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  • Comic book similar to The Secret Life of Pets?

    I m looking for a Christmas gift for my mom. We recently saw the Secret Life of Pets and she loved it. She s very into animals and I would like to get her a comic book volume that is similar to that movie, with animals who talk and get into different hi-jinks. Does such a volume exist?

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  • What is off-peak electricity?

    I've heard a couple different explanations of off-peak electricity and both seem plausible.

    1. The generators needed for peak electricity can't be turned off easily or quickly. They're run all night, generating electricity whether it is used or not. If it's not used, that energy is wasted. So electricity used during this time doesn't contribute to pollution any more than if it wasn't used.

    2. The generators are running and generating limited electricity, but have excess capacity to generate more if required. The end user is responsible for the increase in demand; it's not automatically generated as in #1. It costs the utility companies less because they are using generators that would be running no matter what instead of turning more on. They pass these savings onto the user.

    Hopefully that was a clear enough description. Is one of these true? Is it another thing entirely? Let me know, thanks!

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  • Does losing weight undo all effects of obesity?

    For example, obese people are at risk for heart disease and have a lower life expectancy than people at a healthy weight. When those same people lose weight, are they at the same risk and life expectancy as people who have never been overweight? Or are they at increased risk because of the years carrying extra fat?

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  • Do I have schizophrenia?

    This is going to be a long story.

    I'm 27. I was diagnosed with bipolar at 18. Attempted suicide at 21 but it was a cry for help, nothing big. During my times as "bipolar" I can have manic episodes between 2-6 hours and not very common which every psychiatrist says doesn't follow the model. The depressive episodes are intense and fairly consistent with the models of being a couple weeks to maybe a little bit longer. Since my attempt I've gone back and forth, each time becoming suicidal, 4 times getting to the point of writing letters. It's something I've gotten used to and as weird as it sounds it doesn't really bother me. I've believed essentially since 20 that suicide was the way I was going out I just had no idea when. Flash forward and I've always felt that even when I wasn't suicidal I would just move forward with suicidal plans regardless of my intentions. The most recent was in May, and I've now made a long term plan to commit which is essentially fool proof and should be painless. (That's not why I'm here and I would prefer not to really hear anything about it.) Recently I've felt even more like my brain is a separate entity. It does what it wants and it makes me do what it wants. I can talk to people about depression, but when I want to talk about suicide it's like I physically can't. And when I'm thinking about it, I hear my brain telling me not to stop and the closer I get to talking to someone the more intense it gets until it's screaming at me. But it just sounds like basically my own voice. It's not an auditory hallucination, just in my head. I've read schizophrenia descriptions and have always had the social anxiety and avoidance, and general have the symptoms similar to depression, well, when I was depressed, and generally not the other stuff, although communication when I'm with all but a few people is pretty mixed up and leads to really low confidence when I'm talking with people I feel are above me. Anyway, I didn't think that was enough to really make a diagnosis.

    Then there was last night. I went to bed and he wasn't there when I turned off the lights but as soon as I closed my eyes I could see (yes, I know my eyes are closed, I can't explain it) a guy, about 5'7", porcelain white face (but not shiny like a toilet, just that shade) in a black cloak with the hood pulled over. He had yellow eyes, but not like Thriller yellow or glowing or anything, they were just maybe a little brighter than normal eyes and I could see it when he was next to me but not at the foot of my bed. He was on the floor and just stared at me. Sometimes he would come to the side of my bed and I would hear little pops like really faint like Rice Krispies and that was him. And I could feel him touch the hair on my arm. I never opened my eyes and if I wanted to move I just acted like I was asleep and repositioning. Somehow I made it to sleep and woke up at 5. Opened my eyes long enough to see the time and closed them again. When I alarm went off I hit it and got the **** out of dodge as quickly as possible and he wasn't there when I looked. But now I am looking everywhere for this mother ****** and I know he's going to be there again tonight but I don't know if he'll be anywhere else. When I think about telling anybody (well, I guess anybody not on the internet who could actually help me) those same voices tell me not to, like my brain is just trying to kill me. And I don't know if this guy's working with my brain or not, and I don't know why he's doing this. But he either did this because of that or just because he knows nobody will believe me if I tell which I can't. I haven't seen him again but that was the scariest thing I've ever experienced and I am checking around every ******* corner. Is this schizophrenia? Or just psychotic depression? I know I'm not going to tell anyone, but just for my own closure.

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  • Maryland gun laws: background check mental illness question?

    I'm looking to purchase a handgun in Maryland for sport and home protection. It would be my first. Six years ago at 21 I voluntarily committed myself to a psych ward for 5 days for depression. I have also been under the care of a psychiatrist since about age 20 and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Other than my hospital stint there's never been any issues related to either one.

    Would this automatically exclude me based on the background check? Obviously the hospitalization will be on the books, but would they find out about my disorders? Just out of curiosity is there any penalty for lying on a background check if you probably will not get approved anyway?

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  • Am I addicted to heroin?

    About a year ago my friend introduced me to opiates. Pretty soon after that, since prescriptions painkillers aren't available in my area I moved to heroin. I have a couple rules that I have always and will always follow: 1) Do not inject (snort and smoke only). 2) Allow a while between getting high (I chose three weeks to keep myself from getting addicted and to keep my tolerance from rising and because I don't have the money to do it much more often than that). This has worked out well for me. I don't crave it when I'm not on it but I always look forward to it. I don't feel like I have to do it. My tolerance, if it has gone up at all, has only gone up slightly. If something else comes up after three weeks or if I don't have money, I put it off until the following week. It has never negatively impacted my life in any way. I'm only asking the question because a while ago I overdosed and would have died had a couple of my friends not revived me. It was kind of a perfect storm situation and I simply did too much. After that I took my three weeks off and did it again. I did less and I was fine like always. Is doing it again a symptom of addiction? I'm not even close to being physically addicted but am I phychologically addicted?

    Also, I don't mind people telling me I need to stop, but please keep it in the context of the question and not just a crazy rant. Those never convince anybody and I am pretty well educated on the dangers of drugs.

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