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  • Is there any software or tricks which log in automatically?

    I am having an internet connection in my Laptop via modem(cable line). It needs to open the internet providers log in page always in one tab. Problem occurs after power cut & disconnection from the provider. Most of the time it needs to restart my laptop to establish the connection, then I have to log in again. I have free usage between 2am to 8am. I give some download that time but most of the day I find that after downloading some Mb download the connection has stopped(some day the connection works fully). Is there anyway that the connection will log in automatically when the connection is available?

    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • Can I take a ticket for IRCTC by MOD balance of SBI?

    I have to book a ticket in IRCTC by internet banking. My main balance is lower than the amount needed to take ticket but my MOD balance is good enough to pay for it. While transaction it shows my default a/c no. while MOD a/c no.s are different. Will the money I need to transfer be deducted from my MOD balance? I have to take the ticket anyhow from IRCTC by internet banking/debit card of same a/c, not from the station counter. I dont have any other a/c. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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  • BSNL 3G plan recharge via internet for west bengal customers?

    After logging into bsnl website for recharge I am unable to see the data plans. for data plan dropdown box is not working but for other recharges the same is working. This is the problem for west bengal circle. I have checked the same for KERALA sim is working...if anyone knows the trick please tell me. I reside outside westbengal & having a sim of BSNL & I dont have the option for recharging through WB retailer. however I dont want to recharge through websites other than network's own website

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  • What will be problem if I format my Nokia C5-00?

    I am having my phone memory(in built memory) very low(only 4.5MB). So I am unable to install any application. I did reset factory settings but nothing worked. If I format my device by the code(*#7370#) will my device be useless? I have no problem if my phone becomes such what in the time of buying. I'll reinstall all the apps. Thanks in anticipation.

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    How to recharge BSNL prepaid GSM 3g sim online on their website only....not on other sites offering(i don't have faith on those sites)....I tried on by registering on that website several times...but could not succeed..Please help...

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