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  • What should i do with all this ribbon and and all these buttons?

    I have 10 yards each of 1/8inch ribbon in these colors:





    Neon/perry the platypus blue


    I also have about 5 yards of red.

    I have a TON of Nickle sized buttons in:




    A TON of dime sized buttons in:




    Light Blue

    Dark Blue

    Light Green

    Dark Green.

    What should I do with them???? Maybe give me an idea or a link? Please and thank you ;)

    OHHHH and I have about 10 yards of thin necklace chain.

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  • is it weird that i eat hot cocoa mix straight out of the pack with a spoon?

    because i do... especially iof it has marshmellows.

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  • Who is your favorite One Direction member/song?

    My favorite song is a tie between "what maakes you beautiful" and "One Thing" and I'm in love with Liam.

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  • Im thinking of makeing a small Bug out Bag. what should go in it?

    For those of you who don't know, a bug out bag is basically a bag of everything you need to survive for a certain amount of time. I have been watching Doomsday Preppers and now I'm scared lol. I'm gonna use an old book bag and a reusable shopping bag. What should go in it? Id like to survive for as long as possible without the bag being to bulky. I live just outside of St. Louis, Missouri so what is the most likely things I will need?

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  • Do I have Dyslexia? ?

    When I write I often leave off the last letter, or ill misspell a word that's very easy to spell. I always catch my mistake, but it makes it a pain to write with a pen because I can't erase. I'm 15 and this has only been a problem for the lats year. I've also become very fidgety.

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  • best websites for free ebooks?

    im talking absoloutely free. like no credit card needed because i dont have one. i already know about so i was wondering if anyone knew about a site simalar to that? thank you

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  • Its unbelievably hot!! how can i cool off?

    I'm the type of person who is only comfortable when the house is like is like 69-70 degrees (farenheight) and the thermomoter reads 86 and I can't get my mom to put the air conditioning on..... how can I cool off so I can sleep????

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  • I need a card for someone whos parents died?

    So my english teatcher has been going through a lot's everything in order.

    1) on april 18 her mother died (at 90 something)

    2) Thursday her cat, which had cancer had to be put to sleep

    3) and this morning her dad died (also 90 something)

    And I want to maje her a card and have all her students sign it (I'm makeing it with posterboard) and I have no idea what to write in it.... HELP!!!!!

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  • How to make a small lampshade?

    So I have this addorable little purple lamp. But it fell a while ago and I accidently stepped on the shade its cracked with a hole the size of my fist and I'm sick of haveing to face it twords the wall or haveing it blind me. I would like to make a cover to go over the exsisting shade but I can make one from scratch...I'm not one to throw stuff away and I like to make things rather then buy them. Also I'm only 14 so a no sew one would be awesome!!

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  • Does anyone have some home made dog food recipes?

    I have a chihuahua so I would like them to be suitable for a little dog and some treat recipes would be nice too

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago