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  • For other karate instructors, how do you handle unverified black belts?

    One of the most challenging things my school faces is when we get a new person coming in who claims black belt rank in another system that we can't verify. We start all new students at a beginning TRAINING level regardless of outside rank, but we do allow black belts to wear their belts . . . generally.

    What we're seeing now more and more is people trying to come in with black belts from unknown or unverifiable instructors. And some of them are ranked in systems that, quite frankly, some guy just made up.

    The out and out frauds we request put on a white belt. Sadly, many of the black belts have no idea that they have rank in a "system" that almost no established system would recognize. How do you other instructors handle the well-meaning people who fall into this category?

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  • Is it Obama, or is it us?

    I've seen lots of questions about guns and ammo prices going up because of Obama, and I want to ask a question. Is it because of Obama or is it because of "us" (the gun community)?

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a member of the NRA and GOA, I have a carry permit, I have previously banned weapons, and I think the 2nd Amendment protects MILITARY weapons explicitly. I didn't support Obama's campaign, either.

    That being said, who is REALLY driving up the costs of guns and ammo NOW? I want everyone's opinion, please?

    First, though, before you answer, let's consider our current political and market situation. Since Obama has been elected, the following restrictions on making, importing, and selling guns/ammunition have been enacted on the American people: none.

    The following new anti-gun movements in Congress have been started: none (notice I said NEW)

    Obama's top running points include the following gun control initiatives: none.

    While I FULLY ADMIT that Obama will sign any new gun control initiatives, I think we can all agree that he hasn't DONE anything, yet.

    So, all that being said, is Obama driving up the prices, or is it us and our fear?

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