/Tuck online free?

    WITHOUT using zango? It seems every website I try uses "megaupload" which only lets you use less than an hour before you have to wait like 78 minutes to try to watch anything again. Also, most sites for some reason require "zango" and I have to download that, which has really messed up my computer before. I have seriously tried tons of video websites and all have one, if not both of these problems. It's a popular show so i'm suprised its not easier to get (like youtube or FX website). So does anyone know a site that for sure I can watch-or even download free full episodes without megavideo or zango? Its seems like there would be. Thanks.

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  • Blink 182 fans I need your help!?

    What song are these lyrics from and what album is the song found on?

    I'm sick of always hearing

    all the sad songs on the radio

    all day it is there to remind

    an oversensitive guy

    that he's lost and alone yeah

    I hate our favorite restaurant

    our favorite movie

    our favorite show

    we would stay up all through the night

    we would laugh and get high

    and never answer the phone


    I can't forgive

    can't forget

    can't give in

    what went wrong

    'cause you said this was right

    you ****** up my life

    (Verse 2)

    I'm sick of always hearing

    sappy love songs on the radio

    this place, it's ******' cursed and it's plagued

    and i can never escape

    when my heartache explodes

    (Repeat Chorus)


    I'm kicking out fiercly

    at the world around me

    what went wrong

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  • How much American Money is 3,005 Japanese money?

    Anyone also of any site that can translate Japan prices to American dollars? Thanks

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  • What's That Song In Bride Of Chucky?

    After the guy gets out of the van after finding John Ritter's body and has a gun as he stumbles onto the freeway and gets hit by a big truck and the van drives away as Jade shuts the back of the van doors


    Thanks, for any help!

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  • Rihanna songs question?

    Does anyone know of any song that Rihanna has covered? And any song thats not on one of her albums. (Music of the Sun, A Girl like Me, Good Girl Gone Bad or Reloaded)

    Thanks, cause I really dont have time to look it at wiki and limewire and such.

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  • What's That Song In Bride Of Chucky?

    After the guy gets out of the van after finding John Ritter's body and has a gun as he stumbles onto the freeway and gets hit by a big truck and the van drives away as Jade shuts the back of the van doors


    Thanks, for any help!

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  • What kind of itrips are there?

    I mean like ipod accessories so you can play your ipod in the car. I hear some come with a remote to hook on the steering wheel, but so far I haven't been able to find any. Anyone know of any kinds? Thanks.

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  • How do you pick which tv you want to record a show on with Dish DVR?

    I have dish and DVR for 2 rooms. The lving room (which is the green logo TV1) and the bedroom (purple logo for TV2) So when you record something that is automatically on it gives you the option to record to either tv1 or tv2. Yet if you click record on a program that is not on yet, it just shows the type and frequency and then to "create timer" without giving you the option of which tv for it to record on. It just automatically does it. So how do you get to choose which tv something records on that isn't on yet?

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  • I'd like to make movies. Any suggestions?

    I recently got a new computer and would like to make some fake movie trailers and tv credits of my own like I see on youtube and stuff but am new to the whole process. I think I have what I need. I have a camcorder and firewire as well as a dvd rom. Anyone know of any good film editing sites or programs like windows movie maker? Also, how do you get actual video footage onto the computer? the only way i see how is to film it with a camcorder from the TV and transfer it onto the computer using firewire, but then the quality looks worse. is there a way to just take dvds in a dvd rom and transfer them to windows movie maker or something? Cause I see a lot of good videos that dont seem like you need to film them over on a cam corder to get them on the computer but i dont know any other way. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  • Are these sentences translated into spanish right?

    In 2005 I went on a trip to Mexico with my dad.

    En 2005 yo fui en un viaje a México con mi padre.

    I traveled to Catalina Island and Ensenada.

    Yo viajé a isla de Catalina y Ensenada.

    I left from San Diego in a cruise ship.

    Yo salí en San Diego en el buque de crucero.

    The ship lasted 4 days and 3 nights.

    El buque duró cuarto días y tres noches.

    I ate a lot of food on the trip.

    Yo comí mucha comida en mi viaje.

    We went to Fox Studios where they filmed Titanic.

    Nosotros fuimos a estudio de Fox cuando ellos hicieron Titánico.

    We walked on the set of movies.

    Nosotros corrieron el aparato de las películas.

    I had a fake scar put on my face.

    Yo tuve un farsante cicatriz puso en mi rostro.

    I tricked everyone on the ship.

    Yo engañé todos en el buque.

    The trip was very fun!

    ¡El viaje estó muy divertido!

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