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  • What middle names would you pair with these? (Declan and Kailja)?

    Declan (Deck - lyn) (M)

    Kailja (Kal - eyuh) (F)

    What would you pair them with?

    BQ: Thoughts on these?

    Declan August

    Declan Reese

    Declan Sage

    Kailja Quinn

    Kailja Elisabeth/Lisbeth

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  • Cute boy names paired with Declan?

    It doesn't matter if Declan is the first or middle name. What would you pair with it?

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  • How do you like the name Silas Oliver Young?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on it...if you want, you can suggest middle and last names, but I'd prefer to stick with Silas unless you're sure you have a first name that's even better.

    Thank you!

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  • Which spelling do you prefer with these names?

    These are kind of made up, but I think they're useable. They're also not exactly the same, but close enough.

    Cassana or Kesana.

    "Cass or Kessa"

    They're both pretty much pronounced "kes AWN uh" or "kes ANN uh"

    First, I was trying to find a full name for the nickname Kessa. And I made up Kesana. But then just now I was thinking of how much I liked Casandra, but how much I HATED Cassie, so I wanted to think of a new name that could be Cass instead. Then as I was searching for one, I found Cassana. They were both really similar, except one would be Cass and one would be Kessa.

    *** I'm also not asking if you like the name, just which spelling you like better. I'm not planning on naming my child this, so no need to freak out.

    If you want to suggest other full names for Cass you can. Just not Cassidy for Cassandra.

    Thank youuu!(:

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  • WDYT of these names? +BQs?

    These are names that I never really liked before, but they're starting to really grow on me...





    -(Sebastian is hard to find a cute nickname for.... Seb...Sebby...Bas...I think Seb is the best)

    -(Kal is such a cute nickname!)

    -(I just love Ezra. It's adorable. xD)

    -(You're all going to say "Eww no not the -aden/ayden thing again!" Try not's not that bad)





    -(I don't like Patricia, but I like Trish. I don't think Trish could be a name on it's own though. So I though Trisha would be better...)

    -(Or maybe Giorgia. I definitely don't like Georgia. Jiorgi/Giorgi would be so cute(: )

    -(This is probably all your least favorite....Indie would be cute though.)

    -(I know. Colby on a girl...But I have a friend named Colby, and I think it's cute. Colbie maybe?)



    -Any middle name suggestions for any of these?

    -Do you have any names that are slowly growing on you? What are they?

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  • Which sibset do you like the best?

    GIRL/GIRL (Pick one pair)

    Patricia Anne & Ashley Shae

    Gemmalyn Anne & Jacklyn Marie

    Natasha Hazel & Jenna Taylor


    GIRL/BOY (Pick one pair)

    Amelia Aisling & Sebastian Destery

    JiorgiAnna Shae & Bryce Alexander

    Cora Elisabeth & Ezra Seamus

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  • Which of these do you like, and which do you hate? +BQ?

    Oliver James

    James Christopher

    Bryce Alexandre

    Christopher Andrew

    John Henry

    Destery Sebastian

    Angèlica Elisabeth

    Katherine Evanna

    Emilie Julietta

    Sophie Johanna

    Amelia Charlotte

    JiorgiAnna Cheye (Georgie-Anna Shay)

    Jenna Anne

    And what about these, off of my GP list:

    Ireland, Alaska, Juneau , Aurora , Aisling , Hazel, Ginevra, Britain, Ryder, Severus, August, India, Holland, Everett , Kenya, Antoinette, Gwendolyn, Indiana, Narcissa, Juniper, Kairo, Alasdair, Kesana/Kesara

    BQ - Can you suggest middle names for these?

    Natasha, Trisha, & Coraline

    Ezra, Seamus, Ezekiel, & Josiah

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  • What brother/sister name combos do you like best?

    Sebastian & Hayley

    Oliver & Angelica

    Ezra & Coraline

    Seamus & Amelia

    Destery & Hazel

    Bryce & Jenna

    (: And if you have suggestions or nickname options to any of these, tell me them!

    **I'm not pregnant or anything...just slightly obsessed with names.

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  • Pretty, classic middle names to go with Natasha?

    Her nickname would be Tash or nothing that starts with T. Or N. Or ends in A....

    Preferably 2 syllables, as 3 kind of seems like too much. If you have one that works though, share it!

    And I don't want like...common, preppy, trendy, popular names or anything. My favorite names are Angelica, Charlotte, Elisabeth, Katherine, & Amelia. So as you can see, there are no Nicole's, Nevaeh's, Esme's, Willow's, or anything like that. (:

    (I'm not pregnant or anything....just really really enjoy putting names together)

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  • Middle names for these 3 girls names? (Coraline, Gwendolyn & Antoinette?)?

