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I enjoy reading, travel, yoga, alternative health. I'm married and a mom to 2 grown children. I'm fairly easy going and have a good sense of humor.

  • Is it bad to have more than 10 tabs open in my Google Chrome browser?

    Will this slow down wifi access for everyone else using internet in our home? A technician told me to limit the number of tabs I have open at a given time or I might cause the internet service to "pop" out and disconnect all access. I had never heard of this and would like to hear from other people who are multi-tabbers, too. Thanks!

    3 AnswersGoogle7 years ago
  • Hair Stylist in Makati or QC area?

    The person who cuts and sometimes colors my hair has left my usual salon. This is the 2nd person to leave in 4 years. It's so hard to get used to a new hair person and for us to understand each other and then after a good few months...they leave! Boo hoo hoo! Can you recommend a good ladies' hair stylist (sometimes called hair technicians in the expensive salons) in Makati or QC? These are the cities I go to at least once a week. Of course I'd prefer someone really good but not too expensive! Please tell why you like that stylist. Thank you!

    2 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • Shrine of Jesus near Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines?

    We visited this church for the first time today. I noticed that the statue of Jesus is holding a book. What book is it and why is he holding it? Is this based on something in the Bible? As far as I know, books didn't exist in His time, only scrolls and papyri documents. Any information you can share will be most appreciated.

    1 AnswerPhilippines9 years ago
  • Cost of MRI in Bacolod?

    A friend's mom needs to have an MRI. They live in the province (Negros Occidental). How much would an MRI scan of the brain cost in Bacolod? They have checked at the provincial public hospital but there is no MRI machine there, so they need to go to one of 2 private hospitals.

    Thank you.

    4 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • What can you do to help the people in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro as they try to recover from Sendong?

    I know I can't change the world or weather patterns in a big way, but tomorrow morning I want to do something to help alleviate the suffering down south. One small thirst or hunger quenched, a roof for a family until they can be housed permanently...what can we do?

    6 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • Uninvited Freeloading Guests?

    A group of friends and I like to get together for lunch or dinner about twice a year. The last few times, one of our old friends (we all went to the same high school) has been joining the lunches. She usually springs a surprise on us by bringing along her grown kids and one time even brought a grown son and his whole family. The son, his wife and 2 kids acted bored the whole time we were eating--all they wanted was the food but any attempts at conversation were ignored.

    She always claims to have forgotten her wallet or that she's fresh out of money. At first someone in the group would good-naturedly pick up the tab for her family or we'd just divide the bill among the rest of us. One time, she came alone but then proceeded to order a couple of meals to take home to her son (he was sick). Again, the same story about the wallet being forgotten.

    Now I know she's not exactly wealthy so personally, I don't mind paying for her meal myself or part of her meal if the other people in the group are willing to share her cost. However, I'm getting tired of feeding her family.

    In the next couple of weeks, I'd like to take out a group of friends (about 5 in all) as my treat. I'd like to invite her as well but don't want to feed her family members, too. How can I tell her clearly that she's welcome to join us but to leave her "kids" at home? (One son is 30 and the other is 15.) I'd appreciate your honest and heartfelt advice. I'd like to do this in a friendly but clear way so that she will feel welcome in the group but with the understanding that we don't enjoy the uninvited family members.

    2 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • I'm thinking of getting a smartphone with Android OS.?

    Should I go prepaid or postpaid? Which service is best--Globe, Smart or Sun? Please share your experiences if you use Android technology. Like can you really use the Android-phone to send internet signal to a computer?

    6 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • Pls recommend a good, clean hotel in Roxas City, Capiz?

    We're going there in a few months. It's our first visit to Capiz and we'd like to tour a little bit. We're pretty excited about it! I'll have my parents with me (they're in their 80s) so I know it will be a quiet trip. We're looking for a hotel or pension house that has rooms on ground level or has a reliable elevator because my parents can't manage stairs very well. I've done a lot of searching on the internet and am apprehensive because some reviews mention bed bugs (surot) in some hotels! Yikes!

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    2 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • Exchanging coins in foreign currencies?

    I have an assortment of coins that I'd like to convert to Philippine pesos. However, I asked at Czarina's Foreign Exchange and learned they deal only in paper bills. Does anyone know where I can change Swiss Franc coins and Euro coins? Sayang din, aabutin ng P2000+.

    Thank you.

    6 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • What is the best organization to donate financial help for victims of the Ondoy floods?

    We've been helping family and friends recover from the floods. We donated to the Red Cross through their BDO account. Now friends from abroad are asking what is the best organization to send their financial aid to. Off the top of my head, I would say Philippine National Red Cross and the Ayala Foundation. Please share your suggestions with me.

    7 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • 1099 statement for bank account?

    I did not receive a 2008 interest statement for a bank account. I called the bank in June and was promised they would mail the statement immediately. A month later, the statement still had not arrived. I called again and was promised the statement would be sent by overnight courier service. When the statement did not arrive within a week, I called again (3rd call), and was promised heaven and earth that the statement would arrive immediately. To date (14 weeks since my first phone call), the 1099 has not been sent. What governing body can I contact to register a complaint against the bank and pressure the bank to send my 1099?

    Thanks in advance for your help, suggestions, etc.

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • Number Coding of Cars on Holidays?

    Since tomorrow is a non-working holiday to observe Pres. Cory Aquino's funeral, will cars that are ordinarily number-coded be allowed on the streets of Makati during the day?

    1 AnswerPhilippines1 decade ago
  • How much does a driver earn monthly?

    My parents are ageing. Even though my father can still drive, I'd like them to have a driver especially when they go out at night.

    Do you know how much a good driver would expect monthly?

    11 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • What does "sayad" mean?

    What does "sayad" mean?

    If someone says, "May sayad yun," in reference to another person, what does that mean?

    7 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Swarovski crystal repair?

    The arm broke off one of my Swarovski crystal figurines. It broke off clean. Do I need to take it in to a special place to have it fixed or can I just use Super Glue at home?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Where can I scan some documents to digital files?

    I don't want to buy a scanning machine as this is a one time need. Does the post office or public library offer this service for a certain fee?

    1 AnswerSingapore1 decade ago
  • Adult who finished 3rd year high school to take qualifying exam that will grant her a HS diploma?

    A relative's maid completed her 3rd year of high school education many years ago. Since then, she has worked for the family and remained reasonably literate. She can read and write, send text messages and do functional arithmetic (marketing, household budget, planning her personal expenses, etc). Is there something like a GED that she can earn so that she is considered a high school graduate?

    4 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Can a US-purchased Blackberry be used for emailing in the Philippines?

    My sister gave me her old Blackberry. She had a plan with Verizon in the US. I was able to get it unlocked at Greenhills so it works fine as a phone. I can use it for texting and calling. Is it possible to use it for email and surfing the web? Or is it still locked in to Verizon for those functions? I can't figure out how to access the internet with the device.

    2 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Can I use a 65 watt power adaptor on my Apple iBook?

    The old power adaptor conked out. It was only 45 watts. The salesclerk assured me it's safe to use a 65 watt adaptor and it will only re-charge the battery faster. Is this true?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago