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  • Why are qualification and accomplishment in a Presidential candidate so irrelevant to the left?

    Barack Obama got the nod with little more on his resume than a blank sheet of paper. He spent a couple years as a State Senator and a couple more as a Senator and during this time accomplished nothing.

    Hillary's resume is not much longer. The only real difference is that she was married to a President.

    Why are qualifications and, in particular, accomplishments...which equates to experience and readiness for the job in the most powerful position in the world...of apparently no relevance to the left?

    Aren't there any Democrat alternatives that have ever actually done something? Run something? Accomplished something? Someone with the ability to actually 'manage' and lead the country?

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  • Isn't it amazing that the ONLY person held accountable for Benghazi is some fat little guy in California?

    No terrorists.

    No one in the Obama administration.

    Just some little fat guy out in California that made a YouTube video that no one ever knew about.

    Thank gawd that the Obama administration was there to arrest this dangerous villian and bring to justice!

    Wouldn't it be nice if our President was this aggressive against out nation's enemies.

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  • How many al Quada prisoners have been taken under Barack Obama's military strategy?

    Hundreds of al Quada were taken prisoner while Bush kept the U.S. military in Iraq, which encouraged al Quada to come there in force and attack our military. There is some...contention...with Guantanimo, but you have to admit that we've obtained quite a bit of intelligence from our opportunity to question these fellows and learn what they know.

    Under Obama and his policy of chasing terrorists around the middle east and Africa in order to kill them with an unmanned drone, how many prisoners have we taken and from these 'victims', how much intelligence have we gained?

    And if we can't gain intelligence from those who possess it, what, exactly is the purpose of the Obama strategy? What is Obama trying to accomplish with his hide and go seek approach to fighting terrorism?

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  • What do political blogs and news reports on Obamacare matter when people will feel the affects themselves?

    Given the fact that the American people will experience the affects of Obamacare personally and intimately in their own lives, what makes people think that political blogs and news reports will make any different.

    If Obamacare is helping you, you'll believe it is beneficial. If it is screwing you in the butt, you will not. And if it is, will any story on how great Obamacare is change your mind?

    So, what use are these blogs, news stories and claims by politicians? We will ALL be very personally impacted by Obamacare and what it has done to our health care, our premiums, the job market and our nation's economy. I think that trumps any Fox News or Huffington piece, don't you? Would any opinion coming out of Fox or HuffPo change your mind or opinion?

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  • After five years in office, it takes a little girl handing the first lady her fathers resume. Are you touched?

    Obama has been President for over five years. And we're told that he's fixed the economy. The recession is over. Unicorns are farting rainbows.

    And yet, after five years, the jobs landscape is so bleak that it takes a little girl handing her father's resume to the first lady personally to get the President's attention.

    Is this reality touching...or is it evidence of a pathetic failure.

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  • Does the left seem to be using Bundy as their latest distraction for our nation's dismal state of affairs?

    It just seems that given the incredibly bad state of affairs in America over the last five years that the left is looking for anything to distract.

    Record numbers STILL on food stamps.

    Record numbers STILL on welfare.

    Record numbers STILL on unemployment.

    A requirement for seemingly permanent unemployment benefits and endless extentions.

    Record increases in health care costs (Over 40% increases nationally).

    Gas prices doubled since 2008.

    Lowest job participation rate since Jimmy Carter was President.

    ....that's the short list.

    The only thing improving is the stock market which is proped up by the Fed and the treasury printing money.

    Given this reality, is Bundy's supposed 'racist' remarks a sufficient distraction?

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  • Where in the Constitution does it give the government the right to own land?

    Rights of way and such, I get. But by what authority does the federal government have the right to claim ownership to vast swatches of land? And what gives them the right to tax the people or charge a fee for the use of that land?

    And understand that this land may reside in the United States, over which the federal government has authority, but authority is not the same as ownership or rights to use.

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  • If 8 out of 350 people signed up for a program, would it be celebrated as a success?

    If an organization came out with a really great deal, a program that would benefit all of its members and only 8 out of the organization's 350 members signed up for it, would it be celebrated as a success?

    Isn't this sort of what Obama and the left are bragging about? This great Obamacare program that is supposed to be of so much benefit to the people and businesses and only 8 million out of 350 million people have signed up for it and businesses are working late into the night trying to figure out how to avoid being screwed by the great and beneficial program?

    If that is cause for celebration, wouldn't you say the bar is being dropped a tad low for the President?

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  • Do Obamacare supporters not understand that opposition is not coming from propaganda or news sources like Fox?

    ...but from real life? If I had no TV and no internet, I would still be opposed to Obamacare because of what it has done to me, my family and tens of millions of other Americans. This is not something we read about in the paper or on the internet. This is not something we hear about on Fox news. This is letters in the mail from our insurance companies, quotes we get from our insurance companies, companies not hiring or reducing hours to part time. We are experiencing this first hand. It is in our faces, in our homes, it is directly and in some cases quite literally touching us and our families.