    What middle names would you pair with these? It could be 1, or 2 middle names, I don't mind. (:

    Also, what do you think of the nicknames? Suggest others if you have them.

    Coraline would be Cora.

    Gwendolyn would be either Gwen or Gwenna

    Antoinette would be either Toni or Netta.

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  • What do you think of these girls names? +BQ?












    BQ - I realize a lot of them a nicknames, now the BQ is, what full names would you use these nicknames for?

    (All for girls, I also realize some of them are boys names too, but let's pretend they're girls names right now)

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  • What would you name 10 kids? +BQ?

    If you had 10 kids (5 boys & 5 girls), what would you name them?(:

    If you're extra bored, you can give them all their own lives too. Like spouses, kids, jobs etc. (:

    My Answers -

    Angelica Elisabeth "Angelica"

    Katherine Evanna "Katie"

    Emilie Charlotte "Em"

    Amelia Evangeline "Mia"

    Sophie Johanna "Sophe"

    Bryce Alexandre "Bry"

    Oliver James "Oliver"

    Destery Nathan "Des"

    Christopher Andrew "Chris"

    John Henry "John" or Henry John "Hank"

    BQ - What do you think of my names?(:

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  • Which nickname do you like better for Casandra? +BQ?

    Kessa or Andie?

    I hate Cassie, so I was thinking of some new nicknames. Do you think if I were to ever name a child Casandra, do you think Kessa would be too far of a stretch?

    BQ What do you think of the names Kessana & Kessara? (Kess aw na & Kess air uh) Would Kessa be better for those?

    My best friends name is Sarah, and maybe Kessara would be a cute way to honor her in some way. Even if it's not a child. She's obsessed with animals, mostly cats and dogs, so maybe Kessara would be a cute name for a pet.


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  • Could you give me middle names for these names? C:?

    Don't worry or get mad or something! Most of these are on my Guilty Pleasure list. I just want to see what middle names you think would be cute with them(:











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  • What would you name eight kids using these names?

    First and middle please!

    Pick the genders, but make at least one of each(:

    Change the spellings if you prefer a different spelling.

    But keep the genders the same. (unless they're on the GP list, then use what you want.)

    BOYS - Oliver, James, Micah, Alexandre, Bryce, John, Destery, Jack, James, Andrew, Miles, Daniel, George, Fredrick, William, Quentin, Nathan, Ezra, Josiah, Henry, Ethan, Wyeth, Viktor, Malachy, Seamus, Kenneth, Elliot, & Joshua.

    GIRLS - Angelica, Elisabeth, Katherine, Evanna, Luna, Charlotte, Emilie, Juliette, Johanna, Sophia, GiorgiAna, Savannah, Evangeline, Emma, Jenna, Anne, Nora, Amelia, Belle, Sarah, Madeleine, Helena, Anastasia, Josephine, Scarlett, & Annabell.

    GP NAMES (Some are kind of more obvious what gender, but some are unisex)

    Ireland, Alaska, Juneau, Aisling, Aurora, August, Holland, Hazel, Ginevra, Ryder, Severus, Forrest, Aisling, Story, Everett, India, Kenya, Britton,

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  • Elizabeth vs Elisabeth? Your opinions?

    A lot of people say that they're different names. I personally, think they're the same, just one with a s and one with a z. I pronounce them the same...I don't say "uh-liss-uh-beth" for one and "uh-liz-uh-beth" for the other. It's more like a....Z and S combo I guess. I think Elisabeth is a lot softer looking, and I definitely like it more. I don't mind Elizabeth though.

    But, what do you guys think?

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  • This or That, name spellings? +BQ?

    If there's a spelling you prefer more that's not included in the set, you can pick that instead(:

    And sadly, yes, there are people with these spellings...most of them are from my yearbook...and I didn't even make any up.

    Katherine \ Kathryn \ Catherine \ Cathrine

    Emily \ Emilie \ Emilee \ Emalee \ Emma-Leigh

    Sophia \ Sofia \ Sophie \ Sofie \ Sophija

    Georgiana \ GiorgiAnna \ Georgie Anna

    Elisabeth \ Elizabeth \ Alyssabith

    Selena \ Celena \ Celina \ Salina

    Jayne \ Jane \ Jaine

    Rebecka \ Rebecca

    Kaitlyn \ Caitlin \ Katelynn \ Catlin

    Kelsey \ Kelsay \ Kelsea

    Ericka \ Erika \ Erica

    Brittney \ Britany \ Britanee

    Brianna \ Briana \ Brenna \ Breanna \ Bryana

    Meaghan \ Megan \ Meghan \ Meagan

    Ashleigh \ Ashley \ Ashlee \ Ashlie \ *Asch'Lye (*You're special if you get where this if from)

