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  • Questions about dropshipping on shopify with alibaba?

    1. How do I get started with dropshipping for my Shopify website? 

    2. How do I tell a supplier that I want to dropship without sounding beginner?

    3. Using shopify, how would I send the supplier the orders from the customers? I do not want to keep track of every order, every customers payment info, and everybody's address.

    4. How do customer returns work on alibaba? I do not want  to be stuck with the item the customer doesnt want or like.

    5. how do I negotiate high MOQ's of 50 - 100+ down to a few items? I do not expect  the business to just skyrocket,  so I may not be able to order 100+ items a day. I do not want to own or manage any inventory.

    6. How do I actually launch the website? I am still in the free trial and I have not selected a plan yet.

    7. When do I actually list the products on my website? After or before I close the deal with the supplier?

    8.  How do I pay taxes on the money I earn with dropshipping?

    I did find a few products that I want to dropship. I will mostly be selling medium to high end computer peripherals, specialty usb cables (braided and magnetic), stuff like that, computer cases, etc. I tried watching a few videos on YouTube that just got me confused. 

    Thank you!

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  • Dropshipping very long and paying taxes from shopify earnings?

    So I want to get into dropshipping on shopify and I found a few electronic items that I want to sell on my shopify store. I was watching videos from early 2020 and 2019 and the shipping time was alot shorter back then than it is now. The item would take 35 days to reach the customer if i started dropshipping. I would use epacket for the shipping because according to the videos I watched it was supposed to be fast and cheap shipping. Is the much higher shipping time from china due to covid, or is there other factors that play into it, how do I get that sweet under 2 week shipping time for practically nothing? Any USA suppliers that dont charge alot for shipping that I can also make a decent amount of money from?

    How do I actually have the manufacturer put my logo on my product? How do I send it to them?

    Everything is just so confusing to me I tried watching the free dropshipping videos and they just confused me even more.

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