    Our opposition doesn't come from the news, the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh or the internet, it comes directly and personally in what we're now experiencing in our lives.

    Why do you not understand that?

    Why do you continue to believe that this is some theoretical, mythical or fictional monster that we're creating? It is not. That monster is real and is actually present in our lives and tens of millions of others.

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  • What does it say when the left is so apoplectic over the idea that armed Americans stood up to the feds.?

    These are the same guys that despise the 2nd Amendment. The same guys that are trying to convince us all that we have nothing to fear from the federal government. The same guys that want 'common sense' regulation to limit the types fire arms we can have, the ammunition we can have and to what degree we can defend ourselves. "You don't need that to hunt deer!" And it is all to 'make Americans safe'. Just common sense. Certainly we can see the common sense in it, right? Who can argue with common sense?

    And yet when Americans stand up for their rights...whether you see this as an attack on a person's rights is irrelevant, the Bundy's certainly saw it that way...against hundreds of heavily armed and armored federal agents, they nearly lose their minds! How dare we oppose the federal government and defend ourselves! The federal agents showed up with guns and armor. They weren't there to talk. The Bundys and their supporters kind. These weren't deer. They weren't home invaders, these were heavily armed federal agents with weapons which means that they were ready to KILL, to kill the Bundys if they resisted. (What other purpose is it to have weapons and armor?) Literally an army of them! How dare the people resist the government in kind when their lives, homes and rights are threatened by armed federal agents! How dare they!

    To me it says that the left wants to disarm America. And their reaction gives the lie to their 'common sense' reasons why.

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  • Why do events like Waco, Elian Gonzalez and Bundy only seem to happen when a Democrat is President?

    Waco happened under Clinton and many men, women and children were killed.

    Who can forget the storm troopers taking Elian from his family and sending him back to communist Cuba and castro?

    And now 200 armed and armored Federales are sent to Nevada with assault weapons and heavy armor to quell some rancher who is simply grazing his cattle and behind in his taxes.

    Why do these things never happen under Republican administrations? Is it any wonder that the people become...anxious?...when a Democrat is President?

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  • Left didn't trust the courts with Zimmerman, but all about the courts with Bundy. Why?

    Seems with Zimmerman, the courts were wrong, racist, unfair, unjust...the list of complaints was endless.

    With Bundy, in Nevada, the left can't seem to understand why the citizen has not complied with the courts. The courts and the government are sacrosanct.

    Isn't this selective adherance to the 'rule of law' and faith in the court system a little inconsistant?

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  • Was this Hillary's 'Palin Moment'?

    When Katie Couric asked Gov. Palin what news papers she read, Gov. Palin had a hard time listing any. That's because, like most of the computer literate people in the world today, she gets her news from the internet and wire services. No one reads news papers anymore.

    Regardless, this was the moment that the left latched on to. So, I wonder if this response question asked at the Women of the World Summit in New York City recently, Hillary couldn't think of a single accomplishment during her tenure as Secretary of State. In fact, all she could do was garble out some disconnected political catch phrases. So tell me, which is worse? Palin gets her news from the internet or Hillary confirms that she accomplished absolutely nothing while Secretary of State? And now wants to be President. (And don't think she doesn't.) Here's the link. It's short, so it shouldn't take our leftist friends long to read.

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  • What is stopping any American from being successful?

    What is the obstacle in American society that is stopping any individual from being successful and living the American dream? I hear a lot of excuses. I'm looking for reasons, for the impediment.

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  • What was 'sub par' about my health care insurance?

    I'm frequently told by the left that I lost my health insurance it was sub-par. In what way was it sub par? It covered all my needs, my prescriptions, my doctors visits, any catastrophic issues that might arise, the deductible was reasonable and the price was affordable. So, what, exactly, was subpar about my health insurance policy?

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  • Should you be able to buy home owners insurance when your house catches fire?

    Your house catches fire. You call the fire department and as they're fighting the blaze, you're on the phone looking for home owner's insurance to cover your loss.

    Do you think the insurance companies should be required to cover you?

    Why or why not?

    Your doctor diagnoses you with cancer. He refers you to a clinic to begin several years of very expensive chemo therapy.

    So, do you think it is right that you should then be able to call the health insurance company and require them to cover your medical expenses?

    Why or why not?

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  • What is the optimum average temperature?

    Maybe better asked, what is the optimum winter and the optimum summer temperature?

    If gaining an average degree is 'bad', then is the current average optimum or should we reduce the global average by a degree or two to be optimum?

    Bottom line, what should we set the global thermostat to? And what specific measures can we take to set this global thermostat? If we reduce carbon output and this reduces the average global temperatures too much, below the optimum, should we then increase carbon output so that the Earth doesn't then get too cold?

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