    Halie \ Haley \ Haleigh \ Hayley \ Hailey

    Macayla \ Micaela | Michaela \ MaKayla \ Mikaela

    Alana \ Alanna \ Elana \ Elanna \ Elaina \ Alaina

    Christine \ Kristine \ Krystine | Crystine

    Elise \ Alycee

    Jaquelyn \ Jacquelyn \ Jacqueline \ Jacklyn \ Jaclyn

    Rachel \ Rochelle \ Rachael \ Rachyl

    Conor \ Connor \ Conner \ Konnor

    Reid \ Reed

    Christopher \ Christofer \ Kristopher \ Christifirr (Yes, I know a Christifirr...)

    Erick \ Eric \ Erich

    Devin \ Devon \ Devan \ Devyn

    Shawn \ Sean \ Shaun

    Nicholas \ Nicolas \ Nikolas

    Marc \ Mark

    Johnathan \ Jonathan

    Lukas \ Lucas

    Hayden \ Haiden \ Haydyn

    Kaden \ Caden \ Caiden | Kayden

    Bryce \ Brice

    Zachary \ Zackary \ Zakkery

    BQ - What is the most ridiculous spelling of a name you've ever seen?

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  • How would you pronounce these names?

    Aisling and Isla.

    I know they're like Ashlyn and Eye-la, but I don't like those pronunciations. If you didn't know that that's how it was, do you think they could get away with Az-ling and Iz-luh?

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  • How would you name your family? (BNG) +BQ - Long, but good to cure boredom.?

    You're 23, just graduating college, and you have a fantastic boyfriend.

    -What college did you attend?

    -What did you study?

    -What is your boyfriends name?

    A few years later, when you're 25, your boyfriend proposes to you unexpectedly. He does it very creatively, and you accept. You get married a year and a half later.

    -How does he do it?

    -What is your wedding like? Colors, theme, dress, venue etc.

    -Where do you go on your honeymoon?

    About 6 months later, you decide you would try for kids. It’s very difficult at first, but a year after your marriage, you find yourself pregnant with a baby boy. He must be named after someone important to you.

    -What’s his name?

    The pregnancy went very well, and you love being a mother. So much that you want to have more kids. When your son is 2, you end up pregnant again, this time with twins. A boy and a girl! Their names have to match, but it doesn’t matter how. It could be the initials (KM & KM) opposite initials (KM & MK) or they could have place names (Arizona & Alaska) whatever you want. As long as they’re some how tied together.

    -What are their names?

    Now that your oldest is 5, and your twins are 3, you want to add on to your family. You try really hard to get pregnant again, but it’s not easy this time. Finally, it happens. Another baby girl. She’s born premature, but she ends up going home with you a month later. Her first name is whatever you want, and her middle name has to be something that means miracle or something similar.

    -What is her name?

    Three years after your girl, you decide it’s too frustrating to try to get pregnant again, so you decide to adopt a child. He/She’s 2 years old, but you choose the gender, and his/her birth name has to be from the country he/she’s adopted from. You can change his/her name to something more English if you want, or keep the birth name.

    -What is the gender?

    -What country is he/she from?

    -What’s their birth name? (And what is there English name if you chose to make one)

    Your oldest is 9, twins are 7, the baby girl is 4, and your adopted child is 3. Your sister tells you that she’s getting a divorce, and it’s going to be difficult. She’ll need you to take care of her 3 kids once in a while.

    -What is your sister’s name?

    -Pick the set of names for your nieces/nephews (oldest, middle, youngest)

    a) Emma, Rachel, & Tyler (G/G/B)

    b) August, Holland & Wyeth (B/G/B)

    c) Destery, Bryce & Nathan (B/B/B)

    d) Giorgia (Georgia), Alaska, & Juneau (Juno) (G/G/G)

    You have 5 kids, and occasionally take care of you sisters 3 children. For Christmas one year, you decide to get a family pet.

    -What kind of animal is it? (Breed, type, etc)

    -What do you name it?

    Now, if you’d like, list out all your children (and nieces/nephews if you’d like) and give them personalities & physical appearances(:

    Hope you liked it!


    Would you ever use any of these names? Are any of them your favorite? And do you hate any of them?

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  • What do you think of the name Kalel? (For a girl)?

    Pronounced Kuh-Lelle, kind of...? Like Elle with a L sound and a Kuh in front of it. ahahha.

    I don't know if I really like it...I just came across someone with this name, and wanted to know your opinions.